This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00.
24/7 for scheduled appointments or emergencies
1-888-4SEISMIC (1-888-473-4764

Seismic Computer Management is a tech support company that serves small to medium businesses with full service IT support. Aside from networking and repair of PCs and Macs, they also have on site and remote network management options, preventative maintenance packages, and service level agreements that guarantee clients lower costs and faster response times. Their Remote Preventive Maintenance "R.P.M." automates daily maintenance, virus and spyware scans, and patch installs, and does 24x7 system monitoring and remote repair for about $30 a month per computer or $100 a month per server.

Seismic Computer Management has been awarded numerous WRAP awards for their waste reduction efforts.

Seismic Computer Management was featured in a Sac Bee article for their recycling and donation efforts. Seismic fixes up old computers and donates them to non-profits such as Davis Waldorf School, Pine Tree Gardens, Progress Ranch, and Computers4Kids, a program in West Sac for children of low-income families. A free Sac Bee registration is required to viewthe article. They are also mentioned inthis article for their work with the Computers4Kids program.

Owner Tripp Kuehnis is a UC Davis graduate who has been repairing computers in Davis for 14 years.

Davis contains many companies providing business to business services.


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I had a good experience here.They are very helpful and friendly. They also send you a "thank you" note when you donate old computers to them. Very cool! ArielaHaro

2009-08-21 01:28:29   Mr. Tripp Kuehnis has sold his business to a company somewhere in the Stockton or Modesto area a while back. He is now working full-time with his wife at her very successful business in Elk Grove. The business is in the medical field called Vails Family Practice. He has taken his great talents and focused himself on his wife's medical business at —Cybershield

2009-10-28 13:53:27   I called the number and it says its not in service, therefore I am removing this page from the list. —RealComputers