Samurai Jogger Lady

The Samurai Jogger Lady can be seen practicing her wicked beautiful moves early in the morning at John Barovetto Park or jogging along the greenbelt between Arroyo Avenue and 2nd Street.


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2010-07-31 10:53:50   Not a samurai. Bet you it's Wushu. UCD has a competitive team. —EdWins

2010-08-01 03:17:56   I'm kind of surprised she didn't get into trouble. I'd figure someone would have pegged her for "Brandishing a weapon" or something stupid. —MasonMurray

  • Out here in Mace Ranch, the "outback" of Davis, we live a more rugged and independent lifestyle. Besides, I reckon she'll be at the head of the pack when we have to drive the zombies back downtown. —jimstewart

2011-08-11 12:15:17   Is this also the lady who walks her cat past central park in the morning? —MikeyCrews

2011-08-11 14:54:33   Hasn't she already signed on for "Kill Bill Part 3"? —OldDavis73