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Hi Steven, I don't think you had any bad intentions, but I don't think it's a good idea to edit others comments for typos and misspellings. If someone, like a disgruntled former employee, is sloppy enough to write an incoherent review in all caps using a sockpuppet, then it helps clue other readers to the nature of that review. I feel that only the original poster should be editing their comments. What do you think?

I've been on the hunt for typos in general, why do you care so much about this specific instance? Feel free to look at my edit history and replace all the typos I've removed in the last couple weeks. If a wikizen can't figure out to weigh that review just on the merits of all caps + the responses then c'est la vie. You want me to put a disclaimer below that review indicating I've done copy editing on it? PC makes wiki lame. ~SD

  • You sound angry.
    • I've thought about this issue a lot, but haven't really come to a conclusion. I generally fix typos on the Roommates Wanted entries, especially if the person is not a native speaker, just to help them out and clean up the ad. As much as I dislike typos, I usually leave them on angry reviews and other comments because I agree that it shows the nature of the post. I don't necessarily think it's hurting anyone if you want to correct them, that's just my reasoning for why I don't fix them. I don't think it's a big deal to fix very minor mistakes that were likely the result of typing too quickly, such as than vs. then, but it's up to the person editing at the time. So there's my sadly noncommittal opinion on the matter :)- Lori