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10/14/2016 Looking for someone to takeover my part of the lease at Tanglewood Apartments: Move in can be immediate. (Can be negotiated.)

I am looking for someone to take over my lease in a shared bedroom in Tanglewood Apartments. You will be sharing a 13 x 12 bedroom with a guy. It's a really big spacious room with your own walk in closet and access to the bathroom. We just had granite marble countertops and hardwood floor installed. We have in house washer and dryer. The M and W lines run right across the street. A minute walk to the M and W stops.

Rent would be $465 + $12 for wifi and another $15 for PG&E. So it should be under $500 everything considered. 

Considering the price and the services included, it's a really good deal.

The roommates are really nice people. We maintain the house really clean and most of us cook at home. No party, no smoking or alcohol. All are full time students so they are looking for someone who is responsible, quiet and and is clean.The reason I am moving out is because I am transferring to San Jose State University since UC Davis is too big for me and the quarter system is very expensive for an International Student.

Also, if you want to visit the place, I am glad to do that for you. I really want to find someone before I leave. I can have the place ready for you to move in by December, but if move in is urgent, we can work something out.

You can contact me on phone @ 8563530658 or email me @

10/08/2016 Looking to rent a room for Winter and Spring quarters 2017

 I'm a second year female psychology student from Sydney, Australia doing exchange in UC Davis for the first half of 2017. Ideally would prefer a place closer to campus and student life (or at least, easily accessible). Please contact me if you're renting out a room! Budget is $650 and under. 



10/02/2016 Looking for a roommate and a place to live for me (I do not have a rent to propose to someone else, this is the opposite) and my dog. I am a 30 year old french women. I am a veterinary specialist and I will be a fellow in infectious diseases for the next 2 years at UC Davis, starting in January 2017.

I have a friendly nature, I am tolerant, trustworthy, quiet, social and caring, including for the environment, I do not smoke. I have a good sense of humour and overall a pleasant personality, and I would like to live with someone similar. My dog is a 60 lb husky X border collie cross. He is lovely with both people and other pets (dogs and cats). He does not bark, barely shed at warm temperatures, is lively and love being petted. He can be a bit anxious in a new place but this will improve as he gets use to it. For the rent, I can go up to 1100 $ and I would prefer not something too small and I want a private room. 

My email is if interested

Thanks Julie

10/1/16 Looking for roommate for Nov-End of the School Year

Hello! I’m looking for a roommate to share in a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment in Aspen Village. The

bedroom will be shared with me. Rent is about $320 per month. Water and trash utilities are included.

The room is available starting October 7th. The apartment complex has a pool, parking, gym, and free

doughnuts on weekdays!

Some information about the household: we are all males, do not tolerate any smoking inside the house,

and generally prefer the house to be somewhat clean and quiet during the school year.

I myself am a 3 rd year Environmental Toxicology student. I generally don’t have a lot of preferences. All I

would like is a roommate who is clean and respectful around the other housemates.

If you are interested, please email me at and we can meet up on campus.



9/28/16 Couple looking for a room! October 2016 - Whenever

Hi! My name is Mika and my lover's name is Jack. We are two very interesting and extremely EASY-going people with ferrets looking for a room to rent in Davis. We come as a package deal right now, but it is only temporary. I'm the one looking for a long term place to live, but Jack and his ferrets are just staying with me till he finds a new place to live with a better paying job. After a couple months Jack will be out and you'll just have me with no pets. 

LOOKING FOR: Male housemates. Rent between $300-$700 not including utilities. Move-In Date = The sooner the better (whenever is convenient). In Davis.

ABOUT ME: I make good money by working long hours at Woodstocks Pizza and Bar and I attend classes at Sac City Community College. I'm a very chill girl to live with. I am clean, giving, honest and a lot of fun. Life with me is never boring or dramatic. I'm an open book, feel free to ask me ANYTHING!

ABOUT JACK: Jack is a bartender looking for a job in Sac and is also attending classes at Sac City Community College. He's lovely company and very helpful! Plus his ferrets are incredibly adorable!

If you have any questions or are interested in my add please contact me at (530) 363 8799 or


9/26/2016 Looking for a room from November 2016 to June 2017

Hi There! My name is Casper and I will be doing a research internship at UC Davis beginning in November. I would love to sublet a room for this 7 month period ! anything thats a bicycle ride away from the campus will do! I am a 24y/o Dutch Student that will be finishing his study program at UC Davis. I am sporty and like to go outside! on a daily basis I like to cook my own food and enjoy to finish the day with a chat and a beer. my budget is anything below 650$

if you have anything free let me know!

9/23/2016 Need room for January 2017 - August 2017 

Hey there! My name is Shanleigh, I'll be starting a 6 month course in January 2017, so would love to sublet a room or take over a lease for the 2017 winter quarter into the summer next year. I'd preferably like to be closer to campus and have a budget of $400-$700 (or less ha!). I'm also open to sharing a room. I'm very easy going, don't mind noise, smokers, pets, whatever! 

Shoot me an email if you have any availabilities! 


Hi! My name is Emilie and I am a junior at UCD. I am looking for a room close to campus to sublease for winter quarter 2017, however I am also open to subleasing for Spring 2017 or taking over a lease starting in January to August 2017. My single room budget is 550 however I am willing to share a room that is more expensive ( say 800 or so) but I would need to find a roommate. please email me!

9/19/2016 Looking to take over a room for Winter '17 thru Summer '17 or Fall '16 (if needed)

Hello there! I am a 4th year attending UCD and I am trying to find someone who I could take over their spot and I am hoping either immediately would be nice, but I might find it appropriate to move in during the winter. I am trying to get a single room and I am willing to pay maximum $650. I prefer not to have a shared room, but worst case scenario if it does occur, then $400 is how much I would only spend max for a double. In all circumstances, I am aiming for a single for $650 or even less! I am an easy going person and I mesh well with most personalities! I am very neat and I know how to have fun, but there are times I know when is the time to become serious about my studies. I do not mind living with smokers or anyone with pets. Please let me know if you have a room avaliable for winter quarter or maybe immediate move in and we can certainly arrange details! =)


9/19/2016 Someone needed to take over contract

Hello, I have a room at West Village and I need someone to take over my contract. The apartment is shared with five other girls. They are all very neat people and fun to hang out with. You will have your own room and you will be able to take advantage of what West Village has to offer. The rent is $895; the first and second month are already covered. The room is fully furnished and the only other bill you  have to pay is for utilities and that is about $25. Contact me to see if we can work something out.

9/18/2016 Room needed for Fall 2016 thru Summer 2017

Hell, my name is Margret. I am a working professional looking for a room to rent for one year. Budget is $600-$750. If you have a place available please contact me by email at

9/18/16 Living space needed for just Fall 2016

Hi, I am a UCD student (male) who will be graduating in December. I am desperately in need of a room from now to December 10. I am CS major, and I can tutor you if you need it. I don't drink, and I don't cook oily foods, so I will keep the kitchen clean. I am willing to pay $500 for a shared room/living room, and $700 for a single room. Please text me at 415-627-8352 if you have a room available. Thanks!

9/12/16 Roommate wanted for October 2016-August 2017

Hi, I'm Chris and I've got a 2BR 1BA apartment around a 10 minute drive from campus. There is a washer and dryer in the unit. Rent would be $900 plus utilities. I'm a 21 year old international transfer student and this Fall will be my first quarter at UC Davis. I'm very clean and respectful and looking to have fun while maintaining my grades. Let me know if you are interested.

9/8/16 Need a room for January 2017-August 2017

Hi, my name is Julia and I am looking for a single room starting winter quarter.  My budget is $500-$800.  I am clean, fun and respectful.  Let me know if you have anything available at  

9/5/16 Need a room for the Academic year 2016-2017

  • Name: Gaurav Sharma

  • Joining: On 12 Oct 2016 as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Department of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics ]   

  • Requirement: 1 bedroom/hall/kitchen (BHK)  or Studio apartment or Single room with sharing

  • Price: 500-800 $

  • Preferences: Property should be good. If you want to share the apartment with me, you should be cooperative with a happy face like me.

  • Contact:;  WhatsApp +917837170385;

  • If You are planning to move in around the same time, we can share each room in a 2 BHK apartment. 

9/2/16 Need a room for Academic Year 2016-2017

My name's Khadijeh (Female). I'm 29 years old studying Horticulture.  I'm going UC Davis in next 2 weeks.  I'm looking for a room $500 or less a month in Davis.  I'm a friendly, clean, responsible person who likes to make friends! I do not smoke or drink. Preferences: No smoking or drinking in the apartment. Preferably no pets.

If you have any rooms or apartment I could take please do e-mail me at 


Hi, I'm Valerya and I'm a transfer student from Sacramento. I'm currently looking for female roommates for a 2bd 1 ba apartment at silverstone apartments. For a shared room the rent would be 432.50 or for the room it would be 865. The utilities are not included. It would be available from 10/1 to 5/29 but it can be arranged for a couple of weeks longer. There is a washer and dryer in the unit and it is about a 15-20 min bike ride to UCD. You are required to sign the lease and split the deposit (either among 3 or 4 people). If your interested email me at: and tell me a bit about yourself.


Looking for roommate to to share 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment complex in woodland. You get a private room and private bathroom. Rent is 745 per month. It is about a 12-15 minute drive to main UC Davis campus. Room available October 7th (can't be changed). Place has pool, laundry, parking, gym, etc. You would be rooming with myself, a UC Davis student, 22 year old male, majoring in biopsych, 4th year. If you are interested and want more information, I am available by email, phone, and would love to meet in person in Davis.


Phone: 408-637-1293 (text first prior to calling)

-Thanks, Ryan :) 


Hi, my name is Angel, Im 20 years old studying Economics and Im looking for room in Davis for myself. My budget is 500-700 and it would be great if the apartment is close to the university, I like playing a lot of sports although right now I´m not in shape; I´m quiet and clean. Give an email if you have a room available, thanks.


Hello! I'm Cami, a 23 yr old physics major looking for housing or a roommate to sign a lease with for the 2016-2017 year. No gender preference, I've lived with men for 3 years and women for two. I have a budget around 400-800 for a (preferably) single room in Davis. I like computers, movies, and cooking. I'm friendly, respectful, and sometimes have a good joke to tell. I have a friendly clean cat. Shoot me an email if you have any questions :)

8/22/2016 Looking for a female roommate to sublease a shared bedroom from September to December!!! 

Hi, there my name is Harpreet Boparai and I'm a 22 year old studying Communications and Human Development. I'm looking for a person to sublease a bedroom at Allegre Apartments. This bedroom is shared with me! Here is the link below to check out the floor plan! It is the two bedroom townhouse (:  I'm just looking for female who is respectful and studious! Rent is between 400-500 max.

If interested, Email me:

08/15/2016   Looking for a single room for Fall Quarter 2016 (From 3rd September to end of December)

Hey! I'm Raghav! I'm a male, 3rd year, Global Study Program Student, coming to UC Davis for the Fall Quarter 2016.  I'm looking for a room between $350-$650 per month.  I will be needing the room for about 4 months, from 3rd September to end of December.

About me : I'm a friendly, clean, responsible person who likes to make friends! I do not smoke or drink.

Preferences : No smoking or drinking in the apartment. Preferably no pets either, but strictly no cats. Access to kitchen. 

 If you have any rooms or apartment I could take please do e-mail me at  or message me on facebook at  !:)

10/08/2016  Looking for room in apartment or house

Hello everyone!

My name is Carine Lederer and I am an exchange student who's starting a business course this coming Fall. I am 21 years old and I am coming from a university in London. I am looking for a room that would be close to campus and would hopefully be part of a house/apartment with nice people.

I am very clean, considerate and fun to live with! I would love to meet many people this year and share my home with awesome roommates. 

Please email me if you have anything that may be suitable  -->

Thank you :)

08/08/2016  Shared room available at Tanglewood in South Davis for the academic year 2016-2017

Hi, I'm Cian, a 5th year student working towards a psych BS degree. I'm outgoing and easy to be around with. Also am courteous and very clean. I currently am seeking a roommate to share a semi master bedroom, 3x2 newly renovated apartment, in Tanglewood ASAP. Its $465 shared, with a deposit of $45 to apply. The application is online at In order to qualify, your calculated monthly finances needs to be about $2,250 meaning a grand total of $27,000 must be shown. Tanglewood needs about 2-3 month worth of bank statements, your financial aid print out or any other financial information. The financial information needs to be sent to

Contact me via email or phone number ( or 9495054453).

08/04/2016   Need two roommates to fill 2br/1ba apartment

Hi All, I am Saptarshi, a PhD student at UC Davis. I am going to sign a lease for a year at G-street apartments for a 2br/1br unit. I am looking for two more people to sign the lease - one for one of the bedrooms and the other for the living room. The total rent will be split as $600 for the bedrooms and $400 for the living room. The apartment is 9 minutes bike ride from Kemper Hall and 3 minutes bike ride from Davis Farmer's market. The move-in date is September 17. No gender preference, just want a housemate who is clean and courteous. No pets allowed. Email me at if you are interested. You can also text me on 419-450-1743. Currently I am in the Davis area for a week, so we can set up a meeting if needed.

8/4/16  Looking for single room

Hi, my name is Priyesh Shetty and I'm looking to move into a single room in Davis. Budget around $600-700 per month. 

I'm a 23 year old postgrad. I will be a fresher for Ph.D in ECE from Fall 2016. I will come to US on 2nd September. So, I want a room for the period Sept 2016-Aug 2017.

I want a non smoker. I am a clean and studious person. If you have a room available, please contact me at

8/2/16 Looking for private room

Hey there everybody! My name is Kasia, pronounced Kasha, and I'm looking for a place (preferably downtown) with a private room. I am willing to pay up to $750. I am very responsible, clean and respectful. I'm pretty laidback but I do like to go out and have fun so hopefully looking for roommates who are friendly, social and 420 friendly. I'm a psychology major transferring in this fall so I'd like to have a place lined up ASAP.

You can email me at or call/text (203) 570-8977 Thanks!


Hi my name is Spencer and I have a 3 bedroom townhouse with one open bedroom remaining. It is about 1.5 miles from campus and rent is $600 per month. The year-long lease begins September 1. Please let me know if you are interested. We are looking to move quickly on signing the lease, as the move in date is approaching quickly. Please contact me at (408) 677-7766 or at Thanks!  

A bit about me-I am a veterinary student at UC Davis and am living with a math graduate student and we are quiet, easy going, and academically focused.

Hi, my name's Kevin and I'm a 20 year old art major at UC Davis looking for a room for the 2016-2017 school year. My price limit is $700 a month. I'm a respectful and clean housemate, and I don't smoke or party. I'm quiet and I always have headphones on when playing videogames or listening to music in my room. I don't have pets but I love animals, so if you have pets I'd be more than happy to live with them and can take care of them if you're gone for a weekend. 

Please let me know if you're interested by contacting me at Thanks!

7/28/2016 Fall Quarter Sublease Opportunity

 Hello, my name is  Sandra. I am looking for a girl to take my lease for the fall quarter (sept-Dic). In the Allegre apartments, you will be sharing a room with another girl. The rent is around $450 with bills included! (I am going study abroad) if interested please email me 

7/27/16  Looking for furnished room for Academic Year 2016-2017

Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I'm looking to move into a furnished room less than a 15 minute drive from campus for the upcoming academic year.

I'm a 25-year old postgrad working within the veterinary hospital. Non smoker, no pets. I'm easy to get on with, enjoy socialising, playing lacrosse and the outdoors. If you have a room available I'd love to hear from you!

7/26/2016  Looking for two rooms

Hi my name is Sydney and my friend Maddy and I are looking for two available rooms for rent for the upcoming fall quarter. Preferably we are looking for rooms that are around $400-$750 a month. We are both active, healthy, and enjoy the outdoors and sports. Not huge partiers but enjoy a beer and BBQ every once in a while. I'm a Communication major and Maddy is a Psychology major. 

If anyone has two rooms open to rent please feel free to email me at


We're two guys who are looking for a third roommate for a three bedroom house.  Rent will be around $650-700 a month.  We are looking for someone who is pet friendly to both cats and dogs.  Someone quiet (no parties), clean, friendly, and respectful.  If you are interested in rooming with us send us a message.  My email is


Hey there! Looking for one or two housemates for a 2bd/1bth apartment. It is the Camellia Apartment on I street. It is in the downtown area and within walking distance to campus. It is 10-15 minutes away from campus if walking and 5 minutes if biking. Grocery stores like the Food Co-Op and in an entertaining area with restaurants, a thrift store, shops, etc.

 The room is $650 and for Fall 2016-2017. Move-in day will be September 1st. It is up to you whether you would like a roommate to cut the cost in half. There is a laundromat on site and a pool. For more info contact me: (559) 802-7962 or prefer you just text or call me. 


Hi! I am looking for a room to rent!

Price range: 300-650

Location: Anywhere in Davis

Roommates: I would be sharing the room with a male. 

When: Fall Quarter 2016-17

Intro: I'm Michelle and majoring in International Relations! I like cafe hopping, hitting up local concerts and art exhibitions, watching films. I work two jobs on top of being a full-time student so I won't be in the apartment often. I'm clean and nice. 

Contact me at  or (559) 802-7962

July 13, 2016

1 BR/ 1 BA available in 4 BR/ 4 BA apartment at The U Apartments in East Davis for September 1, 2016 - August 31, 2017.

Hi, I'm Alexandria and I am a 2nd year graduate student in Microbiology. I am looking for a person to take over my lease for the term stated above. The rent is $908/month + utilities ($25) and includes assigned parking. The lease is for 1 bedroom in The Quad floor plan.

Please contact me at for more information.

7/10/2016   Seeking Single Room $400-$600

Hi! I'm looking for a single room for the 2016-17 school year in a pet friendly residence (I have a small kitty cat). I am a a 24 year old female graduating UCD this summer and plan to live in Davis for work experience at my current job and apply for Grad Schools. I am very kind, studious, responsible, neat, person. Please send me an email at or text me at (559) 974-5912. Thanks!

07/01/16 Looking for a roommate for the 2016-2017 Academic Year

Hi, my name is Gurmukh. I am an incoming transfer student this upcoming 2016-2017 school year studying in Managerial Economics. I am looking for a place near campus. Non smoker/drinker. I am a male who is looking for a male roommate. I have nothing lined up as of now.

I can be reached by email at: 

02/07/16 Looking room for Academic Year 2016/2017

Hi, my name is Angel, I´m a transfer student that will be studying at Davis for the whole year. I´m looking for a room reasonably near the university, my price range is 500$-700$. I´m clean, don't have problems with parties (not everyday please), I prefer to set clearly the rules beforehand so that there won't be any problems later. I will be coming to Davis late-August, if you need a roommate don't think it twice, contact me:


Hello, my name is Ignacio Ognian and I am incoming transfer student this fall. I am looking for my own bedroom near campus and not too expensive. I am quiet and clean; don't mind small occasional parties but like my place to be drug-free. I am an NPB major and a love to play any kind of sports. I am will mostly be back home on the weekends and have no pets. I do have two tables and chairs that I can bring along with several kitchen utilities. Let me know if you might have a place or if you'd like to look for a place together, here's my email and phone; feel free to hit me up, thanks,

Ignacio Ognian;, (925)826-7327

6/24/16 Sublease available at Allegre Apartments for Fall of 2016

Hi there! 

We have a sublease available at Allegre Apartments for Fall of 2016 at UC Davis! It will be a shared bedroom with a girl named Harpreet who is super awesome! If interested contact me at


Hi, I'm Valerya. I'm a transfer student majoring in Sociology. I'm looking for an available room or roommate who would want to go apartment hunting for the 2016-2017 academic year. I'm pretty easygoing and I enjoy watching OITNB, New Girl, and AHS. I also like going hiking, running, going to open mics, and pretty much anything really. If we were to live together, you would also be rooming with two dogs, a chihuahua and a jack russell. If you are interested please email me at:



Hello everyone, my name is Julia and I am seeking for accommodation for my brother who is coming in fall to study in Davis University with his family (wonderful wife who is a doctor, and pretty humble kids age from 5-10)  for the 2016/2017 school year. My brother works for government of Kazakhstan ( which was part of Soviet Union), he and his family is very clean, honest and respectful. In order to practice English preferably for them to live with the family, roommates. 

- One or two bedrooms, or one bedroom with the living room   (with own bathroom and kitchen)
- max is about $800
- Lease that starts 9/1/16 till 05/1/17

Please contact me if you are looking for a roommates! Email -

6/15/2016  Seeking roommates for Academic Year 2016-2017

Hi, my name is Janaye and I'm an incoming transfer student majoring in biological systems engineering this upcoming 2016-17 school year at Davis. I'm a female that is neat, respectful, and laid back. I'm looking for roommates to live with this school year. I was looking at the Seville at Mace Ranch apartments, probably a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment. The price will be $2745, so split between 4 people that would be $686.25. If you want to share a room that could be a possibility too! I have no gender preference, I just want someone who will clean up after themselves lol. I have a beagle who loves all people and animals, so if you have a fur baby they are welcome to join us too. :) Let me know if you're still looking for a place! Text me at (916) 849-1613

6/15/2016  Seeking a room for Academic Year 2016-2017

Hi, my name is Thuy Nguyen and I'm a female incoming student looking for a place to stay for the 2016-17 school year. My major is Animal Biology and I'm 23. I'm a chill and tidy person. I do everything for fun so please contact me if you have a room to offer. 

Price Range: 300-500, open to compromises. 

PS: Desperate

Cell: (310-218-7632)

6/15/2016  Seeking a room for Academic Year 2016-2017

  Hello, I'm Andrea and I am looking for a female roommate starting August/September 2016. I am a 24 yr old graduated UC Davis student who will be working as a research coordinator in Davis for the year. I prefer to live in West Davis and I am ideally looking for a 2 bedroom/2 bath or 2 bedroom/1.5 bath, but I am open to other options. My price range is $500-$800. Clean roommates would be preferred! Please email me if you are interested, thanks! 

6/12/16   Seeking a room or roommates for Academic Year 2016-2017

Hi, I'm Vanessa. I am an incoming student starting fall 2016. I am looking for a room for the 2016-17 school year and am willing to pay up to $550 a month. I prefer a female roommate and the location to be less than 20 minutes away by bike to campus. If you have a room available or would like to go apartment hunting together, please contact me on my cell 209-487-2207 or my email 

6/11/16 Seeking a room for Academic Year 2016-2017

I am a transfer student male starting fall 2016. I am currently looking for roommates for an apartment. I don't have anything lined up or any roommates so I'm looking for people that are looking for a roommate to add to there place. I just turned 21 and I'm a pretty chill guy to live with. I do want a pretty fun social life at Davis so I'm down for partying/drinking and 420 friendly. I'm an economics undergrad and also moving here from the bay. So if you're looking for cool, down roommate you can contact me at and we can talk and discuss whatever questions you have. Thanks!



Hi, my name is Kathy and I am looking for a sublet/sublease/temporary room for rent for Fall quarter.  My lease ends August and I am finishing up my last quarter at Davis this Fall.  I am 30 years old and a senior undergraduate student studying Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry.  I am pretty laid back and I don't smoke or have pets.  I love animals though, if you have them.  I enjoy biking, hiking, camping, yoga, laughing, gardening and cooking.  I am very creative and enjoy doing art when I am not studying.  To live with, I am quiet and clean.  The only thing I really ask for in housemates is open/direct communication.  Please email me if you are interested in renting out your room to me at


Hi All, My name is Saptarshi and I will be transferring to UC Davis in Fall 2016. I have shortlisted a bunch of apartments for Fall move in. They are mostly 2b/1b units (some are 4b/3b and 3b/1.5b townhouses) with move in dates that vary from Sep 1 to Sep 7. The price range per person would be around $600 to $800 (at most) including water, sewer, trash and the distance will be between 1.2 and 2.5 miles from Kemper Hall (biking times between 7 and 15 minutes). I am actively looking for housemates to share on a square feet basis. I am a male PhD student in Electrical Engineering and I have no gender preference for my housemate(s). However, I do expect a decent level of cleanliness from them. Based on the number of responses I get, I will choose either the 2b/1b or 4b/3b units and finalize the decision early next week (week of June 7th) - ensuring each person gets their own bedroom. Contact me if you have any questions and are interested to move in. My email id is:

PS: Smoking is fine with me. Drugs not allowed. If you have pets, you will be responsible for the extra security deposit when signing the lease (typically around $300 extra).


Hey there! My name is Mason Shelnutt, and I'm transferring over to UCD this coming Fall as an Anthropology major. I'm looking for a room which would be within a home that is conducive to peaceful studies and that is clean. Currently I am out of the country this summer on work exchange and travel, but I can be reached via email at or at 1(916)221-8658. Effectively, I am looking for something simple which allows for basic privacy and is closish to campus. Thanks ahead of time!


Hello, my name is Hang and I am a 3rd year Chemical Engineering student at UC Davis looking for a room or shared room for the 2016/17 school year. I am very quiet, responsible, and clean person. I will work part time so I wont be home most of the time.

I can afford $600 per month

lease that starts 9/1/2016 or 8/1/16

BTW I am a guy, but i don't have gender preference with roommate..

Please contact me through my e-mail yanghangjbc@yahoo,com 


Looking for someone to room with me at the Cascade Apartments for the a lease from Aug 2016-Aug 2017. Rent is $677.50 per person for a two bedroom apartment (each person gets there own) and one shared bathroom. There is a sliding glass door in the living room that leads to a little yard too, which is nice Rent includes free wifi, water, garbage, and sewage.

Apartment complex is a Pole Line (pretty close to downtown). About a 10-15 min bike ride from campus. There is a Laundry room onsite. They are pet friendly (with an extra deposit).

About me: Next year I'll be a third year English major at UC Davis. I am super mellow. Don't really party, spend most of my time at home winding down in my room. I like cooking, baking, hot yoga, and painting. If you room with me free meals will be a given (if you didn't make too much food did you even cook?). I have a 13 year old lab named Rocky who is also mellow and super friendly. I keep him out of my roommates way and everybody seems to love him anyways. Even cats :)

I want to get this nailed down asap before things fill up. If you are interested contact Alexys @ 530-945-8408 or and hopefully we can get the ball rolling :)

5/30/2016- In Search of Roommate

Hi my name is Travis. I am a new transfer student into Davis and I will be studying Managerial Economics in Agriculture. I am looking for either a room available or someone who wants to try and find a place. My price range is somewhere around $600-700... less is always nice too. I am 25 years old and I love the outdoors, hunting, fishing... If anyone sounds interested, you can text me at 530-520-9123.... Thank you.

5/30/2016 I NEED A PLACE TO LIVE FOR 2016-2017 

Hi My name is Amy. I'm an animal science major and I absolutely love animals. I am in the college of Agricultural Science field. I am 21 years old female. I am looking for an apartment and room mates. If you have an apartment ready, contact me at I am very friendly and outgoing. This will be my first semester at Davis.

5/30/2016 *ROOMMATE NEEDED FOR 2016-2017*

Hi my name is Emily. My roommate and I are looking for a female to fill the third bedroom in our 3 bed/2 bath apartment in The Trees Apartments in West Davis for the 2016-2017 school year. It would be a year-long lease starting in August of 2016 and ending of August 2017. My roommate and I will both be third year undergrads at UCD next year. We are nice, outgoing, respectful, and clean. We are looking for someone who is relatively similar who is a good communicator. 

The room for rent is the smallest of the three bedrooms and it shares a bathroom with one of the other bedrooms. Although the bedroom is smaller than the other two bedrooms, it does have a nice little balcony to itself. Rent for the bedroom will be roughly $575/month, utilities excluded. The room is a bit small but it is perfect for someone on a budget who wants privacy, but doesn't need a ton of space. The apartment is 10-15 minute bike ride to campus, and there is a bus stop right in front of the complex that has buses that go to the MU and Silo.

Do know that we have a cat, and she is very sweet and playful. The litter box will be in the master bathroom, so whoever rents out the room will not have to use a bathroom with a litter box it.

Below is the link for The Trees and my contact information.

To see the floor plan of the apartment go to the website below, click the Floor Plans tab ---> 3 bed/2 bath layouts ---> G floor plan

Contact me either by e-mail at or text me at (530)305-4296


Serious, friendly female roommate wanted for one room in 2-bedroom apartment next year (2016-17). Spacious apartment is near co-op and downtown, 5-minute bike ride to campus. I am a full-time hard-working student with a part-time job, a decent cook and supreme baker, enjoy yoga, reading, running, and good conversation. Hate conflict & sense of entitlement. I keep the common area clean and respect personal space. If this sounds like you too (the baking part is optional!) please contact me.- Margaret (


I'm Rosie, a female Chinese undergrad (Computer Science major) looking for a place to stay for the 2016-2017 school year. I'd be moving in early September and staying until at least June. I'm looking for a private room somewhere relatively near campus, around ~15 minutes bike ride. I'd be willing to pay up to $850/month. I like cats but would otherwise prefer no pets.

If you have something matching that description please text me at 530-302-6963 or email me at




Hey everybody!

My name is Stefan and I will move to Davis somewhen end august/early september to start my PhD studies in Horticulture & Agronomy. I am looking for a room in the price range of  +/-  $500-700 that is in biking distance (~10 mins) from campus.

About me: I am 24 and originally from Germany but did my master studies in the Netherlands. I am very clean, reliable and responsible. Usually I am rather calm but still very open and active. I really like being around people but from time to time I also need some time for myself. I enjoy cooking and baking stuff together with other people - well, I also enjoy eating the stuff I prepared :D . Therefore,  a nice kitchen in the flat/house would be really cool. When  am not busy for university, I really like outdoor activities and especially travelling. I wouldn't bother living with animals and would even love to live with a cat. And as you can guess from my studies: I love plants.

So if you can offer something or have any recommendations, feel free to contact me:


Anybody looking for a private room close to UC Davis campus and for $600 per month?

My name is Spencer and my roommate (a UC Davis math grad student) and I (a UC Davis veterinary school student) have an open bedroom in our 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom townhouse.  The place has lots of storage and is in good condition.  The townhouse is not pet friendly.  Located about 15 minutes away from campus by bike.  We are looking for another graduate student or an upper classman.  Email me if you're interested!


Hello! Looking for somewhere to live for the upcoming school year? We are two girls looking for a third housemate for the 2016-2017 UCD Academic Year.

What we’re offering:

-One 11 x 11 bedroom in 3 bed 2 bath townhouse at Saratoga West Apartments

-Rent: $647.00 plus PG&E (~$20) and wifi (~$17)

-In-unit washer and dryer, pool and spa, tennis court, clubhouse/gym

-Easy access to P/Q Unitrans lines, approximately 15 minute bike ride to campus, and free parking!,937620

What we’re looking for:

-Female undergrad/grad student

-Preferably a transfer student

-Friendly, honest, good communication skills, clean, responsible and reliable.

-Someone who doesn’t mind being around Spanish-speakers

-Smoke/drug free

-No pets

Who we are:

-Two transfer students (21 & 25 y/o)

-Very friendly, clean, responsible and reliable.

If you are interested:


Melissa: (916) 757-3437


Hello, I'm an incoming UCD undergrad student. I'm looking for a room that's close to campus. I'm willing to pay up to 400/month. 

About me:

I'm a female, 23 years old, Animal Biology major. 

I prefer tidy roommates.  I'm easy going and negotiable. 

You can contact me through email or text



Looking for one more person (male) to add as a roommate.  [lease for August 30, 2016 to August 31, 2017]

The apartment is located at The Arbors off of Richard and Olive Drive just on the outside of downtown. The apartment is two bedroom/two bathroom. There will be two to a room.
Rent: $389/month: this includes trash, water, and sewer.
Other costs: internet and PGE: estimated to be another $25 or so per person. Remaining Deposit: $375 split between the two in the open room.
More information: gated community, free permits for cars, covered parking, 24-hour pool/spa/fitness center, ample storage space in apartment, walking distance from downtown and In-n-out, M and W bus lines serviced close by.

My roommates and I are looking for a non-smoker who is open to the possibility of having pets. We will be providing some of the common space furniture (lamps, couch, dinning room table with chairs, etc.).

Email me at if you are interested!


Are you seeking housing for  2016-2017 school year? Look no further!

We live in a well kept, one story 4 bedroom house, 10 minutes (bike ride) away from UCD campus--we are located right by Nugget Supermarket and CVS. Quiet, but friendly, family-oriented neighborhood.

-close to L line, P/Q line
-washer/dryer in garage
-spacious, open kitchen, sharing bathroom with 2 other people (our bathroom is pretty ^^)
-My housemates will have 1 or 2 cats
-PG&E, internet, water/trash are separate
-space for your car
-3 other housemates--we are all very respectful and clean!

We're  looking for a 4th housemate to take our $650/month master bedroom+ bathroom (2016-2017 school year) so let me know if you are interested in that as well! We are 3 female UCD seniors--what we seek in our 4th housemate are mindfulness (respect for surroundings), CLEANLINESS, responsible (chores!!), and preferably on the quieter side (but friendly). NO smoking. Leaning towards female but male is okay too!

Please email me or text me with any questions you may have--I can send you photos or you can come visit the house as well! Thank you :)

(650) 417-4969


Hi my name is Morgan! I'm an incoming Immunology PhD student. I'm looking for some roommates (preferably girls, but couples are fine) to defray the cost of living a bit. My ideal situation would be renting a house with some other grad students, but I'm open to apartment living. I love animals, but am looking for a place that doesn't already have dogs or cats (other pets are fine!). My price range is pretty flexible (up to about $900/month). If anyone is thinking along the same lines please don't hesitate to email: 

About me:

Female. 22 yrs old. Non-smoker. Outgoing and social if anyone's looking for friends. Can keep to myself if you're not so inclined. No loud music, but I do enjoy watching Netflix! I'm not a master chef, so I won't spend much time in the kitchen. I love all things science and am a pretty outspoken liberal (if thats a deal breaker for ya!). Lastly, I have a cat named Winston. He is small, short haired, scaredy-cat who is extremely well behaved. He has never scratched, peed, bitten, or otherwise destroyed anything. I'm also hoping to adopt a baby kitten in the next month so anyone who loves animals is most welcome!! *wink wink vet students*


Hi, I am an incoming graduate student who will be sharing an apartment with two other male students. They will be sharing one room and I am looking for someone to share another. This is at Anderson Place Apartments. We will be dividing the price of rent for one room. Whether you're a grad or undergrad, don't lose this once in a lifetime opportunity to room with some of the most amazing people you'll ever meet.

The room is around 800, so that's around $400 for us each, and then we just add a little for utilities. 

Please message me if you are interested at



Hey! i am looking for a dog friendly place(room) for the  2016-2017 school year.

21 year old male, who is transferring for the upcoming fall semester. I have 15 lb dog and would be willing to pay 700$ or less per month for a room.

Thanks! email:


Female graduate student searching for a room for this year, near campus.

I am from Italy, graduated in Law, and I'll be starting at Davis in the fall because I will take an LLM.

I am fine with everyone, I am serious, non smoker and  I like animals very much.

My email is:


Hi everyone, I'm Ali and I'm looking for a place for the 2016-17 school year.

23 year-old male grad student (Genetics PhD). Non-smoker. Tidy. Have no pets but okay with animals. Would be able to pay ~700$ per month. Would prefer a place within 10-minute biking distance.

Send me an email if you are interested in living with me. Thanks!


I am a 21 year old male looking for 2 or more roommates. I am a transfer student from southern California. I want to share an apartment or maybe a house beginning in September.

I want somewhere close to campus and around 700/month or less. I am fine with sharing a room as long as we get along pretty well.

Check out my Craigslist ad and email me through that:


Looking to lease a room for the 2016-2017 school year. 

Female. 23. Transfer student. Communications/International Relations major. Non-smoker. Outgoing. Outdoorsy. Tidy. Responsible. Reliable.

Would ideally like a place within a couple miles of campus, space for parking (I'll be bringing my car up), and roommates who are easy-going and good communicators, but not total party animals.

Let's talk.


Hi Guys! I'm looking for someone who can move in this July because my roommate is transferring schools! You would be sharing the master bedroom with me and you would get your own closet and be sharing a bathroom with me! (: I am an animal biology major in UC Davis and I will be starting my third year next quarter. It is a 3 bedroom apartment and we would live with 2 other people. Rent is $400 a month and includes everything except pg&e, which the four of us will split. Email/ text me if you're interested and we can set up a day to meet. Also, you would be living with a cute shihtzu maltese and an obese cat. 


Tammy Pham



My name is Michael Carter, and I'm looking for a roommate for the Fall 2016-2017 academic year! (My brother had to move due to work)

Location: Oxford Parkside Apts. (Down the street from Cuarto, basically across the street from campus) Also, near Trader Joe's and down the street from Safeway!

Rent: Approx. $550 a month | Single bedroom | One Bath | Balcony  

Contact Info | Tel: 510-909-7466 (Feel free to shoot me a txt!) | Email:


Hi there!!!! My names Harpreet and I'm a third year here at UC Davis and I'm currently looking for 3-4 roommates for the Fall 2016-2017 year! Rent is about 300-600 depending if you would like a room that is shared or just to yourself! I'm looking for girls only who are respectful, nice, and also like to have fun! If you think this is you, text me , 209.362.8297, or email me @ :)


Hello! I'm an incoming physics graduate student, and I'm looking to share a place with some people next year, moving in early September. I don't smoke or have any pets, and I'm fairly tidy. Fairly easy going, not too loud, pretty chill. Ideally I'm interested in a house or apartment within easy biking distance of campus.

Hit me up if you're interested at or text at 801.244.8832

-Davis Unruh


I'm looking for a single unfurnished room.

530 574 9481

4/17/16  Any guys need a roommate?

My name is Spencer and I'm an incoming member of the UC Davis Veterinary School class of 2020 and am looking for someone or a small group of guys to share a place with next year. Looking to move-in sometime this summer. I don't have any pets, I'm clean, don't smoke, and am interested in a house or apartment within a few miles of the UC Davis campus. Message me if you're interested at


We are looking for a housemate to join us in a really nice 6-person, 4-bedroom 4-bathroom, 1435 sq. foot apartment in West Village (4 guys 1 girl so far).

You would be sharing a room with Lee. He’s funny and keeps to himself.

If any of us need silence to study or sleep we will definitely respect that.

The rent is $625/month plus a utility fee of $28/month. The utility fee covers wi-fi, furniture, TV, washer and dryer, electricity, water, trash, and sewage. West Village has a lot of great amenities – study rooms, jacuzzis, pools, rec centers, two gyms, a theater, grills, and beach volleyball.

Jason (guy):

Kalyn (girl):

4/10/2016 searching Room for four weeks (11th of september - 9th/10th of oktober) 

Hi, I am an exchange student of the University of Ghent (Belgium). I will be attending the VMTH from september the 12th until oktober the 9th 2016, so I need to find a Room for this short period of time. My preference is to share a room with others and not too far from campus (since I am riding with a bike). 

About myself: 23 years old female, veterinary student. Loves to hang out with friends. Dedicated student, but also loves to make fun and go out. Social, loves to meet new people, more or less tidy. No problems with parties once in a while. 

hobbies: classical ballet. 

If you want to learn more about me, don't hesitate to contact me. 

Phone: 0032498084101



FALL'16-2017: I am also looking for a roommate to sign on for the 2016-2017 lease term so if you're interested in having the master bedroom ($770/month) with private bathroom and walk in closet email me at with "Fall Lease" in the subject line.

4/1/16  Seeking a room / shared room for [2016-2017 academic year]

Soon-to-be Senior Gal Looking for a Place to Live so She Does Not End up Homeless!!!

Hi there! I am currently seeking for a space to fill in for the 2016-2017 academic school year. I am particularly looking to have a single (max: $600 - excluding utilities) because I like my own space... haha. But I also do not mind sharing a room (max: $400) just to save up money. I'm a super chill and down-to-earth gal who is really adventurous about trying out new things and I love making new friends ! I am not really a party person because I am really passionate about my studies, but every once in a while... I know when to have my kind of fun when the time is right. :) My preference of where I would like to live is anywhere tbh.. Just anywhere close to campus since I will mainly bike to school (max: 1.3 miles from UC Davis). Please do contact me if you have an avaliable room because I do not want to be homeless for the incoming school year! Shoot an email at and we can definitely arrange something together and possibly get to know each other better :D

03/29/16 Need Three Roommates  in West Davis Townhouse.  [2016-2017 academic year]


I have three bedrooms that I am looking to fill in West Davis. Off Arthur, 1.1 miles to Umall and campus. Hoping to find clean, accountable people (obviously) and just cool folks in general. Lease should start on Sept. 1st-ish (may be a day or 2 later)

The unit is technically a townhouse, so there are 2 buildings with 2 units each on the property, so even though the layout is that of a house, the living room and 2 of the bedrooms share walls with the other unit. All bedrooms have a door to a balcony (one has a larger sliding door.) There are 2 balconies, so 2 bedrooms share one balcony and the other 2 rooms share another. (The balconies are big enough for probably 2 chairs and a small table, not huge but a good spot to sit outside, or get a breeze through your bedroom.) Utilities are usually anywhere from 20-50 a month with internet and PGE, on the higher end in winter.


I am a photo major at Sac State, work at Trader Joe's, and am hoping to find cool people that like cool shit including but not limited to: smash bros, board games, good beers, standup, or making food? Anyone with interests in art, photo, or other creative activites that would benefit from a common area for desks to work at would also be something I am interested in, as trying to focus in my bedroom drives me insane.

Shoot me a text! 9256404822


2/29/16  Looking for roommates / going apartment hunting [2016-2017 academic year]


I am an incoming graduate student at UC Davis looking for roommates. I am very chill and I keep my area clean. I just graduated as an undergrad from UCLA. Having lived in roommate situations as an undergraduate, I know how to be respectful to my roommates. I am very organized and if something is not going right, I try to find a common ground. I would most likely be reading papers, going to the gym, sleeping and doing research...

Hopefully, if someone is looking for an extra roommate out there, please let me know. If you are a lone wolf like myself and are looking for roommates to make apartment searching easier, I am your guy too. I can room with grad and/or undergrad students.

Please email me.

3/23/16 Looking for roommates / going apartment hunting [2016-2017 academic year]

Hi, we are 3 undergraduate female students at UCDavis and we are looking to sign a lease for the 2016-2017 year. We are looking at 3 bedroom houses or apartments. 2 girls are sharing and I will have my own room. You can have your own room (around $600 most likely) or you can share that room with another roommate. We are going to be seniors next fall and we were all transfer students. Tell me about yourself and email any questions @ 

have a nice day!!


3/17/16 Transfer Student looking for a place for 2016-2017

Hi! My name is Emily and I am an incoming transfer student from the Bay Area looking for a place to live for the 2016-2017 school year! I am open to any living situation, but would prefer to have my own room. Let me know if you have anything available! :) 

text me at 925-684-6322

3/16/16  2016-2017 School Year-Roommate Wanted-$565 for Private Room

I am currently applying to lease out a one bedroom apartment in the J Street Apartment complex (great location, parking, and pets allowed for an extra deposit). I am going to be staying in the living room, which I'll be sectioning off with curtains into it's own space. I am looking for someone to jump on the app with me ASAP because these are filling up fast for the 2016-2017 school year.

You will have the private bedroom, but we will still split rent evenly. The curtains will not interfere with you having access to the kitchen, dinning space or front door. We will share a bath room. Basically, if you want friends over at night just hang out in your room. During the day if you don't wanna hang out in your room, hang out in the dinning area. I am a private person so I don't really mind not having a large common area.

I am a female UCD student. I have one dog, a goofy 13 year old lab. I am a quiet and low-key roomie. I'm not into big parties, but am down with the occasional game night. I don't smoke.

I need someone to get on the application with me ASAP if you want to live here. So if you are interested feel free to contact me as soon as possible. I have no gender preference but would prefer you to be another student. This rent is super low and you are getting a private bedroom.

If you're skeptical about how the living situation would work, no worries. I'm a go with the flow kind of person, and if you are too than we can try it on trial basis and if you absolutely don't like not having a living room than we can share the bedroom.

Lets make it happen-
Contact me at 530-945-8408
or email at

03/02/2016: Looking for housemates (Drake Apartments)  [2016-2017 academic year]

I am looking for one or two female housemates to take over a room for the upcoming 2016-2017 academic year. 2 Bedroom apartment with 1 bathroom at the Drake Apartments, located in North Davis across from Savemart.

For more information, please e-mail me at

02/24/2016: Two persons seeking available rooms or anyone looking for roommates.  Fall 2016: [ 2016-2017 academic year.?]

Hi, my girlfriend and I are looking for a room for Fall 2016. We're both quiet people who will help out around the house. We're not picky in terms in who we will live with or where the available are located around Davis. We're both females and nonsmokers.

Thank you

Text me @: 916-594-7237

2-16-20 Share Home with Garage Parking in South Davis with 1 Person

3 bedroom 2.5 bath home.  Completely remodeled top to bottom.  2nd bedroom and guest bath.  3rd. smaller bedroom furnished for guests.  Mature adult only.  No pets, no parties, looking for quiet, clean and neat professional, solid employment or other reliable income.  $800/month includes utilities.  HOA has a small pool.  On bike path to greenbelt and University.  3 blocks to Safeway. On Newport Terrace.  Share garage with motorcycle.  Aviation interest a plus!

916-826-1714, leave message or

2/12/16 Looking for a roommate in Sharps and Flats (South Davis), 2 bed/1 bath apartment [2016-2017 academic year]

I am looking for one person to share a 14’x 10.5’ room with me for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Lease Period: September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017.

Rent: $392.5 per month

Utilities: Water/Gas/Electricity/Internet ~$40 per month

Housemates: 3 male undergraduates, all enrolled in UC Davis

We’re in a quiet area in South Davis and very close to a plaza that has a Safeway, Rite Aid and Office Max. Our place is about a 3-4 minute walk to the W and M Unitrans bus lines which will take about 15 minutes to get to campus. The W and M lines can also get you to Downtown Davis too. We’re also near a bike path that takes you directly to campus a little over a mile away.

Our living room and kitchen are already fully furnished; you would just have to bring a bed, desk and whatever else you need for your side of the room. Our apartment is right next to the laundry room so it’s pretty convenient for us. The complex has a lot of parking spaces if you happen to drive. There’s also a pool/jacuzzi and a small gym room. Stuff that you order online are received by the main office.

The three of us are just your average college students, quiet and studious when we’re doing our own things but also friendly and social at the same time. We also don’t mind smokers and aren’t strict about noise levels. That being said, we’re respectful of other’s needs and are more than happy to accommodate.

Overall, it’s a chill environment, perfectly suited for other students for a reasonable price. If you’re interested in living with us next year or have any questions, contact me at or 408-386-6694.

2-8-16  Single Bedroom, shared Bathroom in 4b/2ba, Allegre Apts. 2016-2017 academic year.

Looking to fill one single bedroom that shares a bathroom in a spacious 4 bedroom/2 bath apartment. The apartment is located at Allegre Apartments in South Davis. 

Move in date: September 2016 for new school year.

Rent: Rent is $550 for a single bedroom.

Living room comes fully furnished, internet and other normal amenities paid for except pg&e, which costs on average $12 per person. Currently, we are two guys and one girl looking for a person (male/female) who clicks well with us.

Contact me at

2/5/2016 Need house-mates for academic year 2016-2017.

Hi, I am a female fourth year looking for one to two house mates 2016-2017.

I am looking for people that are clean, not extremely loud, respectful of study habits and clean common areas. I have one dog, she is small and very quiet and calm.

Looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom, preferably close-ish to campus, I really like the North Davis area.

Email me a bio if interested!

2/4/2016  Looking For Room 2016-2017 (August 2016-June 2017)

Hello, I am currently a Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana, my service ends at the end of July. I have been accepted to the MPH Graduate program at UCD which starts August 1st. I have a limited way of finding room and board while in country and would consider any offers. My budget is $500 and below.

I am:

Female, nonsmoker, clean, do not mind sharing, studious.

You can reach me at my email:

Or by Whatsapp: +233 548847548



02/03/2016  Looking for Female Roommate to share a room: Academic Year 2016-2017  [Drake Apartments]

Hey there! My name is Naomi and me and my roommates are looking for a fourth person to live with us next year for the 2016-2017 academic school year. We’re staying in a two bedroom one and a half bath townhouse at the Drake and you’ll be sharing a room with one of my other roommates. The rent is about $435 per person including water.

My roommates and I are friendly, respectful, and easy going. The three of us are sophomores this year and we're all STEM majors. We love a good time and going out but we are also academically focused.

In terms of the apartment, it's a two bedroom, one and a half bath. There’s a separate dining and living room area, a private porch space, a Jack and Jill style sink area. The complex is very close to campus, and has a J, G, and B line stop right next to it. It’s right across the road from the Savemart and a block from the market place.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and if you are interested we’d love to meet up! Contact me at (916)532-0686 or email

1/27/2016, 4 bed/2 bath apartment, looking for one person to fill a room at Fountain a Circle Townhouses for the Sept. 1 2016 - 2017 period.

My two roommates and I are looking for a fourth roommate after one recently dropped out. You will be able to have your own room.

Rent is $750 with Pg&E likely costing $15 or so. You'll get a 160sqft room all to yourself on the second floor unless you'd like it to split it between two people ($375). I cook and bake a lot so you'll probably get some meals along the way too.

All 3 of us are guys but we don't have any gender preferences. Fountain Circle has a 2 people max per room so if you'd like to bring someone along you are welcome. 

We are all Engineering majors at UCD.

You will get the 15x10'8". 

$400 security deposit required.  

contact for further info: or 281-656-1865.

1/8/2016 Seeking room in a HOUSE for 2016-2017 School Year.

My girlfriend and I (both students) are looking for a house with a yard for our dog, a very sweet and mellow Husky that is also a registered Emotional Support Dog. We would like something within 5 miles of campus and are able to afford ~$1000/Month. 

We are both clean and an active part of the household. We have enough furniture to fully furnish a house if that's a plus.

Call or text Will or Dolly

858-201-8408 or 858-335-7303 or 

1/4/16 seeking female roommate for a shared room the 2016-2017 school year!

Looking for a female roommate for a shared room the 2016-2017 school year! The room would be $360 per person and it is relatively big and has a huge closet. I am a second year at UC Davis and I am friendly, relatively clean, and studious, and easy to get along with. I also go home during most weekends, so you would have the room to yourself during the weekend. There are 2 other roommates that really nice and clean as well. The apartment is relatively big and it is only a minute walk from the J and G bus lines that go right to campus. There is free parking, and there's also a gym, pool, and study room. If interested, please contact me at 650-784-1088 ASAP because the lease will be coming up very soon. Thanks!

Sample Titles


Looking for a roommate (male or female) beginning January 2016 (duplex house)

Lease Takeover: Shared Master Bedroom Available, Spring  & Summer Quarters (March - August) in 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath House.

 Looking for housemate to share new apartment/house for the 2015/2016 school year

Looking to sublease a room for the Fall Quarter 2015 (September to December).

Looking for one or two female roommates for the 2015/2016 school year. (Cranbrook)

Lease Takeover: summer and Academic Year 2015-2016)  available mid-June

  Looking for a female roommate for the 2015/2016 school year, Fall-Spring! $350/Month

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