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Save Our Frogs and Salamanders is a non-profit organization.

S.O.F.S. (Save Our Frogs and Salamanders) is a child-run non-profit organization strongly dedicated to amphibian conservation - specifically Frogs and Salamanders. This organization is not school based, it was simply founded by one of our members in the middle of 2nd grade. Today, we have 13 active members. Some of our former members now live in West Sacramento, Maryland, and Israel. This club was founded by David, one of it's current members who went to Maine every summer with his family and that summer instead of seeing 20 frogs as usual, he saw 2. This encouraged him to research what was going on. That gave him the spirit and commitment to enlarge and empower this club. This club is based in Davis, CA. Most of our club members are now 6th graders at North Davis Elementary School. We now have a club president, founder, communications committee and treasurer. We support organizations like “Save The Frogs!” and World Wildlife Funds. These organizations start new campaigns to raise awareness, research and help frogs in uncountable ways. We also plan to support Conservation International and Conserve It Forward. Soon, we will have our own club T-shirts and we may go on international TV with HBO. We now have a club website, Google+ page, Gmail address, YouTube channel, Sporcle game, and Scratch quiz. Please contact us for more information. Thank You!


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