This is a photograph of the Yelling Preacher on the Quad

This is an activity occasionally pursued by people who are very stressed out, such as those who are taking final exams. Screaming too much might get you either a gag or a gig. Hooting and hollering is a common activity of some people engaged in a zest for life. Mmmm... Davis is zesty...

While one might state the phrase "I Scream", they may well be searching for ice cream, which is an entirely different kettle of fish.

In the city of Davis, you can find squeegees that scream, and head just a bit north to find an entire field of screams, although only seasonally. Even more spooky, you might hear screams coming from the Baxter House.

If you hear a large group of students screaming, it my be one of the UC Davis Home Football Games. Or there has been a zombie invasion.

Or you might just be at a City Council Meeting.