Shadiness Factor: A unit of measure that rates an individual/organization/action that uses shady (hidden/secretive/semi-unlawful) means to accomplish a task. It's one of many Wiki Rating Systems developed on this wiki.

Many things can be referred to as "Shady", but what does this really mean?

Shadiness has a rating system of 1 to 10 (from least shady to most shady).

Here's is an example of a shadiness factor scale to illustrate the concept of rating things as shady (don't take this too seriously, though; it's all for fun):

  1. Playing frisbee on the Quad (on a sunny day, of course). Bike Church ministers not showing up for scheduled times, they have lives and sometimes other important things, but it just appears shady.

  2. Religious Fraternities (ie. AGO and AEPi), People who discriminate against religious beliefs,, Davis Police Department.

    2½‎. Visiting a business as yourself but writing about it with a sockpuppet.

  3. Lamargate, LiveJournal drama, Students for an Orwellian Society.

  4. Dog Ate Your Homework Shady, TAPS, the Halloween Headquarters store that sprung up in Davis Manor.

  5. The smell by the cereal in the CoHo, Jon Li of the Governance Task Force, Student Focus recruiting incoming freshmen on Facebook(c/o 2010), or LEAD using the same tactic for three years running (c/o 2010-2012) .

  6. Plasma Screen TVs in the CoHo, Kalen Gallagher saying Choice Voting is a "disease".

  7. The Sterling University Vista Apartments Riot, Campus Crusade for Christ, Steven Ostrowski trying to "take over" the Progressive Coalition, ASUCD Elections, business owners leaving fake comments on their own pages.

  8. Campaigning in Dorms Controversy, advertising via sticking ads on bikes (stop this abomination now). AT&T murdering the talking clock. Fischer, Carrillo & Associates advertising services via spam. Websites like The Campus Crusade for Chaos and Confusion, Club Finance Council

  9. Rob Roy taking advantage of his position as manager of Ben & Jerry's for political purposes on Free Cone Day while running for City Council, by offering free ice cream on him, while the free ice cream in fact has nothing to do with his campaign. It might have been somewhat shadier if Rob then helped Unilever build an industrial ice cream waste dump in Davis.

  10. LaRouche cultists, Mr. Chan's Chinese Food , ASUCD religious political parties, suing your friends, Business Fraud.

  11. Sword and Sandals, a local secret society. Rob Roy getting disqualified, Measure X/Covell Village campaign on campus - pizza for vote trade, hiring practices, campaign workers inside the polling center talking to students waiting to vote. The Shadiness Factor page. Tristero

  12. UCDPD Lieutenant John Pike battering non-violent protestors. Annette Spicuzza justifying this violence. Linda Katehi spewing bullshit in response rather than taking immediate action to ensure the campus is safe again.

Many shady comments are also posted on Restaurants, Bars & Beauty Salons and Barber Shops pages

AshleyOrsaba has a different idea of what is shady.


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2005-02-16 15:30:29   I think this is hilarious. I'd love to start rating other pages. Just out of curiosity, what shadiness rating does Students for an Orwellian Society get? —BrentLaabs

2005-02-16 21:31:04   I think Students for an Orwellian Society are well beyond shady. We need to invent a whole new concept of shady for them :) —BryanBell

2005-02-16 21:34:12   the Black Caesar was definitley shady as was Andrew Wieman's death. —KenBloom

2005-02-21 12:39:27   i recently found out that two of my friends are members of s&s. if these two jackasses are members, S&S's shadiness factor should be well below Plasma Screens, which is, by far, the shadiest of the lot. —RishiTrivedi

I think the Shadiness factor (of the Sterling Riot) lies with the police —JamesSchwab

  • I was there, the Sterling Riot was a clear and present significant danger to any innocent residents of the complex and their properties. It is my opinion that it was absolutely not shadiness on behalf of the police. —KrisFricke
  • There are proper methods of crowd control, from all the reports I've read and heard, the police did not use proper procedure. Using proper procedure will lead to a decrease in tensions not increases. The Police are professionals and they should be able to properly disperse a crowd. —JamesSchwab
    • I've heard your objections to their "non-lethal weapons" and I've studying that subject myself, but the point is that the crowd was already unruly, violent and threatening before the cops arrived. I know people who feared for their lives and barely managed to escape (after being chased by large drunk riotious young males) way before the cops arrived. The riot was in process before the cops got involved. —KrisFricke
      • I never said the crowd wasn't violent, I never defended students, I criticized the police. Again, proper methods of crowd dispersion were not used. —JamesSchwab

2005-03-09 13:41:18   Recent polling indicates that Rob Roy's disqualification is indeed pretty damn near a 10! —KrisFricke

2005-03-17 14:20:24   I think Jusco is pretty shady. —MarieHuynh

2005-03-17 15:12:02   How bout the Tiqula Bledsoe incident? —ArlenAbraham

  • Which Tiqula incident? I think Tiqula in general was about a 10.1 —KrisFricke

2005-03-18 22:15:57   i really don't like how Campus Crusade is put at a #9 ranking in being shady. I've kept my mouth shut about christian bashing on wiki (because it's sometimes funny i.e - christian kids saying darn and gosh), but the #9 ranking is going too far. It's a religious org and to give it a 9 ranking makes wiki users look like jerks —GeorgejAndrews

  • They are pretty shady though. I am frequently accosted by them on the quad and around the CoHo (not so much this quarter tho) and they want to convert me or something. That seems pretty damn shady to me. What rating would you recommmend? —GeorgeLewis
  • I'll poll the shadiness rating of campus crusade for christ next time EMOSNAIL updates. Well time after next, because we have another ASUCD poll overdue. —KrisFricke
    • Having Fricke do a poll on Campus Crusade in EMOSNAIL is like having me do a poll on Nathan Thomas/Black Caesar/Dan Beeman Approval ratings among DCR members —GeorgejAndrews
      • I'm shocked George, that one would imply EMOSNAIL polling is anything but the paridigm of objectivity! (= —KrisFricke
      • Okay George I think the polls have run long enough for me to reveal my true motive for running the CCC poll — the results in EMOSNAIL show a significantly lower (by .93) shadiness rating than the results in the ucdavis community. I think we can safely say that the readers of emosnail are NOT unduly biased against religious groups. —KrisFricke

2005-03-18 23:59:32   For George's sake you might want to add the LaRouche people on the those guys are WAY shady. Double the square?! Talk about brainwashing a-holes! —JimSchwab

  • Hmm, where to put the LaRouche people? It's hard to decide, because it's not exactly secret that they're a cult. I've heard people saying the same thing at Ventura College, UCLA, and UCSB. Perhaps 9, and move the Crusade up to 8? We might also want to split off an ASUCD list in the future. —BrentLaabs
  • ummmmm...YEAH. Put those damn LaRouche people on there. I been bothered at least as many times by them as the CCC. Admittedly though, they don't bother me nearly as much for obvious reason. —GeorgeLewis
  • What do you say 7? 8? for LaRouche —JimSchwab
  • Since it is now on the list twice, we'll keep the polls open on LaRouche. I vote 9. —BrentLaabs
  • 10 damn it! they yell hella rude things to people and act like LaRouche is going to save the whole world even though he seems quite crazy —RevChad
    • I agree Chad, but annoyance != shadyness. They aren't very secretive, which is one of the main definitions of shadiness. —BrentLaabs
      • They claim to promote thinking for yourself while trying to brainwash you, and they claim to promote math while Barnabas Truman tells me they are out to distort/destroy mathematics as he knows it. LaRouche > CCC. —RevChad

2005-03-19 20:00:45   Philip, by calling this page a joke. I am offened. Are you saying my disqualification was not shady? You are no longer a friend. I hate you. —RobRoy

2005-03-19 21:13:18   I see religious frats on here, but what about normal social or career specific fraternities? —GeorgeLewis

2005-03-19 21:16:39   Do joke pages have a place? I mean, yes I would consider some regular frats shady, but that is my own opinion. Others may find the ACLU or Choice voting shady.... —JimSchwab

  • Then just make your own list :)

2005-03-19 21:20:54   The religious frats are shady due to their connections with ASUCD. Look through the history on Senate if you want to know more. —BrentLaabs

2005-03-19 22:22:23   I'm shocked and appalled that you rated the Orwellians as 3 on a shadiness list. Shame on you. The Orwellians are doubleplusunshady, and can't stand when they get negative publicity. ;) —BrentLaabs

2005-03-20 16:19:07   I don't think these individual lists are a very good idea at all. If you have a presonal list, put it on your own page or else before we know it this will have everyones list on it and the page will be crazy long. —GeorgeLewis

2005-03-20 20:00:38   Is Ashley Orsaba's list reversed, with things descending from most to least shady? Also I agree with George — I don't think this page is meant to be lists of shadiness so much as the things listed are examples to illustrate the One True List —KrisFricke

2005-03-20 20:24:10   he he he, yes i DID screw up my list and now i deleted it, since apparently its alright if only some people are allowed to have lists but not all —AshleyOrsaba

2005-03-20 20:36:13   Ashley, who said that? I think that there shouldn't be any extra lists on this page and we should start a new page where people can post their own lists if necessary. There should only be one list on this page —GeorgeLewis

2005-03-20 20:52:13   people should add their own lists to show that people have varying opinions and so everyone is not accountable to the "example" list above. that way there is no attempt to represent everyones views. If this page gets too long then another page can be made at that time. —KristenBirdsall

I removed the attribution of my list because I did not want it there. I added my list because I felt it lessened the impact and seeming authority the first list would have. There is no way there will be a concencious opinion on whether or not something is "really really shaddy," so just showing differing opinions is important. Besides, isn't the point of this page to illustrate the idea rather than convince us something is shaddy? None of the items have explainations, so it's probably just meant as an illustration. If there's actual discussion about this stuff, why not add it to the individual pages instead? I notice that the Sterling University Vista Apartments page has no discussion about whether or not the riot was X and Y, and instead this dialog has taken place elsewhere several times. —PhilipNeustrom

2005-03-20 21:55:55   agreed. i like your take —AshleyOrsaba

2005-03-20 22:20:56   Interesting. I still think there needs to be some sort of standardized ranking system. The original seemed fine to me. heh. oh well. —GeorgeLewis

2005-03-20 22:22:39   I completely disagree with you because the top list *does* have more authority. It represents a consensus decision on each item. It represents polling at EMOSNAIL. Your list is not as important as any of the other lists. If you weren't an admin, I'd be editing you now. If you want to have different lists, I'd prefer that they were about different things. ASUCD, stores in Davis, the administration. —BrentLaabs

  • Brent, you're always free to remove my edits.

2005-03-20 22:26:48   well i think then it sould say "Based on emosnail" or something b/c i'm sure i'm not the only one who didnt know the origin of the first list. —AshleyOrsaba

2005-03-20 22:29:27   Not all the things on the first list come from EmosnailJimSchwab

2005-03-20 22:45:19   Not everything comes from emosnail That's correct. You all missed the point of what I was saying. More people worked on the first list:

MarkKlebanov, BrentLaabs, AdamGerber, RevChad, KenBloom. KrisFricke, JamesSchwab, RishiTrivedi, and PhilipNeustrom have all contributed to the first list. The other ones represent a single person's list.

Can we edit those lists too? —BrentLaabs

2005-03-20 23:47:25   Yeah, but it just doesn't feel right to remove your edits. There has to be someone that we all respect around here, and I wouldn't edit you unless we got a consensus around here. Whether you like it or not, you're not just any other person on this wiki. —BrentLaabs

2005-03-21 05:21:12   Phil is a Davis Mount Rushmore-ee! —KrisFricke

2005-06-12 16:27:03   I think the Shadiness Factor page is pretty shady. —MichaelGiardina

2005-07-19 18:12:51   I got quite a kick out of this page, though it is so ucd-kid centric that I don't understand a lot of it. —RocksandDirt

2005-08-29 18:54:22   Well, he's less shady than TAPS, which is an organization that gives parking tickets. And far less shady than the Sterling Riots. I'd say that he's doing pretty well for law enforcement. —BrentLaabs

2005-11-02 08:26:27   Covell Village is upgraded to 10 after the last two days of illegal campaign practices on campus. —SharlaDaly

2005-11-02 10:46:34   TAPS is definitely shadier than that, and what about that damn 'firetruck'? —AllisonEriksen

2005-11-07 17:16:14   removed Measure X entry in category 9 since it was upgraded to category 10 —KarlMogel

2005-11-07 19:28:22   I think the list needs to be inverted, with 10 at the top and 1 at the bottom. —SteveDavison

2006-02-10 12:58:38   Is this shadiness rating system on a simple increasing scale, or is it on a log scale (i.e. LaRouche cultists are a million times shadier than frisbee players on the quad)? —MatthewTom

2006-08-09 16:51:32   Why, Natural Log of course! —KarlMogel

2006-08-09 18:19:06   Wow, my old LEAD Freshmen 2009 facebook group made the Shady List! Yeah, that was hella shady. Add that to the list of my all-time best sinister plans. I'd've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids, and that dumb dog of yours ;-) —PaulHarms

  • I'm going to start calling you Slim Shady Harms JimSchwab

2006-08-09 20:15:39   The shadiness is inviting mass amounts of freshmen simply to fill up groups and order them to vote for certain candidates without really interacting with them. I think that might have been the original concern. —SteveOstrowski

  • Time to cut the cloak and dagger BS. Here's the facebook message that earns me a shadiness factor of 9:

From one freshman to another, I'm asking for your help.

I'm asking you to help me support LEAD and LEAD's freshman candidate Ravi Deepak (he lives on Malcom 2 in Segundo) in this ASUCD election. (

LEAD is committed to both progressive values in our campus community and fiscal responsibility within ASUCD. LEAD fights for student rights, for your rights, when the administration, City of Davis, and our goverment try to act against our best interests.

If everybody on this group could get two of their friends to vote LEAD tonight, right now, that would bring us an extra 600 votes! Even if together we can only turn out an extra 100 votes tonight, that would make a huge impact on this election with its low voter turnout.

Some of us might not have had any direct contact with LEAD yet. Some of us, like me, owe a lot to LEAD for the opportunities we've had at UCD in the past months. Whichever is true, it's time for us to support the candidates that support freshmen.

So please, please, please get at least 2 of your friends to vote at

3 Friends would be even better. Or 4. Or your entire floor, if you're one of those overacheiving types :-)

Thanks all.

-Paul Harms LEAD Campaign Treasure, Freshman from Ryerson 515 (Segundo)

(Bonus points to anyone who can find ALL 4 SUBLIMINAL MIND CONTROL COMMANDS in my sinister message).

-Shady H

2006-12-10 10:35:23   Steve's position on academic Senate is no longer shady, as the ASUCD Senate voted 6-5-1 to confirm the appointment. —PaulHarms

2006-12-12 16:26:01   I don't see how it is shady to take over the Progressive Coalition, I mean who wouldn't? —SteveOstrowski

2006-12-14 16:59:42   Actually, AEPi is not religious at all, it's just a collection of mostly secular jewish college students. Most of our brothers are not religious and we even have a catholic brother! —EricFriedman

  • Hence why it has only a two. Its just a little more shady than a sunny day on the quad, and thats only because it is indoors and not outside. —MaxMikalonis
    • what does religion have to do with the fraternity? aepi is considered a social fraternity, not a religious one. —EvanChait

2007-01-21 17:26:26   Oh come on, you've always wanted to get sued at least once. —SteveOstrowski

2007-06-17 01:51:09   I would argue LEAD should be listed as shady or shadier than campus crusade. —CarlosOverstreet

2008-08-20 15:56:48   If religious fraternities are a 2, then what are regular fraternities?


  • Choose between 5 (Student Focus recruiting), 6 (Sterling Riots), or 8 (Campaigning in Dorms) —BrentLaabs

2009-05-11 19:13:13   Something that is indubitably shady is the death of Hunter S. Thompson, for those who prefer the gozo sort of life. Check out the details: Alleged that he knew something about 9-11 and that 'they' would probably kill him and make it appear as a suicide, the firearm, though being semiautomatic did not have a bullet in the chamber, Hunter's son in the next room said he heard what sounded like a book falling (which could have been the result of a silencer) and lastly, there was misinformation given by the authorities as to the crime scene.


2011-05-03 17:38:19   Hey man, could you explain your comment please? I am not quite understanding your meaning behind your statements. —Dozer

2011-10-04 14:17:46   Or any business really -nd

shadiness factor? -10