The Sereno Hotties is the well known (at least throughout the dorm) nickname of the residents of Sereno Hall 2004-05. Among the year's hotties were MANY guitarists, plenty of pianists, a good amount of Band-uh members, our share of artists, a couple drama/forensics people, one photographer (I HEART MARY!!!) and one...well, misplacement (But its ok, because Esther was the awesome of the awesome. Period.)

Famous Hotties included the infamous Amanda Korkunis, who coined the hall phrase: "SHUT IT!" (which was later stolen and used to obscurity by the peeps at Rienda Hall), The Tran, the ghetto-fab one, Melanie Levy, the Jewish one that anyone could hear from anywhere in the dorm, and our awesome RA JoeyCastaneda, who everyone loved. There was also the first mistress Coreen Blakley and her "slave" (in more ways than one...) AndreHarris. Of course, there were others that all had their own special sort of fame within Sereno, but there are like 60 Hotties, so you add whoever you want.

Among the crazy activities the Hotties partook in was many IM sports, regular dance parties, weekly games of Mafia in the "pre lounge", drunken stumbling through the halls at anytime in the day, and the coveted haunted house. Oh yeah, and it was right in front of Sereno that a man was shot to death in a tragic police shoot out.

I remember the day that the tragic death occured. I was riding home and like i had to go around campus due to caution tape. I then heard the story. Many of my dorm mates witnessed the shootout, and were shooken up by it. Also, the police went around our dorm questioning and getting names/numbers. The most disturbing thing was that I was making some ramen, and I could look out the kitchenette window and just see his body like...lying there. One of the more difficult ramen meals I have ever had to eat... -AndreHarris

It is crazy because two of my good friends lived in room 104, and there is currently a bullet hole to the right of their window. Thank goodness it didnt go through.

The dorm was also known around the Regan Segundo Indio dorm. Apparently, most people could see the wild parties, mating gestures, and wild and out wackyness that ensued on the dorm's lounge. For the '04-'05 dorms, the residents were an eclectic potpourri of talents, beliefs, and mannerisms. Some were known to be complete nocturnals, while others enjoyed endless stream of cereal at all hours of the day. Most, however, shared a passion (if not at least a partial love) to more artistic channels - music, drama, photography.

Of the dizzying array of unique qualities this dorm shared during the '04-'05 year, the most notable was the ability to do most outings and support as a complete and collective group. IM games, drama tryouts, and sporting events were known to have the entire Sereno dorm, or none at all.

There is so much more that can be said about the Hotties...but, that can be saved for another day...a day when we walk down those mural-coated walls of the great Sereno Hall once again!

Once a Sereno Hottie, always...well you're always HAWT!!!

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