The Green and Burning Tree is an ancient Celtic sigil representing the balance between the mystery of ecstatic fiery inspiration and the grounded growning being that is not consumed by flames. It is also a symbol of unity as both aspects are maintained within the one. Within SaDa Fuego we have performers from SAcramento and DAvis that come together to dance as one. We are immersed in the art and ecstacy of fire's mystery while maintaining a grounded respect for the flame and safety so we may continue to grow creatively. The inspiration for this came from the Celtic Shamans Pack ~Exploring the Inner Worlds~ by John Matthews and illustrated by Chesca Potter

SaDa (SAcramento - DAvis) Fuego started off as a community effort to bring fire dancers together in the Sacramento Valley area by hosting weekly practices. SaDa Fuego was a professional fire troupe that performed at various burns and events. You may have recognized many members from Whole Earth Festival burns.

SaDa coordinated with the Damento Jugglers and arranged practices on campus. They met every Thursday from 6-9 pm on the quad near the footpath.

Typical props used were poi, meteors, hoops, staffs, fire fans, and juggling torches.

Live near by? Interested in meeting up for a local practice/burn? Get in touch with the Davis fire community through F.ire U.niversity as SaDa Fuego no longer has practices in Davis.

Visit the SaDa Fuego website for more information.

MattMcCorkle demonstrates "flower" with fire poi Firedaddy Mark utilizes the playground equipment