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Ram Sah
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SAH Properties is...

The 5th and L Gas and Mart and the next-door Auto Washette were sold by SAH group inc.. According to the sold sign at the Washette,: SAH group Inc. Real Estate Brokerage Property Management 530-792-7205 www.SahGroupInc.com (Not accessible on the internet at this time.).

There appears to be another Sah Group Inc. at http://www.manta.com/c/mmjygyg/sah-group-inc.

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2010-01-17 19:49:54   Do NOT rent from this landlord. You will regret it. He does not use licensed cleaners and the house was disgusting when we moved it. There was spilled food in the cabinets and blood smeared on the bathroom door frame. It was infested with bugs. He also tried to get away with not painting anything after the old tenants moved out. Multiple things were broken. The yard was a disaster with broken glass and trash all over. Supposedly we have gardeners but they show up when they feel like it and don't do much besides mowing the lawn. We were told that the sprinklers were in working order only to find out that there was a leak somewhere resulting in a huge water bill which we had to pay for. Renting from Sah has been a nightmare. I only wish that someone had warned me. I would advise anyone interested in renting from him seriously reconsider. —dds1372

2010-02-23 23:08:38   Total slum lord and his practices/contracts are very shady. Do not rent from this guy! —ys2010

2010-04-08 23:08:52   Steer clear!!!! When we moved in nothing was working in the house! The house had not been professionally cleaned or painted. The lights were burnt out, half of them didn't work and 8 months some lights still haven't been fixed. The appliances are outdated, gross and barely working. The house constantly unsanitary and we had to clean the entire house after we moved in. It takes a lot of pushing to get him to fix anything that will cost him money. He doesn't use professional workers, he uses random "handymen" who apparently specialize in everything and yet are not affiliated in any business. And just to make matters worse, we just found out rats and mice and cockroaches have been living in our garage/attic and crawling through our kitchen since before we moved in. It is clear that he neglects his properties. We have found rat holes and droppings in our kitchen and he is still slow to take action. Everything is a battle with him. He's a con artist! I wouldn't be surprised if he lost his business soon or took legal action against him. —pissed

2010-09-22 21:00:57   Even though the prior comments offer no flattery to Mr. Ram Sah (he claims to have a PhD but it would be disgraceful to refer to this guy as Dr.) I feel that it is still necessary to add further warning to any potential renters of Sah properties. The place we lived in did not have its carpets cleaned when we moved in, not to mention that the carpets should have been replaced prior to our move-in date. After we ended our lease, he charged us for cleaning the carpets and he still didn't replace them - probably because he is going to use those carpets as an excuse to fleece future tenants out of security deposits. Our property had leaks under the house, which led to extraordinary water bills. Ram often delivered our water bill late, and we were held responsible for late fees assessed by the City of Davis. I found it extremely ironic that we were paying such amazingly expensive bills for perhaps some of the worst quality water in these United States. That aside, the water leaking - presumably under the house - generated some extreme foundation problems. The house had visible cracks running down the center, from the front facade, all the way to the rear of the house by the air conditioning unit. I seriously doubt those problems will be fixed, but I find it amazing that Ram is able to operate his properties the way he does. He is in violation of numerous state codes regarding rental properties, and with the dire straits the state government faces with budget shortfalls, I'd recommend any and all individuals negatively impacted by Sah Properties to report him to state authorities so that either he loses his real estate license, or cleans up his act. —AnUpsetTenant

2011-09-16 20:03:33   I have recently just recalled a terrible experience living here.

Most of my roommates had been gone for a break, and I was present at the house currently located on Pole Line Road near the Nugget. What happened is that the plumbing had been not working as it should and eventually started regurgitating black slimy contents out into the sinks, the toilets, and into the bathtub (the shower for the converted garage room). This took about a week to fix. Mr. Sah was not expedient about the issue at all, he said that he would call the plumbing guys when he had time. It was really quite exasperating, seeing as how showering, using any of the sinks, and using toilets was impossible. The worst part about all of this is that the plumber that was contracted notified us that he had previously viewed the plumbing the year before that Sah had not taken preventative actions so that the plumbing would not fail.

This was absolutely astounding to me. I personally would never rent from Mr. Sah again, seeing as how his homes are not really fairly priced for the condition in which the homes are in. —JonathanMartinez

2011-12-12 15:20:02   All comments made in 2010 appears to be by one hysteric tenant. This person blamed the repair person that he was trying to sneak in, even though an appointment to enter the house was made in advance. The repair person refused to go this house because of the fear of getting in trouble. LL —RamSah

  • Doesn't necessarily prove or disprove RamSah here, but User Info shows the first two comments came from the same IP address. The other comments had different IP's. —jefftolentino

2012-04-16 17:45:20   I use to do painting for Ram every year. There was not a single incident where he didn't try to talk me down on the price. Here is a man who owns tens of millions in properties hageling me on $100. I got to the point where I didn't want to put my name on the work. Hunting this man down to get paid was always a pain as well. It got to the point where I wouldn't return his calls. This man has very poor charactor, he doesn't care about his tenants, properties or his workers. Avoid! —WesWillard