No longer on campus
STA Travel UC Davis

STA Travel closed its doors on campus Dec. 13, 2013, but according to a Dateline Newsbrief, will continue to offer phone and email service to the campus. STA Travel is a full service travel agency catering to students, teachers and the general public. They offer everything from flexible/refundable tickets to tours, cruises, hotels, rail passes, travel insurance, and even volunteer projects everywhere in the world.

They are the only place locally that sells the International Student ID Card (ISIC Card) which cost $26 (or about $22 if you bring a passport picture). The ISIC Card gives you both local and global discounts. Some of our favorite discounts in Davis are 15% off total purchase at Outdoor Davis, 10% off all cash purchases at Cultive Frozen Yogurt, $1 off any burger or sandwich at Tommy J's, free small drink with purchase of an entree at El Mariachi, 10% off dinner at Raja's, 10% off order at 3rd and U, and 15% off Amtrak tickets if you buy them 3 days in advance. To check out more discounts, check out their website ISIC Passport Pictures are $10.

As a travel agency, of course it costs a little more than reserving a trip oneself. However, if you're traveling on the University's dime, using STA is very convenient.


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I used STA Travel to book my hostels AND flight on my short European trip. It seemed like a pretty good deal. I saved a bunch of money by going through them. Also it was extremely easy. However, they kind of overcharge on little things like International Student IDs (you don't really need them. They claim discounts with them, but a regular UCD ID will do overseas!). And my biggest gripe is the fact that their international offices DO NOT communicate with each other. So if you are in London, you can't go into their London office and inquire about your bookings. You have to call specifically the location that booked you (quite a hassle!). But this isn't really a problem if you have no qwells/questions with your booking, really. Just be aware! — Yawen

I went to the STA in Berkeley and found it to be a load of shit. I had never really traveled before, so I thought I needed reservations, but I ended up paying through the nose for a hostel that was not very nice and a student ID card that I didn't need. They also knew more or less nothing about where I was going (Paris) and proceeded to waste my time. I will say that they did help me get my HI card, but my guide book told me that I needed it as well. - ArlenAbraham

2009-06-02 16:33:17   a regular UCD ID will do overseas : Of course such a general statement is bound to be wrong sometimes. I had my student discount denied at least once because the UCD ID does not have an expiration date printed on it. The ISIC ID does have a date on it, so that probably would have worked. You have to weigh whether you're likely to take advantage of many student discounts (e.g. by going to a lot of museums in Europe) or not. —JoFeuerstein

2009-06-02 18:13:48   An international student ID can save you a LOT of money, depending on where you are, and what mode of transportation you are using. Jo is correct about the expiration date issue. You can get significant discounts on trains, performances, and other things you may do in Europe if you have an international student ID. Alternatively, you may also be able to use a letter on the school's letterhead explaining that you are a student. Get this before you travel. —IDoNotExist

2009-06-27 08:17:04   STA is nice if you're going to change your ticket, you can do it over email and often the fare difference hasn't been too big of a deal. HOWEVER, if you miss a flight with STA, you are totally screwed. They are ticket consolidators which means their tickets are the first to get bumped. Also, airline people can't rebook you, you have to call STA. I missed a flight to europe and had to pay $500 to rebook it. That doesn't happen when you go through online deals. —AmyGoogenspa

2012-05-14 22:53:34   I suggest using the STA website instead of the agency. Numerous times, I caught my agent charging me more than the offered price on the website. Instead of double checking their work, it is MUCH easier to book everything yourself, including the flight, international student id card, and insurance. I tried to use an agent to save myself time, but instead spent more time realizing that I was overcharged. You have to use an agent for the packaged tours, but even that I would try to do over email so that everything is documented. —IshmaelSmith