4501 Alhambra Drive
(East Davis, near the intersection of Mace Blvd. & Alhambra Drive)


Email: Seville.MaceRanch@FpiMgt.com


Central heat/air
Covered parking
Handicapped access
Storage units
Exercise room
Cats allowed

Washer/Dryer in unit

The Seville at Mace Ranch offers two, three, and four-bedroom apartments ranging from $2155/month to $2905/month with a $500 pet deposit [March 2017]. All units have an attached garage, and the complex is on both Unitrans and Yolobus lines. This complex is professionally managed by FPI Management.  It is required that you maintain renter's insurance to live here.  Internet options are a bit limited, OmSoft only offers 3mbps as of 2016-08-17, so the only high-speed option seems to be nasty ol' Comcast.

For more information about rental housing within Davis, please check out our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.


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Expensive and far away. (out by Mace)

2005-07-01 14:47:23   I agree, and too much handycap parking —LillyAllen

2005-10-01 22:22:17   Exclusive,clean,very responsible tenants. No crazy parties! —KoJim

2005-10-01 22:23:43   And very well managed and maintained! —KoJim

2007-03-19 22:57:55   I am thinkng of living here, could anyone post what type of noise you hear through the walls? Tvs, voices, cabinents, ect? Anyone lived here recently that can comment? Thanx! —HeatherMelton

2007-05-09 16:52:39   Nice place. Great management! —AggieAlum

2007-06-17 18:18:09   I agree. No crazy parties to speak of. Generally responsible tenants, though many would benefit from an extensive training course in recycling/waste flow. I frequently have to fish loads of paper and recyclables out of the dumpsters (huge cardboard boxes, bags full of empty soda cans and bottles). There's also a dearth of awareness about what constitutes acceptable trash and what needs to be taken to the landfill (old office chairs, tvs, e-waste, etc.). As for management, the on-site folks are okay. They tend to be busy, but responsive when you can get ahold of them. Office hours kept are not exactly those that are posted. WARNING: The fire alarms in these places are the kind that are plugged into the ceiling, but which also take a back-up battery. If the battery goes out, the things will chirp at you endlessly. Figuring out how to shut them up is no easy task. —ajsikes

2007-08-08 23:15:49   To address the concerns about noise from neighbors, I could occasionally hear banging (from what I assume was someone hanging pictures), tv, and voices. Not too bad, though. I never really had a problem with that kind of stuff. On occasion neighbors/roommates lovemaking was way too loud to study or sleep (not quite sure if that is thin walls, loud sex, or a combination of the two). Upsides: I played music, sometimes pretty loud, and no one ever complained. Most things worked and management was responsive when we had problems. Downsides: Rodents (we had a problem as they managed to crawl under our door during the rainy season). You are in the middle of nowhere. It is expensive. We worked our asses off cleaning/scrubing/washing the apartment thoroughly and barely got any of our deposit back. —SeanJohannessen

2007-10-04 11:56:14   I really like this place for people who are professionals and/or do not go to UCD. They were built to be condos but apparently the Davis City Council said no and they have to be apartments for 5 years. They are new, clean, nice, and 3 miles away from downtown Davis which is just far enough to avoid typical college apartment problems. It's a short bike ride down 2nd or 5th Street to get in to town and right across the street from a big park. Close to Nuggets (on the other side of the freeway on Mace), Konditorei (1.25 miles), Toad Hollow Dog Park (2.25 miles), and Sudwerk (2.25 miles). —Judge

  • This explains a lot. They really are like houses when you're inside, even though they're called "apartments." Many (all?) of them have attached garages too. —JeremyOgul

2007-10-10 13:26:39   I recently stayed for 10 days as my daughter/son-in-law's guest at the Seville, and the management could not have been nicer. I dropped a contact lens (my fault) down a drain in the guest bath, and the handy man came over 20 minutes after I reported the loss and found it. He was courteous and efficient. The grounds were well maintained and in general, I found it a fine living arrangement. AnnG —angieg


2008-02-18 16:59:02   Going to add another comment-when I first moved here it seemed to take a while for the handyman to come out-then again, everyone had just signed new leases so there were probably a lot of issues. Now-I call because my lock was broken and the handyman came out the same day. He fixed the lock, the screen door off the slider, and was very sweet to my dog which was good to know in case he needs to come in when I am not here. —Judge

2008-03-06 20:08:20   rat Fest! This is the worst apartment complex ever. Theres rats running around all over the apartment complex. They keep saying they are going 2 resolve the problem, but they never do. Management is horrible. They never fix anything. My shower was clogged over a month. They lie and change everything around. They are never in the office. Even if you leave a voice mail, Jana (the worst manager) will never respond. —ocean

2008-04-18 18:30:25   Were there really rat problems or was it just a bad experience? —Megan579

2008-06-14 22:59:17   What exactly is the pet policy here? Are dogs allowed? If yes, what about weight limits/breed restrictions? —belinda364

2008-07-03 13:38:52   The actual apartment is very nice. Compared to other places i've seen in davis, its one of the nicest places to live here. The management is terrible though. The office is closed at random times and it is almost impossible to get a package. I had a problem with my blinds; someone came out right away to look at it, but never did anything about it. If you don't need to deal with the management, its an awesome place to live. —vic

2008-07-03 18:57:35   The reason we are not renewing a lease is due to the apartment manager, Jana. She is a horrible manager AND a not too great person. As the year progressed she seemed to be in the office less and less during the posted hours, with no indication as to when she would return. The one time she was there- at the beginning of the year- I reminded her our DW was broken and she yelled at the handyman and said he forgot to replace it –even though she was aware she never wrote it on the work order. She is rude, and never returns my smiles or hellos when I see her OUTSIDE the office. She creates a negative living atmosphere that luckily for the complex is offset by the wonderful handymen. The two handymen have always been friendly and quick to fix things when they get the orders.

OVERALL: Okay place to live: nice pool, good storage in garage, but very difficult to get packages or anything else from the office. I think it would be a great place to live if it was better managed, oh, and if you don’t mind the occasional mouse, which should be expected since there are fields surrounding the complex.


2008-10-29 09:28:27   First gripe: Dishonest with security deposit reimbursement. Lived in apartment for ~2 years, treated it well, no damage done to the apartment. Did move-out walkthrough with the worthless Janna at the rental office—she assured us that we'd get our entire deposit back, and marked down that the apartment was clean with no damage, but when we got the security deposit back from St. Anton—the manager of the property—a month later, we were deducted over half of our deposit for cleaning charges, stating "beyond normal wear and tear" which was definitely not the case since it was just as clean as when we moved in. The suspicious thing was that the cleaning company hired to do the cleaning (a 3rd party hire) decides whether the apartment is in need of more cleaning beyond normal wear and tear—conflict of interest much?

Second gripe: When living there, Janna, the rental office manager, was NEVER around. Getting packages was problematic at best. Maintenance was slowly taken care of by the office, and typically was only half-done by the workers.

Third gripe: At the end of our second lease year when given renewal papers, the amount of the rent increase was marked on the new lease as the "normal" APR interest by local banks, and was listed on the lease as 1.5% APR. After checking with the local banks, the HIGHEST APR by any bank was 0.43%—not a huge deal, but just shows how they dishonestly manage some things.

Pricey but nice alternative to busier and noisier apartment complexes. It's definitely a pleasant place to live and they have nice units, albeit far away from most things in Davis, but if you do decide to live here, just kiss your security deposit goodbye when you sign the lease and don't expect to see any of it regardless of how well you treat the apartment. —chicodegallo

2009-05-12 We have been living at these apartments for some time. There was a manager before Janna who was extremely efficient but unusually rude. When we came, the apartments had a very bad mice infestation and although it took some time to get the mice away (in large part by our own measures), the problem was addressed promptly. Then someone complained about that manager being rude, and we got Janna, who is not only rude, but quite incompetent. It is true that she is never at the office during office hours. Furthermore, I have the impression that the only apartment that gets worked on in a regular manner is hers, while the swimming pool, jacuzzy and outide appearance of the complex deteriorates. Should you have a plumbing or different problem after hours, you are on your own, as there is no way that you can get a hold of anyone if you have ANY sort of emergency related to the apartment. I think these units are an ok place to live, but frankly, they are not worth the money. I would not rent at this place if I knew what I know now. —Eckhardt

2009-07-21 20:46:31   I lived in this complex for some time and I'll have to say that it's by far the best apartment complex I've lived in for a great price. Unlike the negative comments I read, my experience is quite the opposite. Janna was always available, was always accomodating and very HELPFUL. I would say that she's probably the best Apartment manager I've ever worked with. Any maintenance issue I had would either get fixed within the hour or within the same day. When we first started looking for places around Davis, we saw quite a few and Seville was the last place we saw. We met with Janna to look at a 2-BR. Compared to other managers we met with, she was the most professional one. - LA —leahambrosio

2010-01-20 20:07:24   I have lived in the Seville for 3 years now in a 2x2 above the garages and i think this is an awesome place to live. What's great about this complex is the value for the price. You get a garage(great for protecting expensive cars), washer/dryer, close freeway access, and a pet/family friendly environment. It is also a 5 minute walk to the new Target. For around $700 in rent, what more could you ask for? I have had zero problems with my apartment and perhaps i have been lucky. For the amenities you get, this has to be one of the best valued apartments in Davis.

However, if you are a student, you may find it to be quite far away. However, since the freeway is so close, it takes about 5 minutes to get to campus. I also find the A line to actually be one of the worst bus lines out there simply because it comes twice an hour and has to cover about 10 miles of total distance (also drives through the downtown area). If you get on the bus at the Seville stop, it may take you about 20 minutes to get to campus. —kkbmlb5

2010-04-20 18:35:15   @ kkbmlb5: This sure does look like a wonderful complex, but how did you manage to get a ~$700 rate for a 2 bedroom?? —Blaine

2010-07-13 18:06:24   I will arrive in Seville on 16th of August. I have a question. I want very high speed internet. Comcast or At&t DSL(Uverse)? —spomed

2011-08-06 14:20:43   I agree with everything "chicodegallo" states in their view of the apartments. Literally everything he/she put down happened to me, including the security deposit. Not only will you not get it back, they will send you a bill. Know your rights and don't let shady people like this control you! People like these who take advantage of others like this make me sick. I strongly urge you to seek other places to live; you can find a nice house in Davis for about the same price of one of their poorly managed apartments.

The walls are thin so you can hear your neighbor upstairs at all times. Comcast is good for the area Janna (the manager) is NEVER in her office during office hours. You wont get your deposit back. —BenKappler

2012-02-23 13:36:53   I lived in these apartments from 2005-2007 and everything people are saying about the deposit (not getting a cent of it back) is true. I kept the apartment immaculate and ended up getting a bill that said "above normal wear and tear". Sadly, I read reviews and people were already complaining about not getting deposits back and I ignored them. They are nice apartments and do not hear much noise at all, but too expensive, not to mention shady management. I was there before Jana and stayed for not long after she started. She was never in the office from the very begining and there were always "ghetto" looking people hanging out at her apartment. —christigiang

2012-12-19 23:54:44   I can testify that it is a really nice apartment complex. A little pricey though. We have a space that we need to occupy so if anyone is interested in living here, shoot me an email! (dont worry, i wont treat your email as spam) spammers.get.this.email@gmail


2013-05-23 15:35:00   christigiang What is ghetto? "african american" ? —ToddContini

2013-07-03 17:06:05   Not a good place for families with kids. No speed limit is posted inside. Speeding cars are coming in.

Outsiders and the Manager's boy-friends are drinking inside the common pool area and sauna. You will see used condoms left near the pool.

Last month there were robbery inside the complex. Not a safe place because of very easy access to highway 80 which may be an escape route for the robbers. My family's bicycles were stolen four times in last one year.


2015-03-29 13:23:12   My family and I have lived here for a total of 6 years. When we first moved here, it was great. The rent was okay, the maintenance guy was really great and the place was quiet. BUT NOW THEY HAVE A NEW OWNER. They are remodeling every single unit going from one to another. They do not care about the noise they make during the day and the inconvenience they cause the tenants during the process. I know a family from the same complex who send their teenager to another apartment because the daughter cannot be alone in their own apartment while the guys are working on it. After they remodel everything they are going to raise the rent by about $300 on 2 bedrooms and maybe more for the 3 and 4 bedrooms. They often have theft here on the back parking lot which they will never tell anyone especially the new tenants. People from other apartments jump over the pool at night. Management just put new outdoor umbrella and chairs by the pool but someone stole them within a week. Guess who is paying for them, yep the TENANTS. They found used condom inside the swimming pool at one time. The new maintenance person SMOKES TOO MUCH even on places where he should not be smoking and he is not friendly. If you are thinking about moving to this place, drive around during the day and see for yourself how they work on each unit and bothering the people that try to sleep during the day ( not everyone is on day shift). The place is well maintained but you'll find yourself paying for it including the new changes in every unit. If you decide to come take a look at the place ask Michelle in the front office how many people are moving out this year. When she gives you a number then you'll know that it is a good indication of BAD complex. But chances are she won't reveals that. They hide a lot of things here. ACE —ARNMATT

2015-04-05 16:49:19   Everything people are saying about the deposit (not getting a cent of it back) is true. Everything people are saying about the environment (remodeling works making the complex inhabitable ) is true. The present Management of Seville Apartment has received several Citations from County and State Officials for non-compliance of Air-quality (too much dust from the remodeling work that may cause cancer or breathing problems), and for violations in maintaining the pool area including dirty pool water. The present Management is trying to bypass the State and Federal Law regarding the rent control. This year they are increasing the rent a hectic 30% (for example, for a 3 B 2ba, from 1725 to 2375/month i.e. about $650/month increase!) which is a clear violation! The new owner is justifying this hectic rent by saying that they are "remodeling"! Which is a mere spending few dollars for the Kitchen. I am sure they would not be able to kick their present renters ass like this in any other county by bypassing the tenant rights rent control law! —DonPedro

2015-04-15 01:49:44   I've lived here for three years and would have stayed were it not for the new owners. They don't care about the people who live here and that has been apparent from day one. Some of my issues with management: they don't care about tenants (oh, I already said that); rent increase? almost $1,000 per month, from $1725 to $2685 for a 3 bedroom (yup, that's in a single year); they hold your mail hostage (just get the PO Box when you move in because they will never be in the office when you have time to pick up mail); they want to come into your apartment for some reason or other every month; they scheduled annual inspections during the Thanksgiving holiday; during the remodeling, they left us without running water for 5 days, they also broke some of my belongings and didn't tell me about it (hoping I wouldn't notice? No big deal; just something irreplaceable that I bought when I lived in Korea years ago), and they filled the place with toxic glue fumes; to make up for all of this they give you a key to an empty apartment where you can cook and take showers; unfortunately the unit has no chairs, no shower curtain and nothing to cook with. Prior to the hostile takeover by new owners, this place was a nice home. It used to be easy to pick up your mail; you weren't dinged if your rent was a day late; the neighbors and the people in the office and the maintenance staff were extremely nice. That made it easier to overlook the shortcomings of the actual apartment 1) mold in the bathrooms and around the windows (it's bad and I think it's in the walls); 2) mice - this place is right next to a field, but if it's a big rodent season there are way too many! (this has been a problem one year out of three); and 3) small and horrible living/kitchen arrangement; this may be different in some apartments, but the 3 bedrooms do not give you enough square footage or wall space to arrange a comfortable living room. All of the existing tenants here are being strongly encouraged to leave by the owners, so all I can say is: Renters Beware! —KenGonzo

2015-04-22 16:43:21   Be warned -- the prices listed in this wiki are old -- prices have increased dramatically under new management. Disappointed with new management. I've lived here for a few years and love the community - would have recommended to anyone; however, under new management, rent is increasing by 22% or more, rules and regulations are numerous, office hours have been slashed (posted currently as 10-4 M-F, but changes frequently), concerns are not addressed, phone calls are not returned, emails are not responded to in a timely manner (if at all), and the remodel hanging over our heads is a nightmare. I've tried to voice these concerns and have been told numerous times that the office staff is also frustrated - okay, but that doesn't address the concern of the residents. The new management immediately started bad-mouthing the old management, but honestly, the old management returned phone calls, addressed concerns, were friendly and courteous. I've given up trying to work through the frustrations and will simply jump through the hoops they put in place without requesting anything more. I will most likely stay one more year out of convenience, but I would love to see the new management step up and realize that the residents are their customers -- they should want happy residents to encourage others to move to the community rather than disgruntled residents who warn people to stay away. —dpc

2015-08-07 13:14:25   I lived here only one year, and will leaving now. when I come to Davis and want to find a good place, i found Seville. I still remember i asked a resident, a young lady in swimming pool how about the apartment. she said it is a very nice place and the office, the manager is a nice woman too. it make me to decide rent the apartment although it is more expensive than many other apartment in Davis. but several months before the nice lady left and the new guy is terrible. i could accept dirty swimming pool, noise , even rats, but the manager's rude make me so angry. he never have patient to listen to your needs, and just care about the money! sometimes I feel discriminated because English is not my first language. now if anyone ask my suggestion, i will say please not be cheated by the outside view, living in it is not a good experience. and after see the others comments, i begin to worry about my deposit. —kitty_lin

2016-08-14  Complex appears to be under new management.  Spoke with a couple of quite friendly women about viewing an apartment yesterday, no issues so far.  -Perspicaciosity

2016-08-17 Update a year later: things have been good in general.  Management is friendly, though a bit difficult to get in contact with if you work weekdays.  Never had any issues with neighbors.  -Perspicaciosity