415 L Street
Monday through Friday 4:00pm–9:00pm
(530) 753-6825
Steve J. Rodness
September 1993

Rodness' Martial Arts Center classes are taught by experienced back belts who take pride in the quality of training and the personalized attention given to their students. RMAC is a family owned business. The main instructor, Mr. Steve Rodness, is very well qualified for the job, with a 5th degree black belt in Tae Kwon do and a two time repient of the Instructor of the Year award by the International Tae Kwon Do Council.

Their specialty is in families. Family programs develop team spirit which helps develop and strengthen the unity of family. When individuals work together as a team, their individual talents will naturally improve. RMAC offers classes for children and adults of all ages and abilities; these classes include Little Dragons, Children Tae kwon do, Adult Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiujitsu and JKD Unlimited/MMA For Street™ and Cardio Kik-Bo. Their programs build confidence, balance, strength, flexibility and character by providing students with techniques that allow them to take control of their bodies. Ask about their special programs for children that award students for achievements and accomplishments.

RMAC also has birthday parties for children.


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2005-04-25 18:24:39   For some reason, even though the sign says Rodness Karate Studio, they teach Tae Kwon Do. I took lessons here briefly. It seemed decent. —JessicaLuedtke

2006-10-31 20:46:24   They are the hardcore version of Pallens. Mr Rodness is crazy good but oh so humble —StevenDaubert

2007-03-10 07:51:47   The sign says Rodness Karate because the term karate has become a catch-all phrase for martial arts in the US. Although the Rodness family are excellent Tae Kwon Do instructors, they also teach kickboxing and Mr. Rodness is one of the very few US instructors in Jeet Kune Do, the "mixed" martial art created by Bruce Lee. The RMAC staff is excellent at meeting the needs of all students, from 4-year-old "little Dragons" to 40+ year-old beginners! They only ask that you train hard and often, and give your very best effort. —CR

2008-02-04 19:11:31   This place is really laid back. The teachers often dont show up to teach a class. There is little discipline and it is very over priced. —ST

The school has a family atmosphere, so I can see why you feel that it is laid back, however discipline is a main focus in every class for children and adults. RMAC's prices are competitive to other Martial Arts schools in the area; it may be higher in cost compared to other recreational activities but what you get out of Martial Arts training (confidence, discipline, health, etc.) is priceless!

2008-02-14 19:51:42 (comment deleted by owner)

And interestingly, 2 days after that comment was made their new domain name was registered. They did fulfill the promise shortly after you posted the note. —WesHardaker

The RMAC website IS finally finished!! it actually has been long in the making for the past 6 months to a year and we are happy to get it going! We appoligize for the unexpected closure that happened in February, but there's no way to plan for family tragedies (the loss of a loved one), as they are often unexpected. Thank you for bearing with us during the time needed to recover.

2008-05-07 20:56:27   this place is great —Drainage

2008-05-07 20:56:55   this place really sucks —Drainage

2008-09-04 11:41:33   My daughter has been taking lessons with the Rodness family of instructors for more than a year, and we really appreciate the professionalism, optimism and focus shown by all the staff. Both Mr. and Mrs.Rodness are likable, and Mr. Rodness in particular is a really effective and inspiring instructor who maintains a sense of humor despite his intensity and high expectations for his students. Highly recommended. —DrandyJones

2008-09-23 21:23:17   (original comment deleted by author) —RebekahLee

2008-09-23 21:47:08   Nope. Odd comment though. —WesHardaker

2008-11-15 08:54:15   Earlier I left a comment that was inappropriate (saying the wrong things in the wrong place) and did not serve any good purpose. For those who have read it, I apologize for any offense and please note that I did not have solid examples against the RMAC’s practices. I had my own issues—irrelevent to how they run their business—and I shouldn’t have taken out my own frustrations on the RMAC. Retracting my prior comment, here’s a different remark in its stead, consisting of examples of how they follow the five TKD tenets:

Courtesy: Everyone is polite (or at least friendly, as there is some teasing between friends), everyone is expected to be. Part of their procedure is to inquire if anyone has any injuries that would affect ability to participate (it would be discourteous to force someone to do something they can’t). Integrity: They don’t put on false airs and are very enthusiastic about what they do (which is why they do it). Perseverance: They try to help students work on their individual needs, especially to prepare to advance in belt level. Self-Control: A specific example: for sparring, they try to pair up the less experienced with the more experienced so that the less experienced won’t injure each other on accident. Being a family-oriented business, the whole system’s set up to do as little bodily harm as possible. Indomitable Spirit: One time, when a more advanced student noticed my strange attitude, she talked to me about it, saying that in this school, if you’re here, you should make the best of it, no matter how you’re feeling (in other words, she was telling me to overcome my issues). She demonstrated what they were trying to teach. These contributed to my learning experience. And as far as pricing goes, it’s competitive in comparison to other TKD locations where my friends have participated. —RebekahLee

2009-05-26 18:42:58   Our experience with Rodness Martial Arts was disappointing. I can't directly comment on the instruction, since it was my son who attended - the problem is with the way Rodness does business. My son had health issues that we knew might jeopardize his ability to continue taking classes. We were reluctant to sign the one-year agreement for that reason, and my wife said so to Mrs. Rodness, who assured my wife that there would not be a problem if my son became too ill to continue. Our mistake was that we didn't get the specifics of this written down and signed - we thought that she would honor her word.

It became obvious by February of this year that my son wouldn't be able to continue. We informed Mrs. Rodness of this; the next contact we had was from "Educational Funding Company," Rodness' collection agency. This was in the form of a puzzling - and somewhat threatening - letter, saying that we had signed a contract, and that if we didn't want additional fees charged, we should contact them right away. The letter had *no* reference to Rodness, or to my son, or to anything that would give me a clue who they were or what they were talking about. An internet search revealed that they're a collection agency for martial arts schools; that was how I figured out that it had something to do with Rodness.

From this point forward, Mrs. Rodness took no responsibility for the matter; she referred everything to EFC. EFC, for their part, simply dawdled while continuing to charge my credit card the full monthly fee.

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, which Rodness did not see fit even to respond to.

If you are contemplating signing a contract with Rodness, I would highly recommend that you do an internet search on the words "Educational Funding Company complaints." Also check EFC's Better Business Bureau rating. I am by no means the only one who has had similar problems. It probably goes without saying, but I would also recommend that you read the contract *extremely* carefully before signing it, and make sure that you are *completely* comfortable with *all* of the terms. You can be sure that, no matter what reassuring words anyone might say to you at the time you sign, you'll be held to the absolute letter of the contract no matter what. Note that the contract specifically says that none of its terms can be overridden verbally. It's clearly more important to this business to say whatever it takes to get someone to sign on the dotted line, than to conduct themselves with integrity.


2010-05-13 16:30:00 Interesting... just today, after more than a year, I received a notice that Rodness had responded to my BBB complaint. This was their response: "The client was aware of their consumer rights with regards to the contract at the time it was entered into. We, Rodness' Martial Arts Center, hired Educational Funding Co (EFC) to collect tuition and take care of any, as applicable, collection of delinquent accounts. The stipulation of the contract states that WRITTEN notice must be provided to be eligible for terminating a contract. We feel that we satisfactorily informed the client of their rights and properly handled the situation." Needless to say, I don't agree. See the history of this page and the timing of the recent deletions/edits, and correlate it with the response to the BBB complaint, and you can draw your own conclusions. —billclark

2010-10-29 07:15:04   RMAC had good instruction and a good atmosphere. The big issue is the Educational Financing Company. They are a collections agency based in Chevy Chase, Md. The contract will allow them to remove money from your bank account without your approval. If you get laid off, it is hard to get the contract cancelled (virtually impossible actually). If you relocate, it is hard to get the contract cancelled (you need to provide utility bills and other proof you have moved etc). You may end up having spurious charges against your account (including late charges which accumulate rapidly), and may receive multiple dunning letters from their office. Avoid signing the contract with EFC! Encourage RMAC to get another finance company instead of EFC. EFC has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau for a good reason. —GeorgeCrombie

2011-04-11 20:46:27   Our 2 boys (now 10 and 12)took regular lessons at RMAC for almost 5 years. They gained a lot of self-confidence, and enjoyed their accomplishments - being tested every couple of months to achieve the next color belt was a challenge they looked forward to. I really appreciate their family atmosphere and professionalism. The instructors were kind and patient, and made the extra effort to give them personalized attention. A very positive experience which I would recommend to anyone. We also signed an annual contract as it was a discounted monthly price to do so, and I'm glad we did. It really gave our kids some consistency in a year round activity. And, I appreciated the flexible schedule of classes - if we missed one day, we could always go the next etc. We renewed 4 times, and it automatically cancelled when we didn't renew after the contract date expired. Our kids have fond memories of their experience and talk about taking lessons there again someday when they get older. —MaryAnnLiu

2011-10-24 15:39:36   I had a similar experience with EFC and reviews on the internet uncover that it is a pretty shady operation. After some difficulty and with the assistance of Ms. Rodness, EFC cancelled my contract. I would probably sign my son up again for lessons at Rodness but only if I did not have to sign the EFC contract. —ChrisBowlus

2014-02-16 22:22:33   Email to this business from their website was returned as non deliverable. —Douge