This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Roxie Battaglia
D Street
(next to Mustard Seed in the Park Place shopping center)
Tue-Sat 11am-6pm
also by appointment

A view of Roxies salon

Roxie's was a full-service salon. Shampoo and style? Starting at $30. Cut and style? Starting at $40. They did nails and waxing. Closed on Mondays and Sundays. Cash/checks only, no credit cards accepted. Roxies closed in 2007 but Roxie opened a new salon in 2010, Avant Garde Studio.

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How would you describe your Roxies experience?

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2005-08-31 13:17:19   I highly recommend Justin for cut and coloring. Very good service. He's the one with the Edward Scissorhands doll at his workstation and does a very good job. —IrenePark

2005-11-02 23:32:53   they distroyed my hair luckily i was able to get it fixed by someone els. I told them exaclty what i wanted which was just a few layers and that is not what they did. When i confronted them they just said sorry. when she was cutting my hair she was not even paying attention she was chatting it up with some one then left me for 3 min while she was on the phone talking to someone about what they where doing that weeeked. Now is that proffesional or what? —SarahMiller

2006-03-30 21:42:46   Sarah, sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience, but I definitely need to add my very positive one to this page. Justin has been doing my hair for a few years now, and I have always been very happy with his work. Not only that, but he is very kind and accommodating. I have changed my style and color back and forth drastically many times over the years, and he has never complained or suggested that I do otherwise, as I have known other stylists I have seen in the past to do. Instead, he enthusiastically sets off to make your hair goregeous! It is obvious that he really enjoys his job. He is always very kind and friendly and goes out of his way to make you happy, including staying extra long hours to complete the 3-part process on your hair. Obviously, I would recommend going to him. Also, the aesthetician (waxing and facial person, I think she also does massages), Rita, is very good and also friendly. Her room is also decorated beautifully and very calming. Be warned, however, that this place is not cheap, but it makes all the differnece in the world to me to receive both friendly treatment and superior services. I can't say that I have any complaints about this place, at least not from my own personal experience, but the only person who's ever done my hair here is Justin. I did accompany a good friend to have her hair colored by one of the other stylists, who did not do to her hair what she asked. She was also not very friendly. I would be willing to bet it was the same person who did your hair. Other than her, this place is great! It will be a very sad day for my hair when I have to move and find someone else to trust with it! —CatLa

2006-11-12 09:11:50   I went to Roxies a few times after a friend recommended Justin as a stylist. I loved the work he did, however, I was not pleased with his customer service. The last time I tried to get a cut, I realized I had written the wrong time down and called to let them know I was running late (this was about 10 minutes after my scheduled appointment began). I was told to come in anyways, however, when I arrived, I was informed that Justin had left for the day. I had only arrived 15 minutes late!!! I realize a stylist depends on their appointments arriving ontime so they can make money. I always tip 20 percent and I was willing to go home with wet/unstyled hair as a result of my tardiness. I was disappointed in the service provided and regardless of his skills with the scissors and color, I refuse to return to someone who treats their customers in such a way. —KaitlinSufit

2007-01-25 13:31:23   Incredibly disappointing —StephaniePatrick

2007-01-31 20:58:26   I would definitely recommend Justin. I have been to him many times and he is always consistent and does incredible color and cuts. And he is very nice. The salon has a nice atmosphere —JudyNaylor

2007-02-08 19:38:00   I can't even comment on their abilities with hair because I had the WORST service ever—not only did Roxie herself screw up my scheduling time, when I did come in at an appropriate time for her, she was so behind schedule that I was waiting for 45 minutes. She then proceeded to let a cranky regular with an appointment after mine go ahead of me. I will NEVER go back there! —TheBean

2007-04-06 19:23:48   I went to Roxie's to get a bikini wax. After paying about $55 for an extremely painful experience, she had missed many spots and I was still covered in wax. Although the lady was nice and tried to make her yanking out my hair as painless as possible, I was very very unsatisfied. I would definitely not recommend going here to get a bikini wax. —JenniferSpies

2007-06-07 20:13:34   Justin's cut is to die for. He is also great with color. True artists! —Rosie

2007-07-31 10:37:59   Justin is now at a new salon at 241 F st. next to Wheel Works bike shop. —Thefusion1

2007-08-03 15:26:07   Does anyone know where Justin is now? I went into Roxies today and they said he's left. —cemcconnell

2007-08-03 21:02:22   From what I've heard (don't quote me yet), the bulk of the stylists are moving to Allure salon, which is in the process of remodeling. I'd at least give a call for Justin there. If he's not there I gaurantee someone will know how to locate him soon. Roxies was sold to someone from out of town several months ago. —Davidlm

2007-08-06 19:12:55   Does anyone know where Roxie went? —lct

2007-08-07 00:15:51   See above comment. —Davidlm

2007-09-18 10:16:29   Roxies used to be a reputable salon, however four months ago they changed ownership and have thus failed to impress me. I went in with gift certificates that i had purchased for pedicures as a gift. My mom and i went in to redeem them on my birthday and they wouldn't honor them, even though the business is still called "Roxies" and that's what the gift certificates were for. They were VERY rude to me and when i asked for a refund they refused. This means that i have spent over sixty dollars that i will never benefit from! The least they could do is honor something that is for their business (they made the choice to buy it afterall)- that's just bad practices!! I finally had to practically beat out of her where Roxie actually went - and she said somewhere on F and 3rd street, i'm not sure which salon. —LeaShell

2007-09-18 21:45:37   All the stylists that were at Roxies are now at Nina's Studio. Roxie's (the salon) has been closed every time I've gone by, so I'm pretty sure nobody is cutting hair there right now (I could be wrong). —Davidlm