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2006-06-20 09:19:39   There is much more than strange women's clothing here. i just got some great button up shirts here yesterday - including a bright orange dress shirt that I am very excited about. —RobRoy

2006-09-01 15:33:39   Does anyone know whether or not the cream of donations are skimmed off and diverted or sold on ebay? I've made a couple contributions of really nice items and I never saw them show up in the store. —GrumpyoldGeek

2006-12-11 22:24:25   Love to find great little treasures here but the people who work there are not helpful in the least. The are not friendly or cordial or even knowledgeable about anything in regards to items for sale. —NoelWasicki

2006-12-12 17:25:07   Very, very nice employees and volunteers. They fill up sometimes as early as 1-2 inthe afternoon. Plan to drop off donations 10-noon to make sure they can take them. Good place to buy glassware, wine, champagne, beer glasses. Please do not park across the street in front of the houses because they ticket (you need a m permit or resident permit or something). You can also donate pet food here. —LeslieRedhead

2006-12-30 20:09:12   I think the SPCA is really a fantastic little thrift store! I did all my holiday shopping there and found *NEW STUFF* for everyone on my list!! They have a new store manager there so I think things are really getting cleaned up and the staff are getting better training. I've always had great service there, but I know that with donations they are limited on what they can take because of both their insurance guidelines and the amount of garbage people dump on them. All in all it's an awesome little store! —DarcyMcNie

Note: This above comment is left by either the mother or daughter of the store manager, Corey DeRoo.

2007-01-03 20:38:17   You can sometimes find really cool stuff here, over and beyond the usual ice-cream makers, picture frames, and weird hats. It's a great place... Someone who works here told me they have to throw out some donations just because they don't have enough shelf space. —JeffEvans

2007-01-13 23:42:21   If you ask for a discount the manager lady will guilt trip you about taking money away from their animals. Guess I deserved it. —ElisaHough

2007-01-13 22:23:49   They don't accept like really old TV's from the 70's or things that are broken. My friend tells me that they throw away lots of broken stuff. —VietNguyen

2007-02-04 16:17:41   What happens when people leave things behind that they're not currently accepting? Does it just get thrown away? —GeoffJohnson

  • Yes, there are several dumpsters out back. In my experience, they don't mind if you take stuff from them. —JessicaLuedtke

2007-02-05 15:47:38   It is actually illegal to DUMP (a.k.a. "leave stuff there") and you may NOT go through the dumpsters as it is a hazard! —CoreyDeRoo

2007-02-21 08:50:56   It has been my observation that in order to resolve any customer satisfaction problems, one must battle the cashiers before the manager will emerge. —NancyMcbride

2007-02-22 14:35:24   Ummm... Rat droppings? Hope it was only a one time incident, but the store really smells sometimes. —RobertPaulson

2007-02-22 19:05:19   I once found an item of mine, stolen from my garden, here in the store on sale for $3. They tried to say that even if it was mine, they should still get paid for sorting it out from the other donated stuff. Course, stolen property is stolen property. This store has some pretty neat stuff from time to time, and I still frequent it, despite having to fork over money for my own things. —KarlMogel

  • what they did here is very illegal. Once they realize something is stolen they can not sell it. They must return it no charge. Im sure if you threatened to call the cops, they would have given it to you for free. I guess that would be kind of silly for 3 dollars though. Never the less, you should never have to pay to get back stolen things.

2007-03-09 13:43:02   As to hours and stuff like that I don't have any info. But I do know that the pest problem as been resolved as much as possible. Donations are not sold on eBay but sometimes the staff gets first pick of the really good stuff- its the same at all the thrift stores in that regard. I hear the women who work at R&R telling eachother to set stuff aside for themselves-they don't get it for free. —MyaBrn

2007-03-07 12:41:20 Used to be a nice junky thrift store, then a new manager took over. Lock was put on the dressing room, the electronics became over priced - $32.00 for a cd changer and $8.00 for junk Koss headphones? - t-shirts disappeared, handbags hang directlly in front of shoes making it hard to see the merch, the behind the counter area was overexpanded, manager will say she's keeping merch impossible to get at because she doesn't want it out in the rain, she repeats same lame excuse 2 weeks later on the most beautiful cloud free day, employees are turning over fast - always new faces. Store is no longer recommendable with new management to blame. Could they promote her to Community Relations real quick and let this store return to former glory and free employees of an apprarent hell-trip manager who has no clue? Just asking. —TheTallman

  • 2007-03-16 11:43:49 As the "hell trip" manager, I feel that I have a valid right to defend myself. I can tell you all exactly what happened, but as I am tired of watching this saga continue on and on (I do have a life you know!) I will post only this once: We had men's and children's clothes outside while we were re-arranging the cashier's area as well as the household goods. During this time, it started raining, and one man (also a regular) commented to me that it wasn't fair that the men had to shop out in the rain, to which I agreed. So as a temporary solution, we brought the rack inside, but had to put it in a not-so-great location. The very next day, TheTallman came up to me and said that he thought the location wasn't so great. I agreed with him and explained why it was there and that it was only temporary. We had a few sunny days in between storms, but then there was that last storm that blew through about 2 weeks ago. The day after it stopped raining, he came through the back staff area (ignoring all "Employees Only" signs) and asked why the rack hadn't been fixed yet. I started to tell him that it was not going to stay that way, and he stormed off screaming, "You know what?! I have nothing to say to you!" I really didn't have a chance to say "Boo!" to him before he stomped off. Within a week, his 1st comment showed up on the Wiki. What's funny is the items he mentioned in his comment, weren't anything that he mentioned to me. Additionally, he is sincerely misguided in his information: The dressing room door lock has always been there, I simply had the broken door repaired and had a new light installed. As for the electronics, I haven't changed any of the prices and even went so far as to double check with the electronics guys. Let's see what else? Oh! The t-shirts are still there, they are in a basket folded with a new sign that the staff put together with a lot of care and effort. The men's shoes are with the men's clothes (we have finally created an entire section of men's stuff whereas before there was 1/2 a rack and not much else for selection.) As for the shoe area with the purses blocking it, we actually expanded both the shoe and purse area and were able to put out a wider selection for our customers. This also includes a new purse cubby and new spotlights for the shoe area (it was too dark.) And finally, as for employee turnaround, there has been 2 employees that have moved on and 2 new employees that have been hired. 1 employee tranferred to another university and 1 moved on to a graphic design job, which had always been a career goal. The rest of the staff are all the same faces. It has been and still is the SPCA's Policy to support the educational goals of our employees. Which means that if our customers are used to seeing a familiar face on a Tuesday morning, for example and suddenly they "disappear," it is most likely that they are now scheduled for a different day due to their own person school schedule. Also, if anyone notices, the "new faces" and the "disappearance" of other faces directly corresponds with the recent change of semester. I am not an unreasonable person and am certainly not a monster. I truly love animals, and care greatly for all of my staff and this store. I am very friendly and open-minded, and welcome anyone who would like to come in and meet me, as well as hear about some other improvements I have planned for this store. I do all of it with the customers in mind and with the idea to always improve their shopping experience. So, stop on by and say, "Hello!" —CoreyDeRoo
    • Ms. DeRoo would be advised to not scold customers with trivial matters - such as that I had been "ignoring all 'Employees Only' signs" which I didn't see, so I could not have "ignored" them. (An apology is due in this regard.) Oh yeah, t-shirts in a basket are not customer friendly, they should be on a rack and easier to check out as they were before. Ms. DeRoo is a challenged merchandiser if she thinks hang bags blocking shoes is a good work around. She also doesn't seem to undertand why she has become such an issue. Contrary to what she said above, she did not agree that the merch should be accessible and would be soon. Nothing of the sort was suggested, she merely made the excuse that they had no got around to it yet. If she had said that she agreed with the observation the situation would be fixed, she would have also appeared reasonable and gracious rather than dismissive. — TheTallman

2007-03-09 18:00:20   The new management at the thrift store has made a lot of wonderful improvements! They now accept a lot more furniture and have a whole extra room for things that are for sale. Everything it organized much better and the displays are great! As for locking the dressing rooms that happened a long time ago. Twice I have been in there when customers have told the cashiers how great the changes around the store look, and I agree! (edit 3-16-2007) I just want to note that I am the canine coordinator of the Yolo County SPCA, as well as a shopper of the thrift store. —AshleyDunleavy

2007-03-18 23:59:08   I've gotten two different western style shirts with snap buttons. They fit me. Score! —AliceChoe

2007-03-21 00:34:38   Bought a decent computer chair for 5 bucks, donate the posture chair I was using. My 'new' chair needs some work, but I think I can make it happen —StevenDaubert

2007-04-12 00:04:36   Just wanted to mention that this store is somewhat lacking in electronics if that is what you are looking for. I still haven't found a great one yet, but this one seems to have a lot of plastic junk, nothing cool/vintage. —ColinMcEnroe

2007-04-12 01:08:10   I have bought some nice computer parts here in the past, like an RS232 led/breakout box, but now they don't seem to have even a phone cable. Disappointing. —NickSchmalenberger

2007-05-30 10:49:38   I bought a computer chair for under five bucks, did a little work on it and it's good as new —StevenDaubert

2007-06-08 15:54:57   The store is looking like a mess. Just check out the electronics piles about ten high. BTW This is a good thing, I liked the junk shop flavor when merch is just haphazardly arranged, though I can't say it ever looked as chaotic as it does now. Tip: An old retail way oto get rid of overstock is to mark it down and move it. However, the lawn needs to be watered real bad. abd mens clothing is down to next to nothing. I loved this store for the cheap t-shirts I could get like "Cradle Of Filth" shirt - hands down the nastiest must vulgar t-shirt I ever saw at a thrift store. Today I saw next to no t-shirts. They also still have handbags hanging in front of shoes. Has any body wondered why this is never done at any other stores? It might be called sticking to a mistake. —TheTallman (edit added 7/13/2007) Except for the unfortunate interaction with the manager noted above, I have alway - and I truly mean always - found staff to be helpful and polite. Also, it appears the grass is now getting watered and the debris strewn across the floors appeared at a recent visit to be diminished and not as unsafe as it had seemed in earlier visits. TheTallman

2007-06-11 16:23:02   I have shopped at spca for the past 4 years, I think the store is way over priced , i have complained about the way the employees are , they are very rude but yet i go there until now i will never go there again i do thank the new manager is very rude and they have this lady i will not name that has worked there forever that is just depressing every time i go there i leave feeling like i was bothering them . i must say for about a year they had a couple wonderful employees they since got a clue and left i just wish a thrift store would be just that thrifty. Not the case. This is my opinion and i am not the only one i have heard business owners say the exact same thing i am saying. before i posted this i thought about doing this i hope you see what i mean when you go there. I know it is to help animals but overpricing items to the general public is not the way to do so,just my opinion there is a lot more i held back from saying for legal reasons hope you read thank you —briancartoscelli

2007-07-06 11:13:32   I stopped by on Sunday (7-1-2007). The store was filthy. The floor looked like it hadn't been vacuumed in weeks, there was junk and merchandise on the floor and the books and records were a disaster. The one employee that wasn't behind the counter was doing some silly make-work when she could have been cleaning or sorting. The place looked great a month ago, what happened? —GrumpyoldGeek

2007-07-07 22:06:54   It's a thrift store, for goodness sake!!! A not-for-profit, helping those who can't help themselves, THRIFT store. They don't restock from a warehouse, it's donations. If you want to get a sure thing, go to a for-profit store. My solution to the people who think there are problems would be to volunteer to help correct the situation. I moved here in March, 2007, and went there right away with my cousin from Kelseyville and we both loved the store. She comes to visit at least once a month and we never fail to hit this shop. We talked about it so much that my brother has come to Davis just to check it out as well as my cousin's sister (coincidentally making her my cousin, also) from Eureka. I do think it's too bad there isn't more space (probably wouldn't be cost effective to remedy) to display the fabulous selection. They seem to utilize the space they do have very well. I would rather it be a bit crowded than have fewer choices. I say, keep up the good work! —KatyMartin

2007-07-11 12:38:16   This store is a nightmare very very rude employee's manager is the same what happened to thrift store prices? Please people of Davis help find a new crew for this place i use to go there until they started being so very rude i spent about 100.00 per month there and much more some months who ever does prices thinks about nothing but themselves just because this is DAVIS does not mean prices have to be so high like a litter box used for 10.00 what the heck should be 2.00 or less 10.00 or less at any walmart or even pet store . This store is to help pets totally for that i have 2 pets for over 14 years i understand that but please lower prices not just me we are talking about everyone I was in woodland at a thrift store and i here two people talking about the rude people at the spca thrift store i could not help my self so i joined in the conversation and these people are very respectable people. My point is get rid of the trash at your store and be nice to all customers please —dickjones

2007-07-13 00:59:59   The place is a bit messy, but it is like many consignment stores I have seen in my life experience. The staff was rather friendly, fun chatting to them while we were shopping about, it is always neat to see what other people don't want, some of the most interesting clothing that is pretty unique to modern styles (though admittedly it will probably be quite out of style), a fun place to shop randomly. —DavidPoole

2007-07-13 22:22:00   I am not sure how many of you have ever worked with a non-profit organization, but I can tell you that these guys seem to be doing well with what they have. I have taught at a non-profit school for the past 5 years, and I can tell you from experience that sometimes getting the things we need takes time. When I need something for my classroom, I have to plan about 2 months in advance because everything has to be approved by the board of directors and THEN put through to be ordered. Non profits can take a very long time to approve additional expenses, in this case, such as new shelves or store fixtures. This thrift store has room for improvement (don't we all?) but the bottom line is that they are working very hard and their hearts are in the right place: Saving those who cannot save themselves. What more can we ask of anyone? I will continue shopping here because I like it. Plain and simple. —melissashadeville

2007-07-18 17:20:38   I bet the people who keep complaining about the layout and cleanliness of the store are the same ones who would dump their own ratty clothes and furniture at a thrift store and then feel as though they've done a great moral deed. I agree - those who complain should volunteer and make the changes. And if you don't agree with the pricing don't shop here! It takes time and effort to sort through all the junk that people dump at a thrift store, and I personally don't mind paying a couple dollars more to support a good cause. The only place you'll find dirt cheap prices and a sterile, orderly environment is Walmart - and who wants to support that? —RubyRoo

2007-07-18 20:36:24   overcharging people is not cool i don't dump crap ever, and people are so very rude there you must work there, if want a good deal go to walmart —dickjones

2007-08-25 20:53:23   I really like this store. The prices are always extremely reasonable. Sure, sometimes its a little messy, but its a charity thrift store. When I go there its not because I am looking for some ambiance, but some good deals! I will agree that it can be hit or miss with the employee friendliness. However, this is still one of my favorite places in Davis. —MissL

2007-09-02 20:07:03   As I sit here and read...I see alot of people bashing the Manager,and Store.GrumpyoldGeek,come on down and be a volunteer sometime and maybe help clean up?..If you can take time and point out the bad and walk around the store,come down and do something good and help out the people who bust butt on and off the clock,ya might just feel a glow in your heart at days end knowing you helped someone or a animal..NOW...The Tallman..In your heart do you havenothing good to say? I see you omplain about how high the electronics are stacked?? The only way you could do this is YOU crossed the area that has a ORANGE cone that say's Employees only.!!(unless you may be 10 feet tall and can see over the stack of clothing in bags we sort).I see by your posts...That you must spend alot of time in the store? Thus you must walk around alot and pick out the bad instead of the good.Please come down some day,and work in 100 degree sun outback from 9am-7pm 7 days aweek,and feel what we feel like at the end of the day.There are days we are short of staff due to school,moving or other jobs,and I think the Managers do one hell of a job to make sure our jobs get done so the next day people can have things to buy in the store.And as for the electronics dept we cant help it if alot of things are not out on the shelves due to some people bringing us broken things that dont work,and if you dont belive me,stand on the otherside of the orange cone where your aloud to be someday and watch how we check things,and then maybe you can see the junk that sometimes comes in,then you will know why we have a pile of broken things that we have to take to the dump.Also drive by at night and see the garbage people dump off at night and the staff has to clean up before we gotta do our jobs..Also Mr DickJones same goes for you,if you think you can get better buys at Walmart,then shop there and see if you get cheap price things..We are not out to put Walmart outta business but if you think we compare,please call Walmart up and let them know they have a new store in Davis...Oh and yes...I'm proud to be a Volunteer there even with two 7inch rods two cages and 6pins in my back busting my butt to serve you..Have a wonderful Day. —Bobble

  • If you'd go back and reread my comments, the essence is that the store used to look great and now it looks awful. A filthy store doesn't serve anyone. Not the customers, the employees or the animals. Instead of making an ad hominem attack on the messenger, why don't you work to get the store back the way it was? That way, customers will be more likely to come and spend their money and the animals will benefit. As to me volunteering, you don't know anything about me. All I'm willing to say is that I've paid my dues. I've scrubbed the toilets and dealt with unhappy customers and I've spent thousands of hours and given thousands of dollars to support non-profit groups in the past. Sorry about your back, mine hurts most of the time too. -GrumpyoldGeek

2007-09-04 12:46:24   If everybody is complaining must be something wrong every time i go there it seems to be the employees are very rude i agree with mr Dickjones to much stuff is way over priced not cool! and bobble is a perfect example of how the employees are if you are that disabled maybe you should find a new gig.. get rid of the Davis snobby attitudes It is the managers job in my opinion to make this store better i think the manager is ok i neither like here or dislike her just make a effort to help customers more i have only been there a hand full of times but there must be something wrong i can see it so can countless other good people try harder it isn't that hard to be nice —Brians

It is impossible to resent customers and provide good customer service. I am happy to reiterate, that besides the store manager, all employees have been polite and helpful. TheTallman

2007-09-05 18:49:54   I stopped by the store at lunch today. I finally had to go and see what all the controversy is about...and it is much ado about nothing. It's just a little thrift store like any other little thrift store I've ever been to! It was pretty busy for a weekday afternoon - lots of customers, many with children - so the fact that things were a bit chaotic seemed understandable. (I think I'll go back this weekend for a VCR.) —DukeMcAdow

2007-09-06 19:11:50   Mr Brians...What does being disabled got to do with being a Vol?..I'm no snob,nor do I have a Davis attitude,hell I wouldnt know what it is anyway,i'm new here from Pa.If some of the stuff is over priced...Please Vol and help use lower our prices to what would be in a Walmart range and you get your money worth.All I see is people putting the store and people down,so yes i'll stick up for them,and for rude people working there How come only a couple of you who gripe about things make the posts??? Also I am very nice to people and say thank you and ask if they need any help unloading,if you been there I know you seen a man with a camo hat on...Thats me so if you wanna chat on how we price things,come on over,we can use the help..Have a nice day..—Bobble

Whether a store is messy or not is one thing, whether it is messy and, as a result, unsafe is another. Should someone trip, fall and sue, this Wiki page will probably play a role in the suit. I don't recall the store being as messy as it is now to the point that you have to take extra care to not be hurt. I've spent a lot less time shopping at the store mainly because I don't find what I want as I did before. Still, when I do return, I hope volunteers are as welcoming and as courteous as the employees have uniformly been. Employees seem to understand that they are there to be of service to customers, and that is how the animals are better helped. TheTallman

2007-09-12 10:46:49   I love the SPCA thrift store. Good place to get dishes, teapots, and other kitchen stuff. Also, I scored a decent toaster and microwave for under $20. They test all appliances before putting them out for sale, and the people that work there are generally pretty nice. If you need stuff for your home, go here before you go to Target/Ikea/Walmart/etc., because you might just find what you need. Also, supporting this thrift store supports recycling, sustainability, and little cute animals. —JillBenciWoodward

2007-09-19 16:11:53   I can not complaint anything because they are really helpful and friendly to me. About employees??? most of them are volunteers, no pay at all—we should feel so sorry to them—they work so hard. —viviancute

2007-10-28 22:56:35   This is a wonderful place to shop for a poor student like me; I highly recommend visiting. The employees are incredibly friendly, which is unusual for volunteers. The prices are very reasonable, but make sure to take a coupon with you or go on a coupon day to get your money's worth. They have a good collection of books, and have a pleasant atmosphere. The shorter lady short brown hair is a really nice helpful worker; you can always ask her for what you need. —AnnaF

2007-11-27 10:38:50   Keep up the good work. I miss record shopping on my way home from work. I'm going to make a special stop when I come down from Oregon. I can't believe all of the old nerds who are still dissing the store...I guess as long as they are annoyed, I'm happy. I don't think the employees are rude, they're just cool and you all aren't. Sorry. Woof Woof, Meow. —K.C. —K.C.STAUBACH

2007-12-02 11:00:41   This store needs new management before i come back I hope someone in the front office sees this i spent about 200.00 per month there i will never comeback again till there is new management. I will not post why or name names but this place is way out of control Being a senior I am offended at the treatment of customers and the rude nature of this store and it's very hippy employees that do not shower —denowells

2007-12-03 23:41:08   I have shopped here for 3 years and it is my favorite thrift store in this area, and I am an avid thrift store shopper. I don't really have any luck with the clothing, but everything else is great! Most of all my daughters books are from this place, and I have found several beautiful Russian nesting dolls there for really cheap. Yeah, it is a bit cramped and it does get crowded, but I don't mind. Sometimes it does get messy, but it is a small busy thrift store after all. I wouldn't recommend bringing a stroller in there though as it would be very hard to push it around in such a small area. I really don't think they are overpriced. I have been to a lot of thrift stores around Sacramento that just carry a lot of junk for around the same price or higher. There was only one time in my experience that they overpriced area rug that was actually a cheap rug from Walmart, but then other times I have found treasures that they mistakenly way under priced. In my experience the staff is not the most friendly, but they are not rude either. Just very busy all the time. But then again, I could care less if they were really friendly....I just want to dig around and look for treasures. I have seen an employee get kinda annoyed (not rude though) a few times when people try to ask her for a lower price and she cannot because of store rules, but I see a few people trying to bargain with her every time I go there (and complain when told no). It's ok to do that at garage sales and and flea markets, but a thrift stores price is the final price no matter how insane it is. —RDN

2007-12-11 17:41:29   I can't believe all of the comments here. Who knew that the thrift store was so controversial? Basically I think the store is great because so many people donate here that there are always new things coming in. The prices aren't cheap, but then again, it's Davis and it's for charity. I have noticed thrift store prices going up a lot in recent years, not just at this particular store. I do wish they would reorganize the women's clothing though. For a little while it was organized by size, now it's organized by color again, which just means I have to spend a ton of time searching through the racks to find something in my size. I suppose it's fine for someone who is a small size because you can always wear something that is too big, but at any one time there are only a few things in larger sizes and it's very time consuming to have to look through all the stuff that is in tiny "junior" sizes. —Innisfree

2007-12-11 17:53:41   For people like me who still have VCRs, the thrift store is a *great* place to get cheap movies. VHS tapes are around a quarter, except for Disney and select kid's movies. I think DVD's are around five dollars. —ElleWeber