SHARE UCD (which stands for "Students Helping in Aftermath Relief and Education") is a service organization at UC Davis which works to raise awareness and provide relief and educational aid for victims of natural disasters, especially after media coverage and other relief efforts have dwindled. Our goal is to recognize and act on the fact that the lives of disaster victims cannot move on as quickly as the media, and thus we strive to elicit continued support even after the spotlight dims. A group of concerned UC Davis students founded SHARE in response to the tsunami disaster that struck Southeast Asia just over one year ago. Last year, we raised over $10,000 to build a technology-based learning center for an orphanage in Sri Lanka to provide education and a sustainable future to hundreds of youth affected by tsunami.

Last Year, our donation helped fund this technology center in Sri Lanka. More details can be found at


This year, we will be hosting a Food and Wine Festival and Auction. The evening will consist of wine and a Cajun-style dinner catered by Monticello Bistro, live entertainment, a collection of the finest wines from local wineries, and a wide assortment of auction items. Keynote speakers include the Chancellor of UC Davis, Larry Vanderhoef, and the Mayor of the city of Davis, Sue Greenwald.

All of the proceeds from the auction will be used to rebuild and replace parts of Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School, which was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. SHARE will partner with Communities in Schools in order to aid MLK Jr. They need funds to renovate buildings, replace antiquated books, and make the changes necessary to build a new educational environment and help make New Orleans a home for students once again.

How You Can Help


You can help us raise money by using GoodSearch. Follow these instructions:

  1. Type SHARE into the charity search field entitled (Who Do You GoodSearch For).

  2. Click Verify

  3. Choose 'SHARE - Students Helping in Aftermath Relief and Education (Davis, CA)' ... a few down the list

  4. Then input your search into the search field and click the "Search The Web" button.

Buy A Ticket / Bracelet / Donate / Etc

Visit here to find out all of the unique ways that you can participate. We appreciate any donations you make and all donation are tax deductible.


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