Robert Helfend is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Fall 2012 ASUCD Election running on the NOW slate.

Candidate Statement

Hi fellow Aggies!

My name is Robert Helfend and I am running for ASUCD Senate this Fall with the NOW slate. I am a 3rd year Community and Regional Development and Political Science double major. I am originally from Beaverton, Oregon and moved to Davis not knowing a single person. I was drawn to this campus’ warm and welcoming environment and strong sense of community. I quickly found out what it meant to be a part of something greater than myself. I have been a Resident Advisor for Student Housing, member of Queer Student Union and Asian Pacific Islander Queers, and a Camp Adventure counselor. I am ready to once again serve the people of this campus and the various communities and organizations that make up our great university. Below are the following platforms that I want to accomplish:

HELP STUDENTS IN NEED I want to expand the Pantry so that there are more services for students in need. I hope to work with them on setting up donation centers around campus, particularly during times when people are moving in and out of apartments and dorms. This includes changing the definition of the pantry to provide not only food, but other items such as clothes and furniture that would be available to students in need. This would effectively work to keep student items and resources within the student body, and redirect these resources to students most in need.

MAKE DAVIS A SAFER COMMUNITY I want to increase campus safety by advocating for an off-campus escort system and more lighting around dimly-lit areas such as the Arboretum and Wellman. We currently have an on-campus escort system that could be effectively expanded to include off-campus areas as well. To better the lighting around campus, solar-powered lights could be installed that would require little to no maintenance and be environmentally sustainable.

I am dedicated to improving our campus and the well-being of my fellow students. I believe that my slate, NOW, has what it takes to make our campus safer, more friendly, more aware, and proactive about the issues that all students face on a daily basis. Vote Robert Helfend #1 NOW #2-5.



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