Health Education and Promotion
Student Health and Wellness Center Third Floor
Monday - Friday, 8am - 4:30pm

Sexual Health Student Assistants with the Student Health and Wellness Center's Health Education and Promotion conduct public health outreach, facilitate presentations (such as "Sex Jeopardy"), help develop marketing materials, and advocate for changes to the campus/community environment.

The Sexual Health Student Assistants also run the Love Lab. The Love Lab is a mobile cart stocked with free safer sex products for students of UC Davis. The Love Lab travels around campus with the HEP volunteers. Every time you visit the Love Lab you can get two packets of water based lubricant, ten free condoms, and a variety of safer sex pamphlets for free. The Love Lab also has flavored dental dams and female condoms. The Love Lab can be found on the Third Floor of the Student Health and Wellness Center Monday- Friday from 9am to 4:30pm and students are welcome to stop by at any time for their 10 free condoms.

They have an extensive collection of (sexual health websites) on a variety of topics ranging from STIs to communication & relationships to what to do if you've been sexually assaulted. A few especially interesting links they have are: an "STD Wizard" which assesses your risk for various STDs; catchy MTV video clips about using condoms; an STD risk chart that reveals which infections can be transmitted through different sexual acts; and a quiz to help figure out which birth control fits your lifestyle best.

They also provide a (Condom Map) which lists following are locations where you can purchase condoms and receive HIV/STI testing services. Store locations include hours, address and price ranges in order to provide you the best information when deciding to purchase condoms in the Davis area! Testing locations include hours, contact information, address, prices and type of testing offered. *All items sold, price ranges, and hours are subject to change*

Health Education and Promotion also has Dr. Love's Condom Buying Guide for Davis - (direct link) (please note that the document needs to be zoomed in on Google docs. The button is in the upper right hand corner. Also if you would like to print the guide, print from the Google doc itself, not file...print... etc)

All STI testing is performed confidentially. However, there are two ways to have an HIV test done: anonymous or confidential. - Click here to learn more about HIV testing.

You can also find other local clinics offering confidential testing using online services like - STD Check

Note: While the UC Davis Student Health Services, Health Education & Promotion department has provided this resource, we do not specifically endorse any of the resources posted here.

See also Youth and Young Adult Clinic at UC Davis Medical Center, which offers free reproductive health services to teens and young adults 13 and older.


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