These are reviews of Saratoga West Apartments prior to 2009. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS PLACE!!! I checked out a studio, and it was wonderful. It had a washer and dryer in the unit, tile kitchen, huge bathroom, huge kitchen, but a very small living room/bedroom combo. It is somewhat far from campus with a rather infrequent bus line. I met the manager, the maintenance man, and office lady. All were very nice. I would most definitely live at this complex. It runs a bit expensive though.

2005-06-30 18:50:39   This place is way too expensive, period. The management comes off as rude/mean to most, but they just take some getting used to, and prefer people who speak English and are understandable. I live here and absolutely love everything about it, except the parking. I've asked others who've lived here and many have left only because the parking is so crappy. It's a very nice place though. —MeGodfrey

Our prices are comparable to other complexes of the same size and age,We are NEVER knowingly rude or mean to our tenants or prospective tenants, whether english speaking or otherwise. Parking is a serious problem throughout Davis and we attempt to provide adequate parking for all of our tenants. S. Goodwin Mgr.

2007-01-18 10:32:58   I wonder if the owner is trying to save the maintenance cost. The fence around pool area is rusted and it is very unsightly. It has been like that over a year. —PippaNichols

2007-01-27 10:15:33   First impressions within the first year: We were initially in awe at the beauty of the area. The demo they showed us looked really nice. When we moved in, we noticed significant amounts of stained carpet area, a missing door for our washer and dryer, a broken patio sliding door, a broken handle on the refridgerator, very loud creaky floors, and a spider problem. We had to constantly badger the office to get problems fixed one by one, and some of these problems still linger on and we'll probably have to walk over there and complain about it again in case they "forgot." They also like to brush off maintenance complaints as, "well if you can live with it then we won't need to do anything" .. and that's quoted directly from the lady manager. Additionally, parking is a hassle here, especially at night, and our rent is going up this year as well. The least they could do is fix the damned refridgerator door before they jacked up our rent price. —AtyNguyen

2007-03-19 14:44:38   Lived here two years (04-06). Managers could come off as unfriendly but usually were fine. I think you need to be on top of your rights though, as they tried to tell me they would not fix our phone line when we moved in (CA Civil Code says you get one working phone jack, and SBC said it needed repairs). Otherwise, repairs were done promptly; very friendly maintenance guy fixed our dryer vent (which our cat broke) same day, no charge. Cora in the office was always wonderful. They regularly changed filters on the AC (no one's ever done that at my new place). Only time we heard our neighbors was if they let a cabinet slam shut in the kitchen, and on the second floor we had no insect issues. Parking was tough but I only once parked on the street. Would live here again if I could afford it. —AshleyRummel

2008-02-12 00:17:35   just absolutely lovely! the management is SOOOOOO sweet! the sweetest of all the apartments that I have visited so far. The apartments are definitely well maintained and really cute with rooms more spacious than the other apartments that I've seen around. I couldnt get in last year because unfortunately we found it too late, and this year although we had a change to get in, my housemates refused to pay the rent which is relatively expensive which is a bummer because I really really like these apartments the best in davis.

for those who are looking for a really neat and nice place in a really nice neighborhood and can afford to pay a little extra for rent, I definitely recommend. this would be a more accurate website

2008-02-25 13:39:31   Not two minutes ago I called to inquire about Saratoga West's one bedroom apartment with a den. I understand that I am a little late in the season for asking about information on the units, but before I could even finish my sentence the elderly woman interrupted me and told me that they didn't have any left. She offered their studio apartment as an alternative, and when I asked what their leasing process was she simply replied, "Yes we do lease them." I proceeded to ask again how I went about leasing a unit and she irritatedly replied that I come down to the office. It is my belief that in business, even if you are irritated, you should treat every potential client with respect. The bottom line is that I felt as though this woman was rude and didn't care weather I was interested or not. —DanielFritz