Rosie (aka Rosumpagus, Rumpus, Boo-boo, Woah!-zee, Rose-ma-cracy (not for sale), poopoo, Roachie, Boonkie, Bratticus Finch)
My mother was a German Shorthaired Pointer. My father was never around so I didn't get to know him. Some suspect he was a Border Collie
Owner! I ain't got no owners. I have two servants named Claire and Thomas
October 2, 2005
Lots of it!

Yo! What's up? My name is Rosie. I'm young, gifted and black & white. People everywhere think I am a McNab, but I'm really just your average mutt (bet you thought I was some fancy breed). I'm obedienced trained, but that doesn't mean that I am obedient. I do whatever I want! Never let the man keep you down. I'm currently training to be an agility dog. In my free time, I can be seen catching frisbees and chasing tennis balls.

The Toad Hollow Dog Park is one of my favorite locations in town. Me and my homies like to kick it there every evening. But I must admit, Davis is way behind the curve when it comes to doggie amenities. For example, where does a water dog like me go to swim? Davis needs a doggie swim area, fo' sure! I like to go to Pt. Isabelle in Richmond where doggies are free to jump in the water. I also like the beach in Pacifica - one of the few places that let dogs run free at the beach - woohoo!

Some Davis restaurants need to get some doggie menus. I'm sick and tired of sitting under the table as my servants eat yummy smelling food. I went to this place is the Sonoma Valley once that hooks it up. They gave me my own food and water bowl - it doesn't get any better than that!

That's all for now. I'll add more info as time passes.

StevenDaubert wonders if you ever patrionize newsbeat! They will hook you up with awesome dog treats