SOS parties are usually some of the more inviting parties in Davis. Sometimes confused with Frat Parties (considering the bigger ones are thrown at frats), SOS parties consist of copious amounts of alcohol, many group drinking games, loud electronic and alternative music with lights and dancing, too many people, and free stuff being thrown out.

During the year, SOS tries to throw as many "ragers" as possible, however they only pull off about 3 big parties a year. One during welcome week, one during Halloween, and one during spring quarter. These huge parties often take place at frats because they have big houses and yards. Attendance of these parties are usually 1200+ due to that fact that the parties are heavily promoted. To get in you have to show up early.

During the rest of the year, you can usually find SOS parties in houses, on cabin trips, or on All Cal. During these parties, people usually get really drunk or blacked out. They sometimes can be destructive and things usually get broken. These parties are usually byob or are keggers where you are expected to pitch for beer. You can usually find SOS partying every weekend.

SOS is usually known to throw some of the best parties in Davis. They avoid excluding drinking games like beer pong and enjoy more social drinking games like flip cup They are also known to create their own unique drinking games. SOS parties also turn into dance part many times because there is usually a DJ present spinning electro house, dance music, or dubstep.

Back in their "hey-day", SOS would throw their annual Airport Party. This party was held in a hangar in the University Airport, had people bussed in with chartered Unitrans busses, and had around 32 kegs.