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8/29/2015-  UC Davis student  looking for housing/roommates

Hi, my name is  Gary. I'm a second year bio major looking for a single room within a $400-625 price range or roommates to help find an apartment we can settle into. I'm quiet and keep to myself. I don't do drugs, smoke, or drink very much and would like someone who is the same. . If you have any leads, offers, or information please feel free to contact me at Anything helps! 


8/24/2015 - UC Davis student looking for room in the $400-$500 range

Hello, my name is Nikesh.. I'm a graduate student. I am looking for place to stay for the 2015-2016 school year.  I am organized, responsible, and get along well with others. I don't smoke and pets are not an issue with me. I am looking for a room that is relatively close to the campus.

Please contact me at:



8/28/2015 - UC Davis student looking for room in the $500-600 range

Hello, my name is Truc. I'm a second year student at UC Davis and currently studying bio-medical engineering. I am organized, responsible, and get along well with others. I don't smoke and pets are not an issue with me. I am looking for a furnished room that is relatively close to the campus.

Please contact me at:

8/20/2015 -  Male international student looking for a single room up to $800 


I'll be attending UC Davis as an exchange student this year so I'm looking for a room to rent from September 2015 to June 2016. I'm from Spain and I study Modern Languages (English, German and Chinese). I've lived in shared flats in London, Berlin, Beijing and New York, among other places, so I think I have plenty of experience living with others, in case you're looking for somebody with some knowledge in that matter. I always pay everything on time and respect other people's personal space. Obviously, I love to travel, live in different countries, learn languages and meet new people. I guess I'm easy-going, friendly, tidy, clean and studious but always up for a little social time.

I'm looking for a furnished single room. In principle, the closer to the campus the better but I think Davis is small enough for me as to take into consideration all locations. I don't smoke and I don't have any gender preference regarding housemates.

Please, email me and ask anything you want:


8/18/2015-Looking for a room for the 2015-2016 


My name is Mohammad and I am a UC Davis student, Law school and looking for a room. I am easy going person, friendly and open minded.

Please contact me at  or 3025137460

8/18/2015-Looking for Housing for the 2015-2016 Academic School Year

Hello, my name is Charles. I'm a 19 year old male on the lookout for a place to stay for the next year. I will be studying environmental policy in my first year at UC Davis (junior status transfer student). I am very responsible and organized as well as friendly and social. In fact, I can get along with pretty much anyone. I like to hike, read, engage in sports (any sport really), and play board/card games (Magic: The Gathering is both a great and terrible obsession). I don't have any pets, but I am very cool with them. If you would like to know more about me, feel free to contact me via phone or email. Thanks!


(310) 483-5897

8/17/15-Looking For Housing (2015-2016)


Hi, my name is Andre. I'm a history major going into my third year at UC Davis. I'm a respectful, clean and approachable person. I'd really like to find a place as soon as possible for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year. If you have available Roommate spaces and think I'm a suitable candidate then please give me a call. Just a bit of information about myself, I enjoy horseback riding and I currently work at the UC Davis equestrian center. I've always been a half way decent cook and like to barbecue on the weekends. I'm an athletic guy and I love to play sports in my spare time. If you'd like to know more about me don't hesitate to ask, you can call or text me at (626)665-8006.

8/11/2015 - Graduate looking for a place to live for next year (2015-2016)

I am a graduate of UCD and now work in a lab at the university, and would therefore like to stay in the area. I am a 24 year old male, and I am also clean, quiet and respectful.

Hobbies: I like to cook and eat Mexican food, and I also like to play board games. Monopoly, chess, and scrabble are my favorites.

Email me and let me know what you think!


8/11/2015 - Looking for housing and/or roommates for the 2015-16 school year

Hi, I'm Guilherme, 21 years old male. I'm going to study at UC Davis from this september as an exchange student from Brazil.

I'm looking forward to rent a private, furnished room in Davis for the fall and spring semester. I don't care whether the bathroom is private or not.

I’m a student of mechanical engineering. I'm quiet, respectable and easy to get along with. I enjoy the outdoors and hiking. I enjoy socializing and hanging out with my roommates. I don’t smoke or do drugs.

 If you are interested, please email me at

7/31/15 Looking for Apartment/House, August move in

26 year old male, working at a Solar Company. Looking to share an apartment or house in Davis, either takeover the lease or get a new one.

Easy going, gel around well with people and like to keep the house clean.
I play guitar and keyboard but respectful of people around me so will not be too loud. Also enjoy running, swimming and squash. Occasional weekend beers, not a heavy drinker.

For more information, contact me at

7/31/15 - Looking for housemate to share new apartment/house for the 2015/2016 school year

I am a 35 year old male graduate student in geology looking for a housemate to share an apartment/house in Davis for the upcoming school year. I will need to find and sign the lease for a new place by September 15th. 
I like to live clean and organized, and I prefer a relaxed, low-noise environment (no parties, at least not on a regular basis). I do however enjoy cooking and having dinners with friends.

About myself: I am a quiet, respectful individual (somewhat introverted) who enjoys food/cooking, hiking, camping, fishing (recently took up that hobby again), and brewing beer.About my "baggage": I have an almost complete set of furniture for the kitchen, dining room, and living room, so a housemate with few possessions would be ideal. I'm also interested in a house with some storage space, since I have a few extra items that need to be accommodated. Please contact me if the situation described above suits you:


Jan Weninger

7/24/15 - Male, 26 years old, Sacramento State Exercise Physiology Graduate School looking for place to reside in Davis for 2015-2016 school year if not longer.

Hobbies include bicycling, playing sports, the outdoors, playing video games, and reading anatomy books/articles. My personality traits include being funny, excitable, entertaining, outgoing, friendly, and very social. I am looking for a house that is very open to having guests overnight on weekends as my girl friend will be visiting from out of town 1-2 times a month, along with the occasional family/friends guests, and study partners from graduate school. My budget is roughly around 700-800 dollars a month (850-900 after Utilities). I also do not smoke, do not do hard drugs, and enjoy drinking casually with a party or barbecue here and there occasionally. If interested and would like further information about me, contact me at 209-535-0922.

7-22-15 looking to sublease a room for the Fall Quarter 2015 (September to December).

Hello, my name is Justin and I am looking to sublease a room for the Fall Quarter 2015 (September to December). I am willing to stay anywhere in Davis, but i would like to live in the North or South side. I am a senior undergraduate and It will be my last quarter here. The room doesn't need to be furnished, and I am hoping to have my own room. 

Please feel free to contact me through my email:

7-12-15  seeking roommates

Seeking Gay or Lesbian Room Mates for safe haven house in Davis. Not a party pad. Not a social environment. Only similar people who need a safe place / sanctuary to keep clean and call home

please send detailed bio , typical schedule and references if you have them.
We are getting a nice size house.

  • I pulled your 6/23 duplicate.  Best wishes in roommate searching!

7/3/2015- Exchange student looking for a room for Fall 2015

Hi I am Yi Zhuang, a male Psychology major from National University of Singapore. I'll be coming to UC Davis for exchange from 14 September 2015 till 11 December 2015. Since student housing has no vacancies, I'm looking for a single room near UC Davis (preferably within 10 minutes bike ride) to stay for the duration of my exchange. I'd prefer a room in a 2-bedroom apartment (3 is alright too), so long as the rent is around $400-$600, flat-mates are friendly, trustworthy and don't do drugs/loud parties.

Drop me a message at That's my facebook email too, so if you want to check out my profile before contacting me feel free to do so!

Hope to hear from you soon!

7/15  SUMMER  - one house bedroom available

This house locates in a quiet neighborhood, which is one-minute away from the bus station. The house has three bedrooms. The house and the bedroom are furnitured, and the price of the bedroom for rent is $440. So anyone interested in living in just need to bring her suitcase. Two female students are living in this house, and we want to find a female student or a faculty as housemate. The rental period is July 26th to August 31st, 2015. If you are interested, email me for more information. Thanks for your reading.


Amenities : Air Conditioning, Broadband Internet, Carpeting & Hardwood Floors, Ceiling Fan, Fireplace.  Walk-in Closets, Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal, Microwave.  Refrigerator. Washer/Dryer Inside Unit.
Alarm System, Yard, Attached Garage.

6/30/15  SUMMER SUBLEASE -main bedroom available

La Casa de Flores Apartment 

FULLY furnished apartment. Website:

Time period: July 2015 - August 2015 
Rent: $604/month + shared electricity and internet (about $40)
Preferences: male, non-smoker, no pets
Housemates: one friendly male graduate student
Advantages: 5 minute bike to the Campus. Nearby are Unitrans Buslines B, C.  With The University Shopping Mall 1 block away, 
Please email me at if you are interested. Thanks.

6/29/15    Seeking 4th roommate: For upcoming Summer Session I & II and/or 2015-2016 School Year

Looking for female student willing to share bedroom
Rent: 343.74 (from 7/1/15-8/31/15), rent increases to 351.25 for 2015-2016 lease (9/1/15-8/31/16)

Other fees: $35 application fee, $150 security deposit

No pets or animals please!

Stonegate Village apartments Floor Plan D with living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, central AC/heat, dishwasher, and more

- Complex includes a great community, two swimming pools, 24-hour fitness center, 3 laundry rooms on site, study lounge with printer, off-street parking
- Complex is on 2 Unitrans Bus Routes to UC Davis campus (D & K) and is conveniently located close to Westlake shopping center and University Mall
- Easy access to the freeway.

Contact me through email ( with subject "Roommate" or text me at 925-922-0596

6/29/15 looking for a roommate to share a room or a room to rent

Hello, I am an incoming transfer student planning to attend UC Davis in the Fall 2015. I am looking for a roommate to share a room or a room to rent. Male/female it doesn't matter as long as you are chill and clean! My price range is around ~$350 for a shared room or something ~$500 for a single room. A kitchen is preferred please. Not looking to spend too much money on a place to sleep since I will be in school most of the time and just studying. I have a clean record, so no worries of a criminal here. If you want see what i look like, you can look at my instagram to stalk me because who doesn't stock a person they are about to meet these days anyway? mamasboy2465 is my account name.

Some notes about me:
I'm 22 years old, Vietnamese male and my major is clinical nutrition. I am a very clean person, I swear I do not have body odor. I am very easy going and respectful of others living spaces. Some hobbies I enjoy include photography, fitness, food, the outdoors and cooking. I went to orientation recently and most of the people I met already had roommates, so my room hunt is a bit late and am eager to find a place soon before august. If you want to know more about me, and more about my lifestyle, please don't hesitate to ask. If you are interested in sharing a living space with me, please shoot me text! Sending pictures of potential living spaces are preferred please! Thank you. Again my phone number is show contact info (Danny).


Looking for one or two female roommates for the 2015/2016 school year. My lease is a 2 bedroom apartment in Cranbrook and starts September 1st 2015. I have a 7 year old dog, he is very mellow and well trained.  I love to cook, read, and draw. I'm quite so no super loud roommate please!  My boyfriend is renting out the second bedroom and may have a roommate as well, pricing for rooms will depend on how many people live there.

Cranbrook is an amazing complex and has a 24hour fitness center, huge pool, and friendly staff. They also bake fresh cookies daily!!

contact me through email at please

6/22/2015 ( Summer lease-takeover)  J St Apartments: Take over lease for Summer and Academic Year 2015-2016


Looking for someone to take over my room in a 2 bedroom apartment ASAP!

I am currently living in a two bedroom apartment at J street apartments with another person. I am a senior undergraduate who will be moving out at the end of June, and as such I am looking for someone to take over my room starting in beginning of July. The apartment is 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom. The rent for July and August is $1180/month, and starting September (when the new lease kicks in) it will be $1250/month.  You can also move in for two months (July and August) and move to a different place after lease ends. This is a great option for graduate students and other people who want a temporary place to stay in Davis while looking for a more permanent home. 

There are two air conditioners; 1 in Living room, 1 in master bedroom, which is my bedroom. The kitchen has a stove, oven, microwave, fridge and ample storage space, but no dishwasher. The apartment complex itself has a pool, hot tub, exercise room, study lounge and 2 laundry rooms. There is ample parking available as well. The complex is on the Unitrans E route, and is close to the L, P, Q Unitrans routes and 42A and 42B Yolo bus routes.  Apartment complex covers all expenses except PG&E and internet (they have free internet, but it’s instaconnect, so I hired a faster service). CVS and Nugget Market are close by (10 minute walking distance).

E-mail me for more info! :)

6/21/15 Looking for 2 female house mates for 2015-2016 school year 

I'm looking for 2 female room mates who are willing to share the apartment for at least an year and preferably longer. I'll be renting an apartment in Anderson Drake community starting Sept 14th. 

About me: My name is Nandini and I'll be joining UC Davis in fall 2015 as an undergraduate student. 

Time Period: Available starting Sept 14th. I'll be doing my undergrad in UC Davis from 2015-2019 so its available long term.

Apt Details: 2Bedroom 1Bath 918sqft - Drake 2bedroom layout - Complex includes 2 swimming pool, jacuzzi, study lounge, free printing stations, located near all major bus lines

Rent: $500/month/head + shared electricity, internet, water etc.

Preferences: Girls only, no smokers

Contact Information: Please email if you are interested or have any questions. 

6/21/15 SUMMER HOUSING SUBLEASE - living room available

625 Adams St. Apt.3 (upstairs)

The house is available again because the first person actually not interested anymore, and my housemates are actually making me really pissed off.


Time period: July 2015 - August 2015 (summer session I/II) either session is fine. 
Rent: $275/month + shared electricity and internet, which made up to $295. June renting is already paid.
Preferences: girls only, no smoker
Housemates: 2 girls, all graduated. 
Advantages: 10 mins to school, close to Umall, bus line D,K,P,Q, good soundproof, solitude, isolated closet and study place, household furniture available, free laundry in unit
Please email me at or my housemate for more info.

I am staying at the apartment until June 26 if you want a tour.

06/19/2015 (Looking for a roommate as SOON as possible!!)
Hello, I am Hicardo. If you are a UC Davis student (grad or undergrad) there is a SHARED bedroom available at The Atriums. It will be three people total( including you) living together( 2 people in one bed room, 1 person in one bedroom). It is located across the street from the ARC. Time Period: Now until end of August. Price: $300 per month + electricity & internet. (June is already paid) Male only. Please contact me at if you are interested.



I am a female, currently a student at UC Davis looking for a roommate.  Some need to know information:

Temescal Apartments 2477 Sycamore Lane Davis, CA 95616

Front Desk: 530-757-2828

Fax: 530-7571954

Property Manager: Pam  Van Hecke

Front Desk Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm

 I master bedroom/1 bath

Cost: $490/month ($980/mo but split between two people)


FREE Cable and WiFi, Gas stoves/oven, Refrigerator, Garbage disposal, Dishwasher, Central heating and air, Whole house fans, 24 hour study room, laundry on site, Free, parking, Pool and spa, Sauna, Paid water/trash/swer, Fitness Room, Club House, Direct pick up of Unitrans G and J bus

  • I pulled your March ad because this one seems similar.

06/15/2015 ( Looking for a MALE + Graduate student roommate) September 2015 - End of August 2016

Hello, I am Eric Chong. I am looking for a male graduate student who wants to live with me for next academic year( September 1st 2015 - End of the August 2016). I live in Atrium at La Rue( it is right across from ARC). Rental fee would be 630 dollars/month per person( I will double check with the apartment), Internet is usually around 70 dollars( so it would be 35 dollars per person; it is pretty fast internet), and other utilities are usually around 30 dollars( so, it would be 15 dollars per person; price might change depending on how much we use). I do not smoke and I am pretty quiet at home, so you would not be too bothered. If you are interested, please email me at We can chat about more details!  Thank you so much!

6/15/15  (Looking for 2015 Fall Quarter Short Term Sublease)  September - December 2015

Hello, my name is Tianyi.  I set to graduate after this upcoming fall quarter.  I am looking for a place to stay from Aug. to Dec.  Please feel free to contract me with question. My Email is


6/15/2015  Looking for one month sublet September 7 - October 3

Hello! My name is Lisa, Vet student in Belgium, and I'm looking for a place to stay from September 7 - October 3. I will be going to UC Davis for a short externship at Veterinary Medicine. I'm an outgoing, pet loving 24 year old female who likes to bike and go out and have fun! Max budget would be 500 dollar and I will need a place that is furnished.

If you know of anything let me know:

6/12/15 Summer Sublease in a duplex!

I have 2 rooms to fill, the master bedroom for $600 or the smaller room for $400! It's pet friendly and has a yard! Located on Radcliffe and Anderson across the street from Savemart. Available June until Aug 28. Text 530-521-3737 or check out my craigslist ad!

6/11/15- Summer Rental Russell Park Apartments. Available from June till August 31rst. The apartment is right on campus next to the ARC and Trader Joes. The rent is 400 a month. more information provided at this link

contact me at 831-535-3867 to schedule a meeting.

6/9/15- Summer Sublease Ramble Apartment- empty apartment with no roommates top floor with view, in quiet part of Ramble 

Comes with parking spot, renting out one bed and private bathroom -$895 a month from July 1st to Aug. 31st - you can move in starting June 16th 

- and you can take over the lease in the fall if you'd like to, craigslist post with pics:

 6/7/15 | Summer sublease | University House Apartments | 320 K St. 95616

Only $350/mo (rent) for your OWN ROOM (aprx 12x12ft).  Available from now until  the end of August (minimum 1 month required)

Closed to A, Z, O, P/Q bus lines. Approx 5-10 minutes biking/15-20 walking to campus.
No pet, no smoking

Email and mention "daviswiki" for special price (only applied for rent of 2-2.5 months)

6/7/15 (Summer Sublease), from late June (flexible dates) to August 30th.

You will have your own room in Wake Forest Apartment (1313 Wake Forest Dr), very close to campus, 5 minutes biking.

In addition to having a spacious room, you also have a lovely sink in your own room, making it very convenient for you to get ready in the morning. The rent is 425/month, relatively cheap considering this close distance to campus and the comforts you will have. All genders are welcomed.

Call (408) 833-2975. Don't text because I won't get any text. If you are shy , you can email me at I check my email very regularly.

Have a good day!

6/6/15  20 year old female looking for a place to live

I am 20 years old white female and a communication major. I will be a transfer from Cal State East Bay in Hayward California. I am super easy going and will be looking for a place to live next year. I am relatively clean and have no animals. Looking for a place that has other Davis students where i can have my own room. I will most likely be pledging in the fall and like going out and meeting people. 

Please email me if you have anything available.

6/5/15  (Summer Sublease) Renaissance Park Apts

Subleasing shared room from mid June to August 31st!

Location: Renaissance Park Apartments in South Davis
Price: $389 for rent + $10 for internet + ~$25 for utilities and PG&E
-You would be living with two female housemates and sharing the master bedroom and bathroom with 1 person.
-The room will be fully furnished (you will have a bed, bookshelf, desk, and a dresser)
- Washer and Dryer are conveniently located in the master bedroom
-Bus stop is right in front of the apartments (less than a minute walk), the W line takes you to the silo and back, and the Q/P lines take you to the MU and back
Please email me at if interested!


6/3/2015 (Summer Sublease, immediate availability) Chautauqua Apts

There is a SINGLE room available at the Chautauqua Apartments in North Davis.  It is located in a very safe and nice area very close to a grocery store, gas station and various restaurants. Campus is a 5-10 minute bike ride away and there is a bus stop right outside the complex that will also take you right to campus. The room is very spacious and comes with a huge closet space. There is a kitchen with all appliances (including a microwave). There is also a pool and laundry room available on site. The bathroom is also large and clean. Apartment could come furnished if necessary. Apartment is starting now until September. Rent is $506. Please contact me at if you are interested.


Hi Guys- my name is Zoraya Garnica. I am looking to rent a room. My contact is Best of luck in your search!
>>Great location, next to F and covell park. Were all students in the house that are friends and basically keep a relaxed environment. Living room w/ TV, big kitchen, lots of storage space. We have our own enclosed backyard where we have our barbeque. Pool and parks directly accessible. Our place is at the end of the complex so we have the peaceful closeness to the parks and green line. Nugget, Safeway and Savemart are walking/biking distance. P/Q 42A/B and E lines run all day with a 15 min ride to campus. Shared bathroom with an exterior vanity/sink that's shared with 1 roommate. The room has a large double door closet with the window facing the park and backyard. Room available partially furnished with a bed and a drawer set. We're open to having your stay be open ended should you be attending in the Fall as well. 
- AC & heat
- Dishwasher
- Patio/Backyard
- Washer and dryer in unit
- Wireless internet
- Gated pool
- Enclosed parking

  • Is this two listings that got jammed together?

5/29/15 (Furnished room available for Academic year 2015-2016) Hanover place apartments

  •  RIGHT ACROSS from Anderson Plaza shops: Save mart Grocery Store, restaurants: Chickpeas  ACE Hardware store; Laundromat; Davis Shell Gas Station 
  •   Major Bus Line stop (GJPQ and Yolo) is RIGHT OUTSIDE
  •  Comes FURNISHED with mattress (WITH bed sheets), table and lamp.
  • Attached PRIVATE vanity 
  • Monthly rent ~$680 
  • Roommate is VERY nice and studious girl
  • Preferences: vegetarian,nonsmoking, non drinking, pets ok. 

For more info contact : and

5/29/15   Single Room Summer sublease | Sharps and Flats Apartments | 1660 Drew Circle 95618

Rent is $500 including utilities.

Room will be available from late June to end of August, for both summer sessions.

This bedroom is part of a 4 bedroom 2 bath apartment in south Davis. Near W and M line of the Unitrans bus route and it takes around 12 minutes to bike to campus. It is right next to the club house, pool, spa, and laundry room and walking distance to Safeway, Teabow, Rite Aid and other restaurants. My other 3 housemates will be here for summer session I. Male preferred.

Contact Derek at (650) 796-3345 or

05.26.15  | Summer sublease | The Trees Apartments, Lake Blvd

Sublease available for BOTH summer sessions!

Price: $400 for a shared room, pricing very negotiable. 

Hi there, my name is Natalie. My housemates (2 girls) are looking for a fun roommate for the summer (girls only please!) It's a shared room with a ton of storage space and an awesome roomie! The bike path goes straight to campus and the bus stop is right outside of our place. There's grocery stores and restaurants within a five minute walking distance. The apartment is super nice, with a gym, pool, spa and bbq area. There's free popcorn in the office every Thursday (: 

Email me at or text me at 858.232,3949 if you're interested! (: 

5/25/15 (Lease Takeover: summer and Academic Year 2015-2016)  available mid-June

I'm a graduating senior, looking for someone to take over my sublease starting June 15th. The 2 bedroom, I bath apartment is 1.1 miles from campus, and the E line bus in front of the apartment complex makes getting to campus easy. The Nugget is a 4 min. bike ride for grocery needs. Rent is $1180 ($590) for your own room, utilities will be paid for first month. Starting September the new lease kicks in and it will be $1250/month ($625).

Contact me for more information

05/21/15 | Summer sublease | The Trees Apartments, Lake Blvd

Sublease available for Summer Session 1 only!
Location: The Trees Apartments
Price: $500 for the ENTIRE first session (June 11 - July 31st). 
We (2 girls) are looking for a friendly, fun, and female roommate for the first summer session. It's a shared room with a ton of storage space. The bike path goes straight to campus and the bus stop is right outside of our place. The apartment is super nice, with a gym, pool, spa and bbq area. There's popcorn in the office every Thursday. Yes, it's hard to turn that down (: 

Email me at or text/call me at 858.232.3949 if you're interested. Thanks!

5/21/15  Looking for a female roommate for the 2015/2016 school year, Fall-Spring! $350/Month

Super chill/friendly housemates that attend UCD. 5 of the girls are involved in Greek life and myself (not in a sorority) am looking for someone to share a room with in the house. All students in the house are undergraduates 1.5 miles from the school.  Near Safeway and the bus route.  It will be a shared room/bath with me.  The rent will be $350/ mo. Water is included, internet and PGE not included (will be less than $20 extra per month) The room is 12ft X 15ft The lease is a one year lease, if you do not need the full year, you can sublease to someone over the summer!  
Text me if you are interested :-) 562-256-4578

5/21/15 Seeking Roommate(s)
My name is JT I am a student and I work at sky dance. I want to get a large house, preferably on farm property so we can have bonfires and small social gatherings outside on rare occasions.
Looking for 2-4 people who are interested in getting a house together. 

Email me  -

5/19/15 Seeking Roommate August/September 2015

Hello Everyone ! My name is Asha. I am 20 years old and I am a transfer student who will be starting at UCDavis in Fall of 2015. I am a sociology major who currently lives in the Bay Area #oakland. I am an African-American female who ideally would love to room with another African-American female. I am outgoing, very social, and I work as a model and actress. As you can guess I not the most quiet person in the world.  I am also engaged and my fiance plans on moving in with me in the Spring 2016. I am looking to pay 350-750, but I can pay more. I travel a lot on weekends for events and to watch my fiance's games, roomie always welcome to come with(: . My hobbies are Netflix, running, and weightlifting. Study hard, play hard. If you believe we are a match personality and budget wise you can text me at (510)-520-1524.

I have a public IG @ashatiana if you want to do more research, before contacting me.

5/19/15 (Summer Sublet) Seeking Roommate July/August 2015

Hi! My roommate and I are looking for someone to sublease a room in our house on Rice St. (AKA right off A st & close to campus & Black Bear). The room is only $530 but we'd be willing to negotiate on the price. We are 2 girls but there will also be two boys living with us over summer as well so we're open to whoever is interested. It's a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house and is super nice.

Text me or email me if interested :)


5/17/15 Looking for Fall Quarter Only 2015 Sublease ~ September - December

Hello, my name is Makayla and I am a 4th year Microbiology major undergrad set to graduate after this upcoming fall quarter.  I am looking for a place  to stay from September 1 through December, either to share a room or rent one alone.  Please feel free to contact me with questions if you have an offer through my email at  Thanks!

05-16-2015 (Master Bedroom with a Private Bath Available for Summer '15 Sublet - $500/month)

Master bedroom in a 2 bed/2 bath apartment available for summer sublet '15 (any time between June 16th and August 25th)

Room has a private bathroom, includes a bed, desk and lots of closet/storage space.

The apartment is in a quiet complex of mostly families. Located 5 minutes to campus, 3 minutes to Trader Joe's by bike. Roommate is a female materials engineering PhD student. The apartment fully furnished. It has all standard kitchen appliances (including a dishwasher), a shared laundry room and a pool.

Rent is $500 a month, with utilities (including internet) another $65.

Contact for pictures/questions : E-mail:  Phone#: 530-601-3320

2015-05-15 (Summer Sublease) University Court

Looking for a cozy apartment all to yourself? Look no further!

$1100 / 1br - 602ft2 - $1100 - Apartment 1b/1b for SUMMER 2015 UTILITIES INCLUDED!!!
Summer Sublease- June 15th to August 31st - very spacious and ridiculously close location! (University Court) you won't find an apartment more closely located to UC Davis than this one. It's ideal for those who wish to bike to campus!

515 Sycamore Ln, Davis, CA 95616 

This is the largest one bedroom model at UCourt (

Rent: is $1,100 a month. If you do decide to share it is $550 per person. There is a security deposit of $500. The deposit is returned by the apartment complex at the end of leasing period. 
UTILITIES ARE COMPLETELY INCLUDED!!! You won't find a better deal - $40 internet, $40 utilities all included for free.

Time Period: Subleasing from June 15,2015- August 31,2015. The rest of June is free if you are willing to stay for the entire two months of June and August.

You will have a desk, a bed, and a dining table and 4 chairs left for you. We can remove furniture if you prefer unfurnished. The fridge and microwave come with the apartment.

Located 5 minutes away from school by bike, in front of the b and c bus line

Near: Trader Joe's and the Umall, Savemart is 12 minutes away. The University is 3 minutes away by bike.

The room has a ton of closets, a large walk in vanity, and has more space than is needed for one person. It has 12'x13' living room and dining area; 12'x12' bedroom and 2 large closets.

You have 24 hour access to study rooms, the community lounge, and the gym. There is a pool and car park as well. You need to pay extra for parking.

Message if interested @  Contact info: Eunice @ 415-366-6322 (please feel free to call or text)

5/14/15 (half-June, full-July Sublease, from 06/15 to 07/31) Temescal Apartments

Looking for someone to take my sublease this summer from June 15th to July 31st. The place is an apartment bedroom, near Safeway, right at the front of a bus stop. Planning to sell at a rate of 480$/month. If you are interested, please email
Location: 2477 Sycamore Lane

5/12/15 ( Summer lease-takeover) Adobe Apartments

Hi! My name is Paulina and I am a UCLA grad who just finished an internship at UC Davis Medical Center.

I am looking for someone to take over my room for the rest of summer. I live at the Adobe Apartments in West Davis, right off the greenbelt (easy bike ride to campus) and next to the P,Q bus lines. It is a private, lockable suite within a 3BR, 3Bath. You'll have your own large bedroom, bathroom, 2 sliding door closets/dressing area, mini fridge, and microwave. It is a very quiet complex and conveniently located near Safeway, 76, restaurants, and easy access to the freeway. Rent includes an assigned parking spot right outside the apartment. A/C for the hot Davis Summer, and there is a gym, pool, and laundry facility on site. I love living here, I am just looking for employment opportunities elsewhere! 

Adobe website:

Apartment can be available as early as May 15 and must be rented through August 31. Rent just lowered to $675 per month. Great deal! You will need to pay utilities yourself (electricity and internet). I am hoping to rent it out unfurnished, but can be negotiated. 

Females only! Grad student preferred but can be negotiated. Must be clean, responsible, and friendly!

Please contact me at! Thanks!

05/04/2015 (Room Available immediately, Summer Sublease) Colleges at La Rue $700

2bedroom 2 bathroom (you will get a private room & bathroom)

Dates available 5/1-8/31

ONLY full time UC Davis student: Undergrad, or graduate student (just no post docs or children.)


Ella Kim ,


4/30/15 (Housemate Needed) Renaissance Park Apartments, 2015-2016 academic year

I will be moving into a new 2 bedroom/2 bathroom at Renaissance Park apartments with my dog (2 year old beagle) for the 2015-2016 academic year, so I am looking for a new housemate to fill the second bedroom, preferably. The rent for the smaller room will be $687 ($1442 total), with a September 1st move-in date. You will have your own private bathroom.

My ideal roommate is cool with a dog, clean, considerate, and responsible. I would prefer my roommate be a graduate student, post-doc, or professional. I have no gender preference. A little about me, I am a 4th year, male graduate student. I love playing sports (not as much watching them) and going to the gym, watching nerdy stuff on Hulu/Netflix/HBO Go, and trying new foods. Otherwise, I spend most of my time in lab on campus. Email me at

The apartment is in quiet South Davis. Bus stop for the W, P and Q bus lines is in front of the apartment. Alternately, it is on a bike path that takes you directly to campus. The apartment is just down the street from a Safeway market. 

The Apartment Includes:  A washer and dryer in the unit and is covered by the rent,  Brand new wood flooring throughout the entire apartment except the patio and bedrooms (carpet).  Utilities are not covered and would be split evenly (there is a security deposit of $250-each)


Sublease available for Summer Session 1 only!
Location: The Trees Apartments
Price: $406 for a shared room + about $15 for electricity/internet. 
We're looking for a friendly, fun, and female roommate. It's a shared room with a ton of storage space. The bike path goes straight to campus and the bus stop is right outside of our place. The apartment is super nice, with a gym, pool, spa and bbq area. Aaaand there's popcorn in the office every Thursday. Hard to turn that down! (: 
Contact info: or shoot me a text at (858) 232-3949

4/20/15 | Transfer student looking for a place to rent starting September 2015, Expecting to graduate in June 2017

Hey there, I'm Andy. I'm a transfer student from Diablo Valley College, I live in the East Bay of the Bay Area. I'm coming to Davis as a Design major.

I'm looking for a place to stay for about $400 - $600.

I'm clean, easy going, into sports / any outdoor activities, photography, working out and video games. I may not be the best cook but I enjoy it. I'm open to share a room or have one for myself. 

I'd like high-speed internet as well. I'm a freelance web designer and front-end developer, so all my work will be on the computer and a fast internet is necessary. 

I'll be driving up there, but will be biking / bussing to school. 

If you think I'd be interested, please email me at:


4/18/15 Transfer Engineering Student Looking for Room

I can move in as soon as late May, or as late as August.  I prefer to move in sooner.  I will be staying at Davis for 2 years. I'm very sociable, love to cook, play outside, go to the gym, etc.  Rent between $400-600 is fine for me.

I'm pretty easy going; just be reasonably clean, and sociable!  Gender / Orientation is a non issue.  I am male, with a girlfriend who would visit (she is going to Berkeley or else we would get a place together).

contact me at timothyduggan24 (at)

4/15/15 1 BEDROOM/ 1 BATH APARTMENT AVAILABLE Location: Russell Park Apartments (1 Bedroom/ 1 Bath) Time Period: June 16th- September 14th Price: $1005 (negotiable) Gender Preference: None Housemates: Negotiable (You can split rent with a housemate or have the apartment to yourself)

if  interested email me at

4/14/15 Seeking a room starting September 1st 2015 - 2016


Hi, my name is Andrew. I'm transferring to Davis this fall from Solano Community College. I'm currently living in Fairfield, CA. I'm looking for a room available in an apartment, preferably 400-600/month. I love exercise, video games, playing guitar and just hanging out in general.

I prefer a 3/4 bedroom apartment. No preference.

Please text me if there is an available room. Thank you!

(650) 676-5218 Andrew

4/13/15 Seeking for a room starting June or September 1,2015 to 2016

Hi I am transferring to Davis this fall and I currently live in Pleasant Hill. I am looking for a room that is available next month/September 1.

I love pets, swimming, video games, music (I play drums)

I don't smoke but I don't mind you do. 

I don't really have a preference on rent but I do need high-speed internet.

I do prefer 3/4 bedroom apartment. I love to meet new people!

Please text me if you guys have room available, Thanks!

(415)-370-5423  Justin.

04/12/15 Room Available at Chautauqua Apartments

Hey there! I'm hunting for an awesome, fun, and female roommate for 2015-2016.
Location: Chautauqua Apartments (North Davis)
Housemates: 4 girls (3 bedroom apartment)
Price: $350/shared
The apartments are very nice, with a 24 - hour pool/spa & gym. Safeway is right across the street and the campus is only a mile away. Please contact me if you're interested!   
Email: or text me at 858.232.3949

And to anyone who reads this, I hope you're  having a good day (: 


4/9/2015  Sublease available: immediately-and through August 2015

Single room sublease available at the Chautauqua Apartment complex in North Davis! Available as soon as necessary with remainder of month covered and part of next month too. Available over summers as well if necessary. Shared with three other quiet, nice girls. Females only. Room is very spacious and apartment features a very nice, furnished kitchen. Rent is $525 a month. Email me at if interested in more details!

4/9/2015 Needs a single room or shared room for May-August 2015

Look for a single room or a place to share with some friends. For a single I can afford some around $300-400, and the same amount if sharing. I am going now at May and I will stay until end of August. I am Brazilian as my friends too. Please contact me at 

4/9/15 Needs a pet-friendly room with storage space ASAP (living room okay)

Need a room ASAP! Pets must be okay, I have a cat and a few reptiles. The cat is very friendly with people and pets. I can afford 300-350 with reasonable utilities. I would love to find a room in central Davis. I am alright with taking a living room if there is adequate space and storage. I am a 25 year old female, pretty quiet, I spend most of the time on my computer when I'm not at work. I am going back to school this year but  am not in school at the moment. I do not party, and smoke rarely/socially. 420 friendly but I do not really do it myself, I just don't care if someone else does. Please email at or text at 530 902 8354.

4-8-2015 summer sublease in North Davis

Hello! I've got a VERY large room (17 x 13) in a 3/2 house that I'm looking to sublet from June 15-August 31. The house is pet friendly, has a fenced back yard, and nice appliances (including washer/dryer) and furniture. It's located in a lovely quiet neighborhood in North Davis and is right off a bus line and less than 3 miles from the UC Davis campus. The monthly rent is $500 + $40 for water/gas/garbage and 1/3 of internet and electricity (Usually totals under $600). 

Other housemates will include one graduate student and her boyfriend. There won't be any animals in the house, but you could have one here! This room is great for one person, but is also large enough for a couple to live in comfortably. Please let me know if you have any questions! 

Cheers! email :

4-8-2015 (summer  sublease at Russell Park

15x11 room to sublease in apartment at Russell Park apartments ( for summer from June 15 - end of August. The apartment is in the complex which is across from the university. Rent does not include PG&E or Internet. 
The apartment is a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom. Another person (male) will be living in another room. The rent will be around $750.

Please contact me if you are interested. 510-565-0486

4-7-2015  Room Available Starting in May: Summer Sublease and for Academic Year 2015-2016

Hello, I have a room available at Silverstone Apartments (2400 Pole Line Road, Davis) starting May 2015, and it can either be just for summer session or all the way through the 2015-2016 school year.

  • Rent will be $665 for the summer session and will rise to $694 during the school year (because of a rise in rent across all of Davis) if you choose to live alone, or $444 for the summer session and $462 during the school year if you choose to share the room with another person.
  • There is a bus stop right in front of the complex, bike racks, and free parking spaces.
  • The room is large, definitely big enough for a king-sized bed or for sharing with one other person.
  • The entire apartment is pretty spacious, with a kitchen, dining area, and living room.
  • There is a washer/dryer unit in the apartment and pets are allowed, although there is a small deposit to pay if you bring one.
  • The complex has a gym and a pool, with very friendly staff and quiet neighbors.

I am female and would prefer a female roommate. If you're interested and have any questions please feel free to contact me at or (408)455-4051.

4-7-2015  Room in 2bd/2ba available for $500.  Seeking UCD Student.

Apartment available at Tanglewood (1880 Cowell Blvd, Davis, CA 95618) for a student at UC Davis for the 2015-2016 school year. It's a spacious 2 bed, 2 bath apartment. It's a 10 min bike ride from UCD campus. The apartment unit is right in front of a bus stop; the bus line is W from the Silo and M from the MU. The location is perfect! You have IHOP right across the apartments, and you have restaurants like KFC, Del Taco, Carl's Jr., Green Burrito, Mr. Pickles, Round Table Pizza, and Applebee's within walking distance. You also have stores like Rite Aid and Safeway within walking distance, too. You will be living with two other guys. They're also students at UC Davis. They don't smoke or drink, and they are focused on their studies. You have an option to live in a single or in a double with one of the other guys. It's your choice. The rent for the whole apartment is $1588, but you'll pay $650 if you choose to live in single, or else you'll pay around $500). There's a 24 hour gym in the complex with a pool. If you have a car, there's parking space: one covered parking space and unlimited uncovered spaces. Cats and dogs are allowed! Laundry is included in the unit. 

If interested, email me at with your name, a picture of yourself, phone number, and your major just so we know that you're a student at UC Davis, too. Person of any ethnic group or religion is allowed. We will not discriminate to gender, race or religion.

4-6-2015 Seeking flatmates to fill apartment: Two bedrooms available: Sundance Apartments

Hi! I have 2 bedrooms available in a 2.5 bed/ 2 bath apartment. You will be living with me (male) and whoever decides to take the other room. I am a graduate of UC Davis and currently work there. I have no gender preferences.

Price $650 (upstairs/ share a bathroom with me),  This is the price per room, so if you want to have a roommate your price will be halved!

  • Quiet house mate
  • Large (15x14) bedrooms
  • 2 blocks from Trader Joes
  • 5-10 minutes from Campus via bike
  • Right across the street from the D, K, Q, and P Bus Lines

Here is the link to the apartment website/ floor plan

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions!

4-4-2015 Room in 4bd available for $635.  Seeking UCD Student.

Bedroom available in four bedroom apartment in student housing at UC Davis.  Available for females only, and preferably a grad or undergrad at UC Davis.  The bedroom is a private room for $635 per month, with a bathroom shared with one other girl.  The kitchen is furnished with a fridge and a dining table with four chairs, and the bedroom is furnished with a bed, desk with a chair, and a dresser.  There is parking available on site.  The student apartment is available right away, and it's available until the end of June.  Please contact if you're interested:

4-4-15   Shared bedroom in North Davis available: $300

My name is Beth and I am a 2nd year undergrad student at UC Davis. I live with two other sweet girls, ones a 2nd year and the other a 3rd year. I have availability to share the largest room in the apartment which is 600$ but split it would only be 300$. 

The apartment is located in North Davis at 675 Alvarado Ave. It is a three bedroom, 1.5 bath townhouse with a spacious living room and kitchen. Its only a  mile from campus and a 8 minute bike ride. We love living in the area because it's still social, but not crazy. We are goofy, clean, communicative tea-drinkers who love getting to know new people and we would gladly welcome a new roommate!

We love art, crafting, and cooking with friends. I am an Environmental Science major, and my other roommates are psychology and global disease biology majors. We take school seriously, but love adventures and the outdoors. We enjoy having people over, but we are committed to making sure everyone's needs in the apartment are met.

My room is available to share as soon as needed. My email is

04/04/15 Seeking flatmates to search for pet-friendly apartment for '15-'16 school year

I will be transferring to UC Davis as a transfer in Fall 2015. Looking for roommates who are pleasant, quiet, clean and respectful. Male or female. I am considerate, polite, clean, introverted and culturally open-minded. I enjoy yoga, watching tv shows, enjoying the outdoors, playing with animals and reading a good book. Also, I plan on taking my Frenchie with me; she is very very friendly--a bit hyper at first out of happiness, but very sweet, hilarious and never once has barked at another dog. So I'm definitely open to other roommates having pets of their own (I have two cats at home whom I absolutely adore--I'm a cat person---so cats are ESPECIALLY welcome!)

In terms of housing, I'm looking for a place between $500-$800 (max) through which I'll have my own room and hopefully bath. One or two roommates is ideal, so 2-3 total. I haven't decided on a place yet, but  if what I noted reflects your interests and personality, please contact me so we can look for a place. 

Please text me at 650-417-4969. Thank you!

4/2/15 Single Room Available Starting in April: Spring Quarter and through August 31.

I'm looking for someone to take my room at Adobe at Evergreen. April 1-September 1. It's ok if just rent several months. It's a 3 bedroom apartment with 3 individual bathrooms. $680/month including utilities and internet from Comcast at 105Mbps). It's furnished. Two roommates are very friendly and nice.

Send e-mails to if you are interested!

04-02-15: Living room available in 1bd/1bth apartment for Sept 2015-Aug 2016

Location: Russell Park Apartments (extremely close to Campus)

Living room is very big and I will be in the bedroom. The living room is practically a room of your own.

I am quiet, clean, and considerate. I focus on school mostly and would like someone who is similar 

Rent is 1050 so we would split that in half. Electricity and internet is around 50$ and we would also split that it in half

I'd prefer a female roommate also

If you have any questions or comments feel</gs> free to email me!

3/31/2015-Summer/Fall 2015-Moving to Davis-Looking for a room!

I'm a grad student from the UCD Sacramento campus looking to move to Davis in September.  Looking for apartments closer to the main campus for easy commute to Sacramento everyday. Preferred rent not more than $600 per month, Please contact me if you are looking for a female roommate at

3/31/15 Summer 2015 - mid-June to August 31, 2015

Looking for someone to take over the remainder of my lease for both summer sessions. I'm graduating at the end of this quarter and will be moving back home and studying abroad immediately afterward.

Location: Avalon Apartments in South Davis
Time Period: mid-June through the end of August 
Price: $780 single/$390 shared 
Gender Preference: none
Rooms: 3 bedroom/3 bathroom

Places nearby: Safeway, OfficeMax, Teabo Cafe, Moshi Moshi Japanese Sushi, Dos Coyotes, Common Grounds Coffee, Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop, Great Clips, IHOP, Rite Aid

Only a 5 minute walk away from the M and W bus lines

Please contact at if interested. 


Hi There! So I am wanting to live at "The U" in Davis. I am a transfer student coming to UC Davis this fall. I am looking to sign a 9 month lease. Its a master bedroom and its super nice and there currently renovating. I actually just saw it today, and I was very pleased with it. Very clean and new. I am looking for a male roommate. Each of us would pay $475.00 including utilities and high speed internet. Check out the "The U'" for yourself! I am sure you will be satisfied to get so much for a price this low.

Contact me ASAP: Jacob, (916)799-0527. Text or call!


We have a single room available at a renovated apartment in Anderson Place, located right next to Save Mart

Lease would be from April to August 31, 2015

Utilities included. Bus lines G J P Q (10 min ride)


If interested, please contact me with your information at

03-23-2015 Looking for a Roommate for the quarter of Fall 2015.

The space is a 1br/1bath located at the Arbors apartments (about a 10 min. bike ride from UC Davis campus), and your contributions to the rent would be $512-$613 (depending on how you'd like the housing arrangements to be) not including internet/gas/electricity utilities as well as a $225 security deposit. The lease runs from August 1 to December 30th. You'll be living with a respectful, reclusive male Philosophy major. Should the arrangement interest you or you'd like more information, be sure to email be at Arrangements can be made for you to move in for the Summer as well (starting mid-June). 


Master bedroom in a 2 bed/2 bath apartment available for summer sublet '15 (between June 16th and September 15th).

Room has a private bathroom, includes a bed, desk and lots of closet/storage space.

The apartment is in a quiet complex of mostly families. Located 5 minutes to campus, 3 minutes to Trader Joe's by bike. Roommate is a female materials engineering PhD student. The apartment fully furnished. It has all standard kitchen appliances (including a dishwasher), a shared laundry room and a pool.

Rent is $700 a month, with utilities (including internet) another $65.

Contact for pictures or other inquiries.

E-mail: Phone# 530-601-3320


Hi! I have a room available in a two-bedroom apartment beginning March 21. The apartment conveniently locates on campus, within walking distances to ARC (UC Davis gym) and it's about 5-minute bike to the Memorial Union. It is also right across from Trader Joe's, Forever 21, Starbucks, and various other stores. The room has a walk-in closet and may come with furniture (negotiable). 

You will share the living room, bathroom and kitchen with me, a third year female law student at Davis. I am clean, friendly, quiet, and respectful. I generally keep the common area clean and organized and I hope you can do so too. I will be studying for the California bar exam for most of the summer (May to July) so I definitely want you to be quiet and respectful as well. No parties please. 

Rent is $650 per month + Internet + PG&E. For more information: 

Female preferred. Please note that non-UCD graduate students can only sublease the room for up to 3 months per apartment policy.

If you are interested, please email me at Pictures available upon request. 

2015-03-12 - Room available april-august.  $523 rent 4 bedroom 2.5 bath. 640 Adams Street apartment B. Your room is the master with a sliding door leading to a shared balcony and also own entrance to shared bathroom. Room can be furnished with queen size mattress. Text or call 415 794 5804 for more info.

03-11-2015  Two Rooms Available for Rent for September 1, 2015 to August 2016 (2015-2016 School Year)

The two bedrooms are located at the Chaparral Apartments in North Davis by the Marketplace shopping center. (About 12-15 minute bike ride depending on how fast you bike). Each bedroom will be $467 base rent excluding PGE and Comcast which are, on average, $25 total a month per person for both PGE and Comcast. The apartment is a 4 bedroom 2 bath, so you will be sharing the bathroom with 2 other girls. 

You can choose to share your bedroom for $233.50 per person in the room. A security deposit is not required upfront when you sign the lease but will be required later when the current housemates move out (Around Late July to Early August). I am looking for 2 friendly females (or more if you choose to share the room) who would like to live with a respectful, caring Human Development Major who spends her free time watching Netflix, swimming, running, and reading. I will be a 4th year in the upcoming 2015-2016 school year. 

Pets in a cage are allowed with no extra charge but cats require a $300 pet deposit. My current housemates and I do not have any pets in the apartment.

Parking is included as well. There is a laundry room, study room, a pool, and jacuzzi.

If you are interested in one of the rooms or would like more information/have questions, feel free to email me at


I'm looking for someone (male or female, can be with pets, I don't mind) to split a 2x1 apartment with for the next school year, starting September.

total rent not including utilities(free internet) is $1267 plus $400 deposit. Place is pet friendly but requires another $400 deposit.

I'm a computer science major + premed course with 3.9 GPA so I don't do much other than study AKA I keep quiet and normally not home until night. I'm also big on keeping the place as clean as possible.

please email me at for further information

03/06/15 place Available!!! Location: north Davis Adobe at evergreen apartment There are two girls now in a three bedroom apartment. There is a single room available and another one who wants to share. rent is 750 plus utilities and is 375 if shared with me We are looking one/two female roommates. bus line p and q line ten mins to mu. 10 mins walk other two bus lines j and g. safeway, cvs,panda express, and subway etc. are in walking distance for five mins. Sorry it is not pet-friendly. It is available from Sep.1 2015- Aug.31 2016 I know the rent is a bit higher than the average Davis apartments, but you get what you pay for: a walking closet, bathroom within your room, a mini refrigerator, and two nice, studious female roommates! message me if you are interested or want to take a look at floor plans. I will add closed to the title if the spot is no longer available. link to the apartment http :// my email is 03/05/2015


We are looking for a chill girl to live in our apartment in the third (master) bedroom.  It's a 3 bedroom apartment with 2 girls living in it. 

Location: The Grove in West Davis

Rent would be around $730 a month. Plus PG&E and Water.  Sept 1, 2015- Aug 30, 2016. We also ask that you pay for a third of the $800 deposit as well. 

The room has a large closet and your own personal bathroom. The apartment has a washer/dryer in unit. It is not furnished. Does include free wifi and parking!

I do have a cat that will likely be there next year so please only contact if you're okay with living with a cat.

We are both 420 friendly/welcoming. Looking for someone fairly clean and okay with having guests over on weekends. The apartment is located in a very quiet area with buses to campus and a bike path. It is near multiple parks and stores.

If you are interested or have any questions please email me at



Hi everyone! I am looking for someone to occupy an empty single room starting  at the end of this month till September

Location - Anderson place Apartments (across from Savemart, close to campus, serves bus lines G J Q P, quick bike ride)

Time Period - March 21 to Sep 1 2015 

Gender Preference - females only

Price - $515 including utilities 

We are two (very friendly) females living in this apartment and need one more female to occupy the other available room, you are welcome to share it with someone if you'd like

If you want more details or have any questions please email at or text me on 559-974-5912

Thanks! - Avni



I am looking for someone to take my place at Greystone Apartments. There are four people living in the apartment. You will have your own room (Furnitured) and share bathroom with other people. The rent is $581.25 each month, and utilities and internet is around $20 each month.  The apartment is really nice, and roommates are friendly.

Email me at if you are interested!



I am a 3rd year Molecular Biology and Biochemistry major at UC Davis looking for a female roommate for the 2015-2016 academic year.  I spend much of my time studying and I am organized. Aside from studying, I enjoy spending time outdoors, and going jogging.  I am currently looking for 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartments (price range $500-700). If you are interested, feel free to email me at

2/26/2015 (Summer Sublease) Colleges at La Rue

need a roommate!

location - Colleges at La Rue (Davis)
2bedroom 2 bathroom 
pictures and more info on

dates available 3/1-8/31
Female preferred 
low noise level
Private room & bathroom available ($880)

Stephanie Hoogstad (is using master bedroom)

2/21/15 (Summer Sublease) Le Tournesol

I'm leasing my room in a 3BD/2BA townhome at Le Tournesol, off Russell Blvd. 15 x 10ft bedroom, that can come with a free desk if you want it. The townhome is roughly 10 minutes away from campus by bike.

Rent: $340/month for your own room but this is negotiable, cable and PG&E are usually $20.

Lease would start around June 13th and end August 31st and rent for June would be adjusted to whenever you'd move in.

You would have your own room, just share some space with a guy who sleeps elsewhere. There would be 2 girls and 2 guys living there, so boys/girls are welcome. Everyone is a student and is generally quiet. You may be able to continue the lease to the next year if you want to stay.

Please contact me at if you are interested

2/20/15 (Spring Quarter) Need Roommate

Seeking female roommate for a shared master bedroom (large) in a 2BR/1.5bath townhouse at Pepperwood Apartments.  Furnished. Free parking for you and your friends. Rent is $445/month.

Two other roommates, both female.

Available from Spring Break (mid/late March) to end of quarter (mid June, move out date flexible).

2/20/15 Need 2-4 Roommates for Academic Year 2015-2016 

3 Bedroom apartment in Saratoga West 

Rent is $650 (single) $325(double)

No Pref on Gender, But you will be living with at least 2 males.

I'm A 23 year old Male attending my last year in Davis and in the major of TCS. 

Feel Free to contact me  at or 510-932-3092 ( Text Preferred) for more information about me or about the apartment.

2/16/2015 (Need roommate) University Court

Shared 602 sq foot single at University Court 515 Sycamore Lane
This is the largest one bedroom model at UCourt and many other places
Females Only
Rent: is $300 a month. I actually pay $550 so this is $250 dollars off.
Time Period: Subleasing from March 21- September 2015
Located 5 minutes away from school by bike, in front of the b and c bus line
Near: Trader Joe's and the Umall, Savemart is 12 minutes away
The room has a ton of closets, a large walk in vanity, and has more space than is needed for two people.

You have access to a pool,  car parking, a nice gym, laundry machines, and plenty of study spaces on the vicinity.

Message if interested at

02-11-15 **  2 girls seek 4 chill homies (to live with)  **

Hi! We are Audrey and Ellyn, and we are looking for new homies (~ANY GENDER WELCOME~) to fill 4 vacant rooms in our lovely home come September. 2 of our housemates are going abroad next year, and 2 are lookin for a smaller place - but this house is super close to downtown and only like a 10 minute bike ride from campus. The house is a 6 bedroom, 2 bathroom 1 story house with a front and back yard, washer/dryer, dishwasher, stove, sink, refrigerator, roof, fire pit, and a driveway that fits 2 cars (but there's plenty of street parking). There's lots of trees and bushes around and the place is supa-cute. (Sorry we're too lazy to take hella pix, but you can just contact us and come over if you're interested). The rent is $3,150/month total - the 2 medium rooms are $532/mo, and the 2 small rooms are $483/mo. 

~ Plz be 420, and LGBTQIAP friendly and not an asshole ~

A little about us:

Audrey: I will be a senior at Davis next year studying Neurobiology and Spanish. I like to spend my weekends skiing and chillin with peeps. I also love to travel as well as hike and backpack in the wild. I like to party but I also am pretty busy with schoolwork. But we definitely want to have housemates we can be homies and hang out with.  

Ellyn: I have a cat named Severus that you will love because I love him. And he is black. Big black and fuckin beautiful. I have purple hair and I like to wear boots and drink too much coffee. I'm a sociology major, journalism minor, and I like to get tipsy at houseshows and dance a lot. I'm graduating in June, but I still wanna live in Davis because I'm from Carmichael and, well frankly, fuck Carmichael. 

Oh yea, and I have a flatscreen TV with Netflix and HBOgo on it in the living room,... so ... yea. incentive. 

------ Come live with us and play music and eat food with us :p,

02-11-15  Two laid back UC Davis students seeking similar third (Davis)

We are two UC Davis upperclassmen seeking a similar third to come in on leasing a house with us for the upcoming academic year. We're very laid back, responsible with bills and such, non-confrontational, largely keep to ourselves, and are respectful of public areas. We are looking for a preferably male UC Davis student who is similarly inclined and would like their own room (or has somebody who'd be willing to split it with them) in a house or similar residence for the upcoming academic year for somewhere between $400-$600/month per person. 420 friendly would be nice but not necessary; if you have any questions/are interested shoot me an email/text and we can arrange a meet and greet.

02-09-2015   Looking for a roommate for 2015-2016 school year.

We are looking to live in a three-bedroom in Piñon Apartments, I am looking for a female roommate while the other two rooms will be male. Rent would be under $400 a month including utilities. Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions at

2/3/15 (Lease Takeover) 240 2nd St. $375.00

I'm finished with school so I'm moving home and need someone to replace me at my apartment as soon as possible. You'll be sharing the apartment with three other people: two girls and a guy - all undergrad students. You'll be sharing a room with a male undergrad student (no worries, everyone's easy to get along with).
You may want to provide your own twin size bed, because I currently sleep on a cot on the ground (it's a pretty comfy cot).
The 2Bed 1Bath apartment is across the street from Black Bear Diner in downtown Davis (literally a block away from campus).
This location is extremely ideal for commute to campus (there is no commute - campus is a couple steps from the apt) given the price!

Call me to setup a meeting and get the apartment number:  (650) 302 - 2712 or e-mail at:

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!


2/2/15 (Lease Takeover immediately and Summer) Cranbrook Apartments

I am moving to San Francisco, and I'm looking for people to take over my lease at the wonderful Cranbrook apartments. The apartment is spacious and clean. The management is great and prompt, and the apartment complex is quiet and friendly. Total would be 1245/month. Cranbrook offers free DSL, pool, and gym. The apartment would be ideal for 2-4 students, depending on whether you would like to share rooms. If you're interested, please email shantini29 AT gmail DOT com or text/call 201/321/3724

February: Looking for Room for two persons

 I am seeking housing for me and my roommate, we are looking to share a single bedroom.

Location: Preferably Central Davis, but open to all locations 
Time Period: 2015-2016 school year
Gender Preference: Females only
Price Range: Anything at or below $700 (its okay if its a little over as well)
Single room preferred (will be sharing with my current roommate)
Pets: I have one small rabbit that will always stay inside the room, and I am open to any other pets being around

We are very friendly and easy to get along with, we don't mind people being over etc. we are sociable and studious people!


January; (Summer Sublease) Greystone Apartments)

I am looking for someone to take my place at Greystone Apartments. There are four people living in the apartment. You will have your own room (Furnitured) and share bathroom with other people. The rent is $581.25 each month, and utilities and internet is around $20 each month.  The apartment is really nice, and roommates are friendly.

Email me at if you are interested!


Jan 28, 2015  Roommate needed for 2015-2016 Academic Year

Location:Cranbrook Apartments(Northeast Davis)
Time Period: Sept 2015 - Sept 2016
Price: $590 (for 10'x10' bedroom, NOT including energy/internet)
Gender Pref: Guys only
Housemates: me

Hey guys, I'm looking for a clean, mature, and respectful roommate to share a 2-bedroom, 1 shared bathroom, 850 sq. ft. apartment with. My current roommate is graduating this year and will be moving when the lease ends at the end of August. Monthly energy plus internet costs come to $30-60/mo (depending on the season), which we would split.

Cranbrook Apartments has awesome management and the apartment itself is in great shape, with very few maintenance issues. The parking lot, clubhouse (with free internet and fitness room), pool/spa, and laundry services are all within 100 ft of the apartment which is extremely convenient. The E line bus stop is ~2min walk away and takes 15-20min to reach campus. It's a 10-15min bike ride (1.5mi) to campus. There is plenty of parking here as well if you have a car.

I generally keep to myself but am also friendly. I consider myself to be neater than most college guys; however, I don't really care what your own room looks like as long as you keep our shared space clean. My current roommate has a cat but I don't have any pets (dogs aren't allowed at Cranbrook, sorry!).

Feel free to email me at for any other questions.

1/22/2015 (Summer Sublease) Russell Park


I am looking for someone to take my room at Russell Park this summer (from mid/end June to August). The room was originally meant for 2 people so it is huge and has 2 spacious closets! It is located across the street from Trader Joe's and is considered on-campus. You will be sharing a bathroom with one girl and the rent is $650 + PG&E and internet. 

Please email me at if you're interested or have any questions :)

1/20/15 (Summer Sublease) College Square Apartments


My roommate and I are both moving out after winter quarter because we are graduating/got a new job, and have a HUGE double room available at College Square Apartments. It is a two bedroom, one bath apartment. Right now there are four people living here, two will remain after my roommate and I leave. The rent for the available room is $810, or $405 if you split with a roommate. Utilities and internet usually come out to around $50 more. The apartment is really nice and the room has a tone of storage space in a very large closet.. The apartment was just redone and has all new kitchen appliances and hardwood floors. The room is more than big enough for two people and has a ton of closet space. The apartment also has a nice gym and 24 hour study center and is super close to campus and downtown.

Email me at if you are interested!

Elizabeth Cole

01/17/15 Room available for the 2015-2016 school year (September 1st-August 30th).

It's a large room with a full wall closet. The apartment is located just one and a half blocks from UC Davis! The bus lines B and C are located right outside the apartment. The U Mall, Trader Joes, and other little shops are literally across the street! I toured the apartments and they are really cute inside. It's a remodeled apartment with a big living room, dining room, and open kitchen. There is a 1.25 bathroom, which means we each get our own private sink area attached to a common restroom/shower. It’s upstairs with a balcony, which is good for bike storage. They also have bike parking all over the apartment complex. There are great common amenities like a pool area, bbq pit, laundry, onsite management, and optional covered parking. I think this will be a great place to live. The rent is $750/month+ half of all common utilities (PG&E, internet, etc), and a $350 deposit which we should be getting back at the end of the lease. In a roommate I'm looking for someone like me...easygoing, responsible/mature, clean, and friendly. Please email or text 760-622-7831 if you’re interested. Thank you!

01/17/15 (Summer Sublease) The Trees

Sublease available for Summer! June - September 2015. It's at The Trees Apartments, and it's a very nice place with friendly roommates and neighbors. The bike bath goes straight to campus and the bus stop is right outside of our place. There's a pool, a great spa, and a gym. It's a shared room with lots of space and a ton of storage. Fully furnished, equipped with all utilities. We're looking for a somewhat clean, friendly roommate! Females only please. Rent is $406 and electricity is about $15/month. Please email or text 858-232-3949 if you're interested! Thanks!

1/15/15 Need bedroom, dog-friendly, 2015-2016 school year, August move-in

Hello, I'm a junior transfer student from San Diego and will be attending UC Davis in the fall as an Animal Science major looking to go into veterinary medicine. I'm looking for a place to live for the 2015-2016 school year, preferably to move in around August or early September. I'm a 23 y.o. female, very friendly, easy going and don't mind living with guys or girls. I'm pretty active and outdoorsy, love horseback riding, hiking and yoga. When I'm not studying, I try to spend my time outside whether its riding my horse, hanging out with friends, doing crafts or going to the park or beach. I enjoy cooking and try to eat pretty healthy.  I would like to try to find a room (hopefully less than $500/month) in a home  with a yard for my 6 y.o. Siberian husky. She's super friendly, relatively calm, doesn't bark or howl, keeps to herself, is non-destructive and is good with other dogs and cats... although she does like to play chase with them. If you are in need of a roommate to fill a room or looking for someone else to share a home for the next school year and you think we could be a good fit please feel free to email me at 

P.s. Im not familiar with the area and wasn't sure where else to post something like this so if you have any suggestions on places to look for roommates please let me know. Thanks 

1/14/15 Need housemates for 2015-2016 academic school year

Looking for more people for Fall 2015 onwards to group up with and rent a 3 or 4 bedroom apartment in either South Davis by Safeway or NW Davis by another Safeway near marketplace. Sharing rooms unless you would like your own. Would prefer college students and pets are also ok as long as you cover their costs. Other than that we like to chill, study, party, and keep it clean. Feel free to get back to us male or female ok.Contact by email:

1/11/2015 Need two bedrooms,  2015-2016 school year

My boyfriend and I are looking for two bedrooms, one for each of us.
Price range: around 500 for each room
Location: wherever not too far
I am a biotech major and he is a linguistics major, both second year. We are both very passionate about what we study and would prefer living with studious people. We mostly like to keep to ourselves and prefer clean, respectful, responsible housemates. No smokers and pets. Email:

1/10/2015  (Summer Sublease, Female) Greystone Apartments


I am looking for someone to take my place at Greystone Apartments. There are four people living in the apartment. You will have your own room (Furnitured) and share bathroom with other people. The rent is $581.25 each month, and utlitites and internet is around $20 each month.  The apartment is really nice, and roommates are friendly.

Email me at if you are interested!



Looking for one more female roommate for the 2015-2016 year! Hi, I will be a second-year next year and my roommate will be a transfer and we are looking for one more roommate. We are thinking about moving into an apartment near downtown, or somewhere close to campus. We are really friendly, easygoing, and nice. We would prefer someone who is not really much of a partier, but still likes to socialize and hang out with people. We are looking for two people that are friendly and not too messy. If interested, feel free to contact me at


January: Housemate needed: Adobe Apartments

Hi!  I am looking for a housemate to share a 2bedroom/2bathroom apartment at Adobe Apartments for the 2015-2016 lease year. The bedroom is 11x11 and the connecting dressing room/bath area is 6x10 -- nice and big :) It's basically a mini suite. Rent will be around $850 and the security deposit is $225. (I actually haven't signed the lease yet, so if you have another apartment complex in mind I'd be open to it).

I'm looking for a mature female student/working professional that is clean and respectful. Visitors are welcome, but I'd rather not host parties. I like to keep everything clean but I understand that chores get put off due to school/work -- not a problem! No smoking or drugs please. 

I graduated from UC Davis last year and am now a working professional in the area. I LOVE music and LOVE going to concerts, so having a new concert buddy would be cool. I also love traveling (and do so-even if it's a day trip- relatively frequently). I'm clean, courteous, and not loud. Also, I'm pretty sure I'll have a cat...

Please email me ( with any questions! Thanks!


December: (Summer Sublease or Takeover) The Rambles

****SUBLEASE AVAILABLE FOR FALL QUARTER 2015 (and summer)****  Location: The Rambles Apartments, West Village  ****SUBLEASE OR LEASE TAKEOVER AVAILABLE FOR SPRING & SUMMER QUARTER 2015 If you would like to sublease directly from me, thats totally fine. However, if you would prefer to just have your own account and deal directly with the management, you can entirely take over my lease as well.  Location: The Rambles Apartments, West Village  Time Period: Fall quarter (and/or summer if requested)  Price: $850 (utilities are included) INCLUDES PARKING SPOT  Gender preference: none  Description:  -Single room with private bathroom and walk in closet in a 3 bedroom furnished apartment with 2 two-drawer stackable dressers, a desk, chair, side table and a full size bed. -Apartment common area includes: fridge/freezer, microwave, washer and dryer, dining table w/ chairs, wide screen TV, comfortable couches and bar-stools. -Apt's located on the first floor, with patio furniture outside.  - Apt includes access to the pool, clubhouse, and gym.  -The bus stop is very close (literally across the street).  -Fun location with community vibe and great neighbors  -Wifi is provided and free. - Parking spots can be added if needed. (will increase cost by around $20) - There's a club house with a large gym, a tanning booth, two huge pools, jacuzzi, beach volleyball, fire pit, barbecues, video games, ping pong, billiards, three large study rooms, computers, printers and a movie theater all within 25 yards of this apartment. (Most of which can also be reserved upon request if wanted)  - Bike paths that take LESS than 5 minutes to reach school, making it one of the closest apartments to campus!!! (one leading to the ARC and one leading to Hutchison field)  Contact me through if you're interested!.

12/20/2014 (Summer Sublease or Takeover) Chautauqua

Sublease available for winter and spring quarter!

It is a single room in the Chautauqua living complex located very close to campus. It has a huge closet and a lot of space! You have your own room but the apartment is shared with 3 other girls. You would have your own room but share a bathroom with one other girl. It comes fully furnished! The kitchen is very nice and has all furnishings (microwave, stove, oven, etc). There is a pool and gym. There is a separate laundry room with coin operated machines.

Rent is $507.00 and internet is $12/month. Utilities usually come out to around $10/month. Females only! Email if you are interested. 

12/27/14 Living Room Available

We are 2 female students looking for a clean, non-smoking, and organized female to take over our spacious living room at University Court Apts. University Court is a gated community located at the corner of Russell Blvd and Sycamore Lane, right next to the University Mall (Trader Joe's, Forever 21, Starbucks, Subway). It is very close to the campus, 10 min walking, 5 min bike ride, and the min bus line is right in front of the apt. University Court has two study lounges, a computer room with free printing, two pools, and fitness center. High speed Internet, PG&E, and cable are included. You will only be paying $400 per months.

Please contact me for more information at (925) 262-7151.

12/2/2014 Looking for a female to sublease my apartment for winter, spring, and summer quarter! It is a three bedroom, two bathroom apartment with a lovely kitchen. You would be sharing a room and bathroom with one other girl. There are also two other girls in the apartment. It comes furnished! It is walking distance from Safeway, Savemart and many other restaurants. The apartment is in the Chautauqua complex and is a short bus ride/bike ride from campus. There is a gym and pool readily available and it is right next to the Greenbelt! Rent is $477.75 which includes internet. Email me at if you're interested!


Hi my name is Karen ! I live in University Village Apartment homes. I'm looking for a roommate ASAP !!! For January 1 2015 !! 3 rooms apartment, One room for rent $600 plus PG&E and deposit. Gym, pool, game room, laundry machine inside apartment!!! Contact me for more details thanks !!!! —Karenherrera

11/15/14 J street apartment room available. Subleasing from Jan 2015-Aug 2015 the master bedroom. Everything renovated. Living room furniture included and kitchen supplies included. Rent is $400 if sharing master room and $637.50 if single person. Total rent is $1275 so split in half or thirds. My friendly roommate live in room next door. Utilities included. For more information contact or 9167921665. Thanks.


[420 FRIENDLY ONLY] LIVING ROOM AVAILABLE December 2014 - August 2015 Hi there! I am female student looking for someone to replace my part of the lease. It is a 1 bed and 1 bath and you will have a place in the living room and your own closet for only $250 + pg&e & internet bills. You must be someone who is somewhat organized with minimal belongings. You'll be sharing the apartment with 2 other housemates and 2 cats. And as stated before, this is a 420 friendly apartment so only consider if you are 420 friendly yourself. Please contact me if you are interested.


I have to move out of my house and am looking for someone to fill my spot! I live on 5th and F street, which is a great location because it is downtown and very close to campus. Preferably looking for a girl to replace my spot, but am okay with a guy as well. Looking for someone who is chill, is pretty into school, but okay with some noise in the house. The house is very quaint and comfortable with wood floors, a washer and drier in the house, spacious kitchen and living room area, and a large bathroom. For your own room and water included, rent is $800. If you truly are interested but this is a little on the steep side financially, maybe I can cover some of the cost; just have to move out soon :)

Email me at for further information/pictures.


Looking for sublease

Hey there! I'm looking for a place to stay in January, continuing through Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters on 2015. I don't smoke or drink, and am quiet and like to keep to myself so I'm not barging in on anyone, but I'd be more than happy to get together and study if you're majoring in Animal Science! I'm not allergic to any animals, and am tolerant of noise in case you're the type of person who enjoys an active party-going habit. Preferably looking for rent that totals under 600$/month, including amenities. Contact me at (415) 988-5689, or email

Happy early Halloween! Jacky Tong

9/27/14 Roommate Wanted

Looking for a roommate. I am a 20 year old male living at Silverstone apartments. Rent is $550/month plus utilities (would end up being another $40-50). You get your own room, but we share a bathroom. Looking for a fellow UC Davis student. For questions or more info you can contact me at

April 2014: Looking for potential apartments/housemates!

   I go by Cater or Michael, I am a transfer student looking for a place to stay/roommate/apt arrangement for this upcoming academic year. I am a COMM major, clean, reasonable, and love meeting new people. I would be willing to drive out to Davis or wherever (as long as it is a reasonable distance)  to meet up in person; I am currently residing in the Bay Area. Hobbies include: cooking, weightlifting, camping, coffee roasting, adventuring, skim boarding etc. (I'm kind of a fun guy). 

Feel free to contact me: Cell 510. 909. 7466