The Safe Party Initiative was launched on Sept. 27, 2005

What is the Safe Party Initiative?

The Safe Party Initiative (SPI) aims to reduce problems related to college student drinking at parties in the Davis community. It focuses on creating safer party environments by building a closer sense of community between students and neighbors, promoting safety at parties and increasing enforcement of alcohol-related laws and policies. This initiative is a collaborative effort between the City of Davis and the University of California, Davis.

The comprehensive initiative arose from an initial five-year, $6.9 million study of alcohol-related problems at 14 California universities, funded by the National Institute for Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse (NIAAA). UC Davis was one of seven intervention campuses asked by the Prevention Research Center to develop a coordinated campus community strategy for reducing high-risk drinking and the problems it creates. The research project seeks to reduce violence, property damage, injury and car crashes that result from high-risk drinking and out-of-control parties.


UC Davis students can take the free, brief, online, anonymous and confidential program to promote campus community safety, health and wellness. This self assessment helps identify personal risk patterns and offers harm reduction strategies related to alcohol use. Take the e-CHECKUP TO GO assessment.

RADD Designated Driver Rewards Program

Health Education and Promotion has partnered with RADD to offer Designated Driver Cards to Davis bar patrons 21 or over. Non-drinking, sober designated drivers can get a free non-alcoholic beverage in the Davis and Sacramento areas. The Davis RADD Partner establishments are listed below. Mention RADD and that you are the designated driver of your group.

Davis Bars that accept RADD cards:

Safe Party Tips

The Safe Party website has tips for party-goers and party-throwers, as well as a summary of Davis laws.

Some safe party tips:

  • Eat a high-protein meal before partying
  • Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks like water
  • Know the laws
  • Designate a non-drinking driver
  • Avoid drinking games and jungle juice

One Drink Equals:

  • 12 oz. Beer
  • 10 oz. Malt Liquor
  • 5 oz. of Wine
  • 1.5 oz. Shot of 80 proof liquor

Check out our video of safe party tips!

Safe Party Events

Come hang out at the Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Issues table or look for HEP volunteers at these events. Participants at the table may have a chance to win cool prizes and learn important information about how to party safely!


Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Student Assistants are available to conduct programs for residence halls, fraternities, sororities and other student organizations. Alcohol Jeopardy, a program designed to teach students about the effects of alcohol on the body and how to party safely, is available upon request.

Programs can be scheduled on this website, or by calling 530-752-9652.

Safe Party Website

UC Davis Safe Party Website: The UC Davis Safe Party website has information for party goers, party throwers, and an explanation of party-related policies and laws.


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