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Sacramento Location
3835 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, California 95822
Davis Location
1720 Jade Street
UC Davis West Village
Sacramento: (916) 558-2111
Davis: (530) 747-5200
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Sacramento City College

Sacramento City College is one of the Community Colleges in the Los Rios Community College District. In addition to their main campus in Sacramento, they also offer a wide variety of classes in Davis and West Sacramento, making them a low cost and convenient educational option for Davis residents.

Most of the Davis classes are held at the Sacramento City College Davis Center, though some are held on the UC Davis Campus and other locations around Davis. The Sacramento City College Davis Center at UC Davis West Village opened for Spring Semester 2012 in January 2012. This will likely be the new home of all Davis classes associated with the college.

Concurrent enrollment between UC Davis and non-UC colleges (including Sacramento City College) is allowed. Students must go to their college offices and file a petition of concurrent enrollment. According to the UC Davis catalog, students may gain credit for courses taken at other institutions, provided the courses parallel those given in the University of California (these courses are clearly marked in the Sacramento City College course catalog). This makes Sacramento City College a cheap way to fulfill lower division requirements. The Los Rios Community College district does not participate in the Intersegmental Cross Enrollment program, which allows UC students to take one class per semester at a CSU or Community College campus.

Students can fulfill the College of Letters and Science one year foreign language requirement with the language classes offered at SCC including Cantonese, Farsi, Korean, Tagalog, or Vietnamese. These classes are held on the UCD campus besides the SCC - Davis Center and cater towards the UCD student population with a slightly modified semester system. Students must petition for concurrent enrollment. The beginning classes are offered in the Fall (late August to December) and intermediate classes are offered in the Spring (mid to late January to late May).

Los Rios Community college district offers guaranteed transfer to UC Davis, as well as CSU Sacramento, UC San Diego, CSU Chico, and University of the Pacific, Stockton. It also offers programs with UCLA and U.C. Berkeley, however these are by invitation only and usually an invitation is only given upon first applying to the university and receiving a rejection notice. This means that courses marked as transferable to UC really are. Unfortunately, the system that deems a course UC transferable is not iron-clad or 100% reliable. Communication between Los Rios Community College District and U.C. Davis evidently has some issues, as many employees of the district have different views of what actually makes someone eligible for transfer. Some counselors will tell a student that if they complete 60 semester (90 quarter) units at any Los Rios college with a certain GPA (for U.C. Davis this would be a 2.8, however the university has become increasingly unlikely to accept students with this low a GPA due to fee hikes and their effect on decreased enrollment goals), they will be accepted. Others will tell a student they must complete a guarunteed program to be able to transfer. The most effective use of one's time, if they are interested in transferring, is to contact an adviser on the campus of their choice and find the appropriate coursework, to be safe.

People who are not UC Davis students may be interested in Sacramento City College as a cheap source of exercise classes and entertainment.


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2005-04-20 20:42:28   Man, as a SC alumni I should have made this page a long time ago. My best teachers were at SCC. —JimSchwab

2008-10-21 12:52:53   As a current SCC student I feel it is my duty to state that Sac City rocks. —ChrisWaterstraat

2008-10-21 12:53:10   especially the davis center —ChrisWaterstraat

2009-04-28 13:45:39   The Davis center has a kinda cheap run-down feel, sort of like traffic school, but the faculty is awesome! The English teacher I had switched to teaching after several years as a reporter, so she knows what writing in the real world is like. Many of the best teachers prefer to work at community college so that they have time for other more leisurely pursuits. —MasonMurray

2009-08-26 08:28:01   The school is way too small, has a few amazing teachers, but overall should have an expansion for such a high rate of students. —VanMenz