Ryan P. Fuller is a 2005 graduate of UC Davis, where he majored in communication. He is a 2008 graduate of San Francisco State University, where he earned his MBA. He will graduate from UC Santa Barbara in 2013 with a M.A. and Ph.D. in organizational communication.

After graduating from UC Davis, he worked as a copyreader at The Daily Republic, a newspaper in Fairfield.

While at UC Davis

Ryan P. Fuller was the Editor-in-Chief of The California Aggie during the 2004-2005 school period. He worked for The Aggie from September 2001 until graduating Spring quarter 2005. He had a weekly column about media for two quarters, but he stopped writing it at the end of Winter Quarter 2005. He is a Dixon native.

Fuller was responsible for the brutal murder of the Aggie spoof edition for the year he was the Editor-in-Chief. It resumed the following year when the Aggie was under the direction of Daniel Stone.

Some of Fuller's major accomplishments while Editor-in-Chief include: a revamp of the interface of the Aggie's website, giving it a more blog-like aesthetic; creation of the California Aggie Editors' Award (website dead, but archived), a $1000 scholarship for incoming Freshmen interested in Journalism; and the California Aggie Newspaper Alumni Network, a "keep in touch" site for former California Aggie employees (now defunct).

Fuller also was responsible for the creation of the separate position of Opinion Editor. The Opinion Editor was responsible for some of the duties previously reserved for the Editor-in-Chief, such as managing "Letters to the Editor," working with the opinion columnists, and helping to write editorials. The position was filled by soon-to-be Editor-in-Chief Daniel Stone. Many felt the creation of this position, along with other factors, contributed to a more distant Editor-in-Chief. The position of Opinion Editor was removed the following year when Daniel Stone assumed the position of Editor-in-Chief.

Disambiguation: Wiki user RyanFuller is not the same person as Ryan P. Fuller.