Seth is always looking for more singing and champagne-drinking friends

Sethsingers is a group of UC Davis alumni who sang in the University Chorus at various points during the years 1994 through 2008. The group returns to Davis each year for the UCD Chorus Alumni Weekend, during which the alumni rehearse and then perform in a concert with the current chorus.

Sethsingers was formed ahead of the second Alumni Chorus reunion — the March 2004 performance of Verdi's Requiem. On October 27, 2003 Seth sent out an email to 8 fellow alumni, inquiring as to who would attend the upcoming reunion and what their plans for the weekend were. Enthusiastic responses followed, often with additional alumni added to the recipient list. Unfortunately, the recipient lists became increasingly chaotic as people nonchalantly responded to older emails that had incomplete recipient lists, while at the same time, adding additional (new) recipients. NoCa2+ grew weary of trying to "maintain" this recipient list (see "herding cats"), and on November 5, 2003 created a Yahoo! Group to manage the de facto mailing list. The group was named "Sethsingers — The Singing Friends of Seth" to pay homage to Seth's initiative and inclusive attitude. As of February 2009, Sethsingers has 31 subscribers.

Sethsingers have a special relationship with conductor Jeffrey Thomas, as many of the group were part of his first class during his initial year at UC Davis (academic year 1996-1997).

Sethsingers tend to frequent such local establishments as Sophia's, Woodstock's, and Caffe Italia when they converge on Davis. They hold an informal convocation ceremony in the Arboretum each year.

Some Sethsingers at the Mondavi Center in 2006, including Seth and 7 of the 8 alumni he originally emailed


Media Format
Brahms, Johannes
A German Requiem
Beethoven, Ludwig Van
Symphony No. 9 "Choral"
2006 June 4
Orff, Carl
Carmina Burana

2005 March 13

Mahler, Gustav
Symphony No. 2 "Resurrection"

2004 March 14

Verdi, Giuseppe