211 F Street
(530) 212-8039

Root of Happiness is an alcohol-free bar that serves traditionally squeezed kava from the South Pacific. They also serve a wide variety of non traditional kava beverages such as kava shots, Kavajitos, and Kava Koladas. They serve 3 types of kombucha on tap and change the flavors often. The bar is open to the 18-and-over crowd. The ambience is quite relaxing and reminiscent of the tropics, featuring a 15' X 20' Polynesian mural by artist Te Pou Huke, who was flown in from Easter Island just to create the piece. The mural depicts many kava drinking cultures, their leaders, and celebrates the unity that kava brings to these cultures. They also have board games like chess, checkers, a GIANT Jenga, as well as cards against humanity.

They have specials for every night of the week where you can get a sampling of many of their drinks as a combo package and a happy hour on most days from 4-7pm that includes traditional kava, cloud breakers, and tonics.

Speaking of tonics, yes they have tonics! These are comprised of many healthful herbs including ginseng, rhoidola, gingko, among other more exotic adaptogens. These are concentrated beverages that are usually served in a sparkling berry yerba mate base and are quite effective at energizing the mind and body in a way that differs considerably from the standard energy drink.

The Davis Root of Happiness opened in July 2014 after about a year of postponements. It is the second kava bar of the same name, the first of which can be found in Rancho Cordova.

What is Kava?

Kava is a beverage that is made from the roots of the Kava plant which is native to the Western Pacific Islands. The root is harvested, ground up, and traditionally prepared as a beverage in a halved coconut shell. The drink is of increasing popularity in the West due to its mild sedating and relaxing effects. Most users agree that kava does not affect mental clarity, making it markedly different than recreational drugs like alcohol. However, it is not advisable to take kava along with alcohol as it can upset the stomach and increase drowsiness.