Seanne Louvet is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Fall 2013 ASUCD Election running on the NOW slate.

Candidate Statement

Hey Aggies!!

My name is Seanne Louvet and I am thrilled to be running for ASUCD Senate with the NOW slate! I am a second year Managerial Economics major with a minor in Communication from Torrance, California. My love for UC Davis and passion to be apart of something bigger than myself has driven my decision to run for ASUCD Senate. Having served as an intern to former ASUCD Vice President Yena Bae, being involved in Greek Life as a proud sister of Alpha Chi Omega, and working at the ASUCD Coffee House, my experiences on campus have ignited my passion to be a strong advocate for students.

I am running for ASUCD Senate with NOW because I believe that we are a voice for students that positively advocates for change to better connect our campus. If elected, I want to accomplish the following platforms:

SUSTAINABLE FUNDRAISING FOR THE ASUCD SCHOLARSHIP The ASUCD Scholarship is unique in the sense that any student in good academic standing at UC Davis has the opportunity to apply and qualify for the award, whether they may be in-state, out-of-state, or even an international student. I want to establish sustainable fundraising for the ASUCD Scholarship by contacting donors and alumni, as well as continuing partnerships both on and off-campus to ensure that ASUCD is able to support a greater number of students every year. I want to implement a new annual fundraiser by hosting an ASUCD Haunted House that involves clubs and organizations so that all proceeds are able to support both the scholarship and student organizations on campus.

ENHANCE FALL WELCOME WEEK EVENTS I want to strengthen and bring together our Davis Community as a whole by hosting new events during Fall Welcome Week. ASUCD can better connect our campus to the local Davis community by hosting a “Day of Service,” in which students can volunteer to take part in various service projects both on and off-campus in exchange for a free t-shirt. Painting Aggie Pride paintings on windows at local downtown Davis businesses and planting trees in the Davis community are both examples of service events that can bring together both first-year and returning students.

I am dedicated to making the changes on campus to better student life for every Aggie! Please remember to VOTE SEANNE LOUVET #1 AND NOW #2-6 FOR ASUCD SENATE!


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