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50 Fullerton Ct #107
Mon-Fri 9:00AM-5:00PM
Greg Garcia

Screaming Squeegee has been offering screenprinting, embroidery, banners, and promotional items since 1987 primarily for UC Davis but also nationwide. They moved to L Street from their Olive Drive location in August 2009. Before that they were at 17B Arboretum Dr.

They offer competitive prices and quality products in a timely manner. Manufacturers include Bella, American Apparel, Hanes, Nike, Port, Gildan and many more. Large showroom and friendly, expert sales staff can advise and assist you. Licensed to print UCD apparel. Free art services for your custom-printed design. Wide range of apparel choices.

If you have purchased shirts from Screaming Squeegee, please feel free to comment and let everyone know how it went.

  • Anyone interested in learning how to screen their own shirts should check out the class offered at the Craft Center on campus.


Their old logo

The Screaming Squeegee was co-founded by two UC Davis students while they were still undergraduates. The company was eventually sold to its current owner, Greg Garcia in June of 2006 after being owned for a very brief period by another party (Jason Steenbergen). Mr. Garcia graduated from UC Davis in 1993 and is an area native, having family in both Davis and Sacramento.

Davis contains many companies providing business to business services.


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2005-09-15 19:21:03 According to Screaming Squeegee's ad on KSAC 1420, they are "woman-owned and woman-operated". Is this false or should the "he" above be a "she"? - KenjiYamada

2005-09-15 22:20:26 As far as I know, the Squeegee is co-owned by a man and a woman (can't remember names. I think she is Kristen and I know he wears bow ties a lot. They also have many female employees. - JanelleAlvstadMattson

2006-05-27 17:52:14 Actually, most recently Cristin sold the company to a foreign real estate agent from Vacaville. Employees are leaving right and left and placing orders there now is getting rather sketchy..... The current owner is actually working on selling the business as well, after only a short time or ownership. - MikeBrana

The owner in connection to this posting is no longer associated with Screaming Squeegee. The current owner took ownership in June of 2006. The author of this posting, Mike Brana, was rehired by the current owner after being let go by previous owner and was considered a valuable team member. Greg Garcia, Owner

2010-06-29 15:08:50   I'm afraid I didn't catch the name of the woman I spoke with on the phone today, but she said she was the office manager. She was exceptionally friendly and helpful. I called to see about getting a sign made for the Wiki for tabling at the farmer's market. We ended up getting a banner donated elsewhere before we got back in touch, but I wouldn't hesitate to work with Screaming Squeegee in the future. A few years ago, Screaming Squeegee made our Relay for Life team some t-shirts, too. We provided plain shirts, and they did the printing and design for free, as I recall. Extremely nice, generous people! —TomGarberson

2011-03-03 23:16:13   I hesitate to bad mouth anyone, but I feel like a large portion of what Daviswiki is good for is telling all sides of the story. These guys make great throw away shirts; low quality tees, corner-cut printing standards (no primer? really), bad color mixing (if any). The customer service is alright, in the sense that they're nice to you while they're shitting on your wallet. Will I go back to these guys? Maybe, if I need any more throw away shirts, but I wouldn't ask them to do another multicolor print. I will graciously recommend SS to anyone looking for a single color print, perhaps company picnics, res hall shirts, or community service events.

But, like I said, nice ownership, which is pretty outstanding. Thanks for smiling. —TerrenceMurphy

Thank you for your valuable feedback. Screaming Squeegee has been providing custom logowear for almost 25 years and has many long standing relationships with a number of customers. Our apparel suppliers include industry leading brands such as Port & Co, Hanes, Gildan, and American Apparel. We proof all logos with our customers before we print and also have our customers review the final product upon pick up. If the final product is not up to our customer's satisfaction we will either reprint the order or provide a credit. We would be happy to address the specific issue in this case if you would like to contact us directly. Thanks! Greg Garcia, Owner