The rifle range behind King Hall hasn't been a rifle range for years. It currently houses some of the business office for Facilities Management. There is an almost-completely faded "RIFLE RANGE" sign above the door (you'll have to look very closely!)

At one point this was the ROTC rifle range and held their armory. It has been remodeled to the point where the main clue for its previous life, aside from its name, is its thick roof.

The Rifle Range sign (above), and an enhanced image (below)


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Where, exactly, was this? — JoePomidor

2008-06-26 21:21:41   I took Basic Riflery here in Winter Quarter 1996 as a PE class. It was pretty fun. We shot .22-caliber rifles, IIRC, and I seem to remember there being six or eight lanes. Where does ROTC practice now? —MattJurach