People get thirsty when they sit down to eat. Some restaurants help out by putting a carafe or pitcher of water out so you don't have to wait for refills!

  • Jusco
  • Wok of Flame sometimes. Ask for it!
  • Denny's upon request. They also have tall juice carafes.
  • Hunan upon request.
  • Tucos, if you seem to be going through water fast. If they don't drop one off, just ask.
  • Sudwerk upon request

Wherever you are, just ask. I drink a lot of water. A lot. We often have a running pool to see how many glasses I'll drink during dinner. At restaurants where service is a bit slow, I typically ask for a pitcher/carafe, and I doubt there have been more than 4-5 places that have refused. The vast majority of places will be happy to oblige. —TomGarberson

  • At a Denny's in Florida I was a regular at, they (jokingly, but in half seriousness) moved one of the tall commercial iced tea dispensers to our table. Having more experienced wait staff who can use common sense also helps. A timid new wait person might be less inclined to do anything that isn't in the manual. -jw