These are archived reviews of Seasons Restaurant from 2008. For more recent comments, please visit the entry.

2008-04-08 10:02:34   The owner is very rude and the girl that manages is even worse (somebody needs to teach her how to smile)... and they treat their waitress/waiters like sh*t. Everytime I've gone in there, one of their employess is getting repremanded for something. I also know someone who works there, so I hear all about the way they treat the people working for them. I have gotten so fed up with this place I refuse to go back and give a restaurant like this my money. Their are plenty of other great places to eat in town. —nta2002

2008-04-09 15:55:52  

Sounds like someone was having a bad day. I've had nothing but good experiences at Seasons. I highly recommend it. —moonmonkey18

2008-04-15 19:05:56   I've consistently had rather bland food here, and while prices are high if the food had more flavor I wouldn't complain about the prices at all.—sdlexie

"2008-05-02 Horrible service and uninspiring food at high prices...could not believe the segregation of customers by race....all the white customers were seated in the best seats and the people of color were made to wait a long time and escorted to the crummy seats. Deplorable!!! Davis is better than that.

2008-05-07 02:52:20   I was the hostess at Seasons at the time. The above claim that they favor the "white" customers is completely ridiculous. First of all, I am a Latina & proud of it. My manager who helped me with the seating is Asian American. To say we discriminated against "people of color" (whoever that antiquated term refers to) is just not true. That being said, I racked my brain trying to imagine how anyone could have come to that erroneous conclusion. The only time I could see there being confusion is if a customer didn't realize we worked with Open Table reservations. When we would get walk-ins on a night that was heavily booked, we would try our best to quote an accurate wait time based on how many tables were about to finish up their meal & how many of those tables needed to be held for the people who had reservations. If you were waiting & saw customers who came in after you that were being seated ahead of you, it is because Seasons honors their advance reservations. They always keep in mind the wait time that was estimated for anyone who walks in, and they do their best to seat them by the time quoted. If we ever went over a quoted time, I always tried to inform the customer that we were running behind, & let the manager know the situation. As far as the claim that the "non-white" people were escorted to the crummy seats, first let me say I don't think Seasons has a "crummy" seat in the place. It is all just a matter of personal preference. Some of the customers call to request a booth, or a specific side of the restaurant. Some people prefer the bar side, others ask to be seated on the carpeted area. I'd encourage anyone with a seating or table preference to just let them know when you come in or even better, call ahead.


2008-05-07 10:17:35   I agree with April and have never had anything but excellent service and great food. sure, its expensive, but well worth it for the quality, variety and service. When I have gone, i have used Open Table reservations as well as calling directly and everything went smoothly. For all the previousley stated reasons i think this is the best upscale place in davis for a nice dinner and beats Soga's and The Mustard Seed by far. —MyaBrn

2008-05-16 11:21:48   Best restaurant in Davis. Period. The food here is outstanding. I highly recommend the mushroom bruchetta to start. Bloomsdale spinach salad is one of the best I've had in my life. And let me tell you, the lamb ossobucco is well worth the twenty dollar price tag. Excellent wine list. I've never had a bad experience here. The service is top notch. One of the only places in Davis that opens the door for you on your way out. Oh yea, It's a good idea to make a reservation in advance. Especially for a weekend occasion. —calilivin530

2008-08-03 17:09:43   Overpriced for a meek dinner entree. —AvidSpots

2008-08-17 21:34:24   Went there and ordered their NY steak entree. Steak was good, as was the potato gratin. Beans were a bit on raw side. Presentation was nice. Unfortunately, I went when there was some group celebrating something or other; they were yelling and being loud enough that it was really distracting from the atmosphere. The service also seemed to be a bit off; took two tries to get someone retrieve a bottle of beer, despite the place being nearly empty. —StewartShearer

2008-11-07 23:16:50   If you are ready to shell out some money to get pampered this is the place to go. For not-so-rich folks like me this place is only for special occasions, but we do get our money's worth. —Xenophon

2008-12-01 18:12:00   went here again and was happy with my meal. it was not mind blowingly great but it was tasty and well prepared. my partner had the lamb which i was jealous of because my dish left me starving while hers seemed much bigger and she was stuffed. it was a busy night and the food took forever to arrive but the servers were great and the water glasses were never empty —KenichiSan