231 G Street #7
in the Court 'N Cedar center
6:30 AM to 5:00 PM Tuesday through Friday
6:30 AM to 1:00 PM Saturday

Resler Brothers Barber Shop provides haircuts for adults and children. The brothers, Roger and Skeet, have enjoyed working in Davis for more than 25 years. Haircuts are $15.00 and no appointment is necessary. This is a traditional old school barber shop. Come on in and get a great cut at a great price.

Bob Dunning wrote a great article about Resler Brothers on July 26, 2005.

What's been your experience with Resler Brothers?

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2005-10-10 19:36:30   Too Fast and too cocky —FirstbrianLastlopez

2006-08-27 14:54:24   If FoxNews opened a salon, this would be it. —ChristopherMckenzie

2007-07-03 12:14:28   if you go here, you might get a good haircut, but you might not... and the gamble isn't worth the conversation you have to endure. —joel

2007-11-13 12:06:22   I went and visited this last Saturday. Fast and cocky is definitely an apt description but I sure did get a sharp haircut. Remember, this is a barber shop and true to the form (complete with the old school vibe). They've got my biz. —ChrisRodgers

2007-12-26 12:01:10   Too cocky? C'mon they are cutting hair not building a rocket. Good conversation, funny banter between the two with obvious dislike for each other at times. Great haircuts over and over. This place is priced well, great service and is consistent. Also the conversation you have to endure? I have been going here for 15 years and never once had you had to "endure" a conversation that you didn't want to participate in. This is a barber shop, not a salon. My haircut takes about 7 minutes so I'm just having a hard time with the "enduring the banter" comment.

These guys are solid —loneshark

2008-02-06 10:28:03   I only go here to get my hair cut. Roger is the best ( he is the one farthest away from the door). They are very nice and good at what they do. This place is a barber shop and not a salon, I think the people who had negative things to say were wanting something different. I dont want someone to spend an hour on my hair, I want it cut fast and GOOD and that is what Roger does. —DagonJones

2008-04-17 12:30:36   Saturday morning, walk in.

Roger: "The Usual?" Me: "Yeah, regular on top but how 'bout tighter on the sides?" R: "We can always go tighter on the sides"

(10 to 12 minutes later) Everything looks great, I walk out satisfied like usual. (1 week later) A friend says "Chris, you look like Morrissey to-day" I smile big and am undone.

Those Resler boys did it again! —ChrisRodgers

2008-04-27 11:43:51   I agree with loneshark: these guys are solid. Nothing fancy, but who needs fancy in a basic monthly men's haircut? I don't know how their prices compare to Supercuts, but their haircuts are reliably good, and it's not worth paying less for an unreliable haircut. —AaronRosenberg

2008-05-13 23:25:47   First visit today - fast, straight-forward cut, great results, great price. Good barber shop and I'll be back again. I still don't get the "cocky" comments here...maybe their sense of humor? Seemed fine to me. They razzed me about how much hair they had to cut...but only after I joked about it first. The only conversation we had was the usual talk about the weather, but I'm not good at small talk and they didn't push it. —DukeMcAdow

2008-12-11 17:01:13   i can't believe it took me until two days before graduation to get my hair cut here. it was the fastest, friendliest, and best cut i've had in davis. oh, the number of bad haircuts that could have been avoided these past years. i'm stickin' with the resler brothers. —BenScheeline

2009-03-16 22:30:46   Best haircut I have found in town. I tried two or three other places before I finally found this place. I go early in the morning with my 5 year old boy and we're in and out. —DanielBoxwell

2009-10-09 19:07:26   I chose this barber shop solely on the DavisWiki comments. My first visit was this morning, and I was quite pleased. I got a speedy and quality haircut. I'll be going back. —MattHalverson

2010-02-14 19:22:44   Would Not Go Back. Too fast/cocky is true; the barber did not listen to my requests and did not do what I wanted. Made some random comments about minorities that I found offensive. —DaveG

2010-03-03 14:32:11   I went here for the first time today as John from University Haircutters retired. Now I was in there for 15 minutes, got a great haircut and had a great, friendly conversation with Roger. Whoever says the haircuts are "too fast" (which they should be fast) and "too cocky" (whatever that means) or comments from Mckenzie I think are idiots. Great chatting, fast cuts, very social guys, old school, and most of all cheap. I HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone who liked University Haircutters and John. If want someone to waste an hour on your hair then go find a salon... this is a barber shop. —DP2010

2010-03-03 16:36:20   I think there have been a lot comments with very different experiences from here. The two guys that work here are brothers and have different personalities and styles. I personally recommend Roger, he is a real nice guy who cuts great hair. —DagonJones

2010-03-14 21:20:09   I've never had a problem here. I've gone in for a haircut twice, and it was fast, the wait was short, and the haircut was cheap. I heard one comment about "this president" in the two times I've gone, so I'm not sure how fair the comparison to FoxNews is. —micseydel

2010-04-27 16:40:26   Got my haircut here a few months back, I have long hair for a guy and asked for a "less than an inch" trim, 15 minutes later I hear him say "I took off an inch and a half" (probably more, actually). It was way too short and I could barely bring myself to go outside without a hat on for 2 weeks after. If you're going for a typical haircut (short hair, military style, etc), this place is probably fine. But if your hair is a little more complex or styled, I recommend going someplace else. —Darkfallin

2010-09-19 11:53:19   I don't have a lot to work with but when I want a comfortable buzz and some friendly banter I visit here. Great little shop with very good prices. —Wes-P

2011-01-02 17:03:01   Best place in Davis for a haircut, bar none. —marrio91

2011-02-17 18:28:08   These guys are great, giving great haircuts every time. —JamesB

2012-04-06 10:58:03   Chose this place after having visited several local barbers. My son and I both got a fast, fresh, and clean haircut. The brothers were amazing! We will be coming back. —FernandoJoseCruz

2014-05-17 14:16:43   They seem to be closed, have they relocated? —micseydel

2016-04-25 15:12:00   This is an old fashioned barber shop, with two comedians in attendance. Those comedians are rock solid excellent hair cutters, though. There's a good reason they've been voted best barber shop in Yolo County repeatedly. I've been going to their shop for at least 25 years, following them, as did most of their clientele as they moved their business from two previous locations. If you want an expert haircut with a lot of laughs as a bonus, this is your place.