Sac City Rollers are an all-women's flat track roller derby team of 50+ ladies from Sacramento, Davis, and beyond ranging in ages from 19 to 50. They train for part of the week, and have monthly bouts (games) against teams from all over California, in Sacramento at Foothill Skate Inn. They've been featured in SN&R and local TV news. Their reffing staff includes Johnny Rainbow and Professor Cyanide Clyde, who are both UC Davis grad students.

Red Red Holiday Invitational is their annual charity tournament, to be held in Woodland at the NISC this year.

For schedules, practice times, or more information on the Sac City Rollers, visit their websites. SCR is always looking for a few more volunteers to help us at bouts and fundraisers. If you are interested in being part of the fastest-growing sport in the nation, contact us about training to become a Referee or Statistician.

Watch a short documentary film, Fifty-Fifty, about the Sac City Rollers, directed by graduate students, Denise Nicole Green and Sarah Rebolloso McCullough, and supported by the Division of Textiles and Clothing at UC Davis.


Home games scheduled for 2011: May 28 v. Undead Bettys Jun 25 DOUBLE HEADER v. Port City and Battle Born Derby Demons Aug 20 v. Bay Area Derby Girls Sep 24 DOUBLE HEADER v. Orange County Roller Girls Oct 22 Rude Girls v. Sweaty Betties

Dec 10 Red Red Holiday Invitational Tournament Check the Sac City Rollers website for updates.



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