One of the rental properties available from Seiber Properties

Office Hours
Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm

Seiber Properties is NOT a property management company. However, the owners personally manage over 13 residential and 2 commercial properties throughout Davis.

Leasing for residential properties starts in February, with 2-3 bedroom apartments and townhomes (including handicap-accessible units) in West, Central and East Davis. Rates are generally in the $1025-$1995 range.

Leasing for commercial properties is year-round with rates starting at $400. Offices vary in location and exposure, but range in size from 100 square feet to 2000 square feet.

Additional information and rental applications are available on the website.

To learn more about rental housing in Davis, check out our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.


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2009-07-04 13:21:56   I advise highly against this place. The apartment itself isn't so bad, but the management is terrible. If you're comfortable with a little terrorist popping into your house 24/7 to yell at you about her paper work mix-ups feel free. But I warn you, be prepared, document everything before you move. Often the apartment isn't finished being cleaned, and Rita might have selective memories about the details. I would classify this as a slum lord situation. Say good bye to your deposit as soon as ou give it. Don't let her take advantage of you. I repeat, document everything!! —Domlertylique

2009-07-05 11:49:54   Rita is not as bad as the poster above says. She does pop by a lot, but she's just trying to keep her properties up to date. In the end we got our whole deposit back. She even gave us a little extra because we moved out a bit earlier. —brighteyes

2010-02-02 22:25:34   Domlertyligue, I hardly ever deduct from the deposit except when door, windows, lighting were broken due to disorderly behavior. You are welcome to come see me to discuss your charges. —RitaSeiber

2010-07-15 00:37:23   Lived here before. She is pretty bad. Always kept popping in and telling me the place was horrible. It was pretty damn clean. Even my friends said they dont know why she was hassling me. Tried to make me pay for cleaning the carpets and fixing half the stuff in the apartment that was already broken when we got in. Didn't even get half my deposit back —David.Tran

2010-07-15 00:40:14   Oh yeah, she does have a selective memory. Went in to discuss rent before we moved in and then she tried to charge us 100 more when we went to sign the documents. Told her we discussed lowering the rent and she said she had no remembrance of that conversation. Finally she caved because we were not going to sign and she lowered it. —David.Tran