37880 Russell Blvd. at County Road 98
(2 miles west of Vet Med Teaching Hospital)
7am - 10pm
(530) 756-6655
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Russell Ranch is an equestrian facility offering full care boarding, lay ups, turnouts, and both indoor and outdoor arenas. Convenient location from campus. Accessible by bike path.

This business should not be confused with the historic Russell Ranch, established by the Russell family in the mid-19th century.

2012 Rates $320-$400

To learn more about equestrian resources in or near Davis, please visit our Horses page.

How was your experience at Russell Ranch?

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2012-07-11 20:05:50   I've been here for five years now and couldn't recommend a better place to board. Great owners and great boarder community. —Merritt

2012-07-11 20:58:59   I've been boarding at Russell Ranch for close to a year now and I would have to say that the claims made by this Leslie person are completely fake. I have also heard from several people that she was asked to leave the barn, and seeing as this is one of the MOST laidback barns I have ever boarded at, I can only imagine the severe psychoses she must have had to display for such a thing to occur.

As for the claims that the barn is a health hazard I would definitely be interested to know which veterinarian says this. I do know for a fact that the different boarders at the barn have several different vets that frequent it, and I also know that none of these veterinarians have ever said such a thing.

In response to the standing water, Davis is FLAT! It is one of the most FLAT places I have ever been in my life. However, does water stand for months at a time? NO! I would say that at the most there were puddles for around a week, at which point they dried out. And you know when puddles happen? When it rains. When does it rain? In the winter! When do mosquitoes and other parasites breed? Late spring to summer. Hmmmm....clearly this person should read up on their parasitology.

As to the wood chewing, russell ranch has character. Is it the newest place in the world? No. Is there wear and tear on the facility? Duh. My horse cribs. Have I been asked to compensate the owners for damage? No. My guess is that this person's horse had to have chewed half the freaking door off.

Not too long ago my horse had a spaz attack in the cross ties and ripped the cross tie chain clear out of the post. So I took it to the owner. Did I have to pay for a new chain? Did I have to pay FOR AN ENTIRE NEW POST TO COMPENSATE FOR THE IMMENSE DAMAGE?! No. She took care of it herself.

We just got new footing in for our outdoor arena.

The Hay shed is completely covered and not soggy at all. The small turnout arena has doors that close and are nowhere near flying away.

Basically, anything this person said is wrong. Unfortunately she was a spiteful person who was only out to spread malicious lies about a great establishment. Hopefully people who are truly interested in hearing from boarders who HAVEN'T been kicked off the property, will scroll down and read more than the first two comments.

Guess what, I even wrote my name. :] —MeaghanLoud

2012-07-11 21:09:10   Oh yes, one more thing. The dogs are almost always kept in a fenced in area, unless they are with Alison. If there were any true danger that might occur because of the dogs, I would not bring my PUG to the barn. The pug who has absolutely no ounce of preservation. And like to try and cuddle with my horses legs. —MeaghanLoud