720 Olive Drive #H
Near Redrum Burger and Rocknasium
Thursdays 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Sundays 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Phone Number
(408) 505-7609
Website Address
Mike Clements/Sandy Thai/Evan Daly
Payment Method(s)

RockBand University is dedicated to teaching people how to perform in a band and live on stage. They match musicians into bands, provide their musical parts, broaden their musical horizons, get them to play together on time, and strengthen their skills in their instrument of choice. Musicians are matched up according to experience and skill level (or by request), and can play cover songs or get help writing their own songs (depending on their level of skill). RockBand University is designed for the students to get out of their houses, have fun, meet new people, have a place to play, and to showcase their abilities.

Concerts are put on YEAR ROUND featuring all bands and are ALL AGES!! All proceeds from their concerts go toward the Davis Schools Arts Foundation (DSAF), benefiting music, art, and performance arts programs in Davis local schools.

RockBand University can be rented out as an all ages venue! Just call or email them for more information.

Currently, they cater to musicians ages 10 to 18, but due to requests, they may open another program for adults!

RBU has been on the front page of the Davis Enterprise, featured in the Sac Bee, and in Davis Life Magazine. They have been voted Top 5 in Sacramento's KCRA A-List for Best Music Instruction. RockBand University and one of their bands has also played on Good Day Sacramento!

Sac Bee Article Sac Bee Video

RBU was recently featured in the Bee! —StevenDaubert


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2009-10-19 18:25:20   This is an incredible opportunity unlike any other to get your band out of the garage and onto the STAGE!!!!! —Miley

2010-07-30 18:32:07   RBU is solid for sure! —StevenDaubert

2012-05-09 12:19:59   You can shred in your living room all you want, but there's nothing like getting up on stage and putting on a real show. We have a 6th grader who has done two RBU sessions now, and I can't say enough good things about it. The teachers are talented and patient—they really have a gift for working with youth, they're not just rockers who needed a day job. This program teaches kids to play together as a band, not just as a collection of individuals. They have to negotiate what songs they will play and which ones might be out of reach for some of their members, who will solo when, etc, and they have to learn how to improvise to deal with challenges during a performance (such as if your strings break on stage or your vocalist forgets the words). In addition to dramatically improving their musical skills, every session the kids gain more confidence and a greater appreciation for the real discipline it takes to put on a good performance. I highly recommend it. —CynthiaCCC

2012-09-05 17:50:12   This is an awesome opportunity for any kid who wants to live the dream of playing in a rock band! The instructors are extremely talented musicians and oh-so-patient instructors. They are somehow able to take a group of young rocker wannabes (who may not even know each other), and turn them into a real live band that is confident enough to perform. The kids are so proud of the outcome; and it's super-fun for parents to watch. Highly recommended!!! - Nancy C —NancyCrocker

2015-05-04 15:02:33   These guys are great! What teenager doesn't want to be in a rock band? Mine certainly do, and RBU gives kids the opportunity to play in a band without having to solve the logistical hurdles (not a teenager's strong point) of actually assembling one. I highly recommend both the week-long summer camps and the 6-week term-time rock bands. These are for any kid roughly 11 - 18, male or female, who wants to sing or play an instrument with others. —LindaMatthew