These are archived reviews of Seasons Restaurant from 2007. For more recent comments, please visit the entry.

2007-07-17 22:03:12   Way over priced bad service won't go back —dickjones

2007-07-18 09:35:07   Are you kidding me? The food is fantastic and the service we received was perfect!My husband and I went there 2 weeks ago for our anniversary. I am happy to pay a bit more for excellent service and great food. I like that the menu changes and that everytime I go there, its different. As for the service- we were very happy- if anything our wter was being refilled every five minutes which was overkill...but I don't know if I would call it a negative thing. I think the person was new... —MyaBrn

2007-07-21 17:20:06   We've had one really good entrée there, and one so-so entrée. The steak (hold the foie gras butter — ick!) was excellent, and it came with potatoes au gratin and a vegetable (broccoli, I think). But the breaded and baked chicken my partner ordered was boring. (There was some kind of sauce on it, but again: boring). There was a yummy chocolate dessert — I don't remember the details, but it was one of these chocolate w/chocolate and more chocolate desserts — and it was very good. The summer atmosphere seemed a lot more laid-back and comfortable than the crowded winter scene I remember. Service was attentive. It's a bit upscale from most Davis restaurants, but not super fancy, which is fine with me. —CovertProfessor

2007-08-03 12:59:08   I was disappointed at the lack of service food was very small portions and bland sorry just the truth —Brians

2007-08-09 17:51:43   my parents love seasons, and that is high praise... —StevenDaubert

2007-11-11 13:46:06   They now do 1/2 priced bottles pf wine on Thursadays. —AcMach

2007-11-14 12:09:12   I went their recently and had their grilled salmon sandwich. The salmon was grilled to perfection with the outer layer of the salmon slightly crispy and the inside, tender. Served on foccacia bread, the tomato based sauce and tomatoes completed this sandwich. It was, quite simply, DELISH! —AnnieSirrah

2007-11-14 23:02:34   A good compromise if you are trying to appease both adventurous eaters and 'meat and potato' guys. There seems to be a good mix on the menu. They also seated our large party in a more private room, which was really nice. All in all we had a good experience. —katherine1234

2007-12-06 18:35:55   no more $1 oysters =( —ilswtlidie

2008-02-08 21:34:48   i got the seafood and prawn risotto for lunch. the risotto was cooked in a tomato and seafood broth and topped with six prawns and sauteed spinach. the prawns were perfectly cooked and the risotto had a nice blend of flavors, so i was very happy with the first couple of bites. then i noticed the excessive amount of oil in the dish. there was a ring of oil around the rim of the risotto mound and with the exception of the surface, the rest of the rice was drenched in oil. the dish was a decent, though many would say small for the $10 price tag. if my entree wasn't swimming in oil, i would have no complaints about paying that price.

i was very pleased with the service, however. the host didn't scoff at my backpack and college student clothes and even asked if i wanted a larger table to study at. my waitress was very friendly and helpful, which was why i didn't want to complain about my dish. —QS