The ASUCD Senate President Pro Tempore is the official representative of the ASUCD Senate. Each quarter a member of the ASUCD Senate is elected by a majority vote of his/her peers to serve in this position. In the absence of the Presiding Officer/President of the Senate (ASUCD Vice President) the President Pro Tempore assumes such duties. The election and duties of the ASUCD Senate President Pro Tempore are described in ASUCD Bylaw 201.

Duties include:

  • Appointing members to Standing Committees as well as other appointments as prescribed by the ASUCD Constitution and Bylaws
  • Compile publicly display quarterly reports of voting and non-voting members of the ASUCD Senate
  • Ensure that each Unit Director submits reports to the ASUCD Senate
  • Serve as Presiding Officer over Senate Meetings in the absence of the Vice President+
  • Serve as presiding officer over the interview committee for the Chairperson and members of the ASUCD Elections Committee
  • Report on all legislation passed at the previous meeting

During Budget Hearings although the ASUCD Vice President is present, he/she is considered part of the Management Team, thus the President Pro Tempore presides over budget hearings. An interesting note: in past budget hearings an election of a new president pro tempore has taken place, although this is technically incorrect. Even though the Pro Tempore presides over budget hearings, he/she does not succeed to the Vice Presidency and thus the position of Pro Tempore remains filled. If the Senate chooses to elect someone to assist the Pro Tempore—as the Pro Tempore would traditionally assist the Vice President during regular meetings—it would certainly not be to the post of Pro Tempore but one possibility would be a Deputy President Pro Tempore, or something of the like.

The Current President Pro Tempore is: Rebecca Schwartz

Previous President Pro Tempores