"At Samplistic Records, we are committed to publishing electronic music that we believe to be original, interesting, explorative and engaging. We will never underestimate the listener's intelligence and are committed to bringing the highest level of detail through our recordings. Music is a form of communication and our mission is, not to be the biggest, but to produce worthwhile idiosyncratic music with the understanding that we indeed can please some of the people, all the time."

Samplistic Records is a Davis-based record label, which is something quite unique. Nix from Samplistic works at Armadillo Music and has a radio show on KDVS. The record label was featured in an Aggie article about local record labels.



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2005-12-02 00:00:52   Idiom Creak's Jet-Powered, Monkey-Navigated (Samplistic) is way groovy. —GrahamFreeman

2006-10-04 04:29:08   Tonight I saw a Samplistic bumper sticker on a car on the same street as my apartment in Oakland. Yeah, so it's not that far from Davis and not that great a coincidence, but I was pleasantly surprised. :) —GrahamFreeman