School of Education Building (was AOB IV)
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The UC Davis School of Education is transforming education through preparation of the best education leaders, researchers and teachers in the country. The School is committed to eliminating inequities in schooling and creating learning opportunities for diverse learners using the power of knowledge and the promise of education. It offers an undergraduate minor, a teaching credential/master's degree program, a doctorate in educational leadership (CANDEL) program and the Graduate Group in Education's PhD program. 

The School's faculty and graduate students are engaged on local and regional levels and with national and international educational reform and policy. As of 2019, there are eight research centers housed at the School: 

The School of Education was founded in 2002, although teacher training at UC Davis dates back to 1918. Formerly located at 2060 Academic Surge, the School of Education moved into AOB IV when the Graduate School of Management got a new building. The School of Education Building is located at the corner of 1st and A Streets. 

The current Dean of the School of Education is Lauren Lindstrom