Hi, my name is Robin. I'm a graduate of the Orphan Kitten Project. I like to walk on sleeping people and nap in the sunshine. I hate kittens. I know, I know, everyone thinks they're cute. I'm convinced it's all a clever ploy, though. They're plotting something. Someday you'll see... but by then, it'll be too late. That's why I hiss whenever I see them. I know the name isn't very masculine, but I have a long-lost brother (also an OKP grad) named Batman. So... yeah. Not my fault.

My mom is a vet student, and every now and then she hauls me in to the VMTH. It's horrible. They shave my tummy and take ultrasounds and do other horrible stuff, just for fun! And then my tummy is bald, and it gets cold and makes me snuggle up in blankets or on laps. I have a difficult life.

And Robin Williams thinks he can ham it up. Kitty does not approve of photographs. Beware of cat