Sharps and Flats from the street.

1660 Drew Circle
(South Davis, in front of Allegre Apartments)
(530) 927-5131
Affordable Housing units available
Loft (some units)
Free Wired and Wireless Internet
Central heat/air conditioning
Covered parking
Handicapped access
BBQ area
Exercise room
Pets allowed
Study room

Sharps and Flats offers two-, three-, and four-bedroom flats and townhouses ranging from $1,425/month to $2,534/month; pets of all sizes are allowed but subject to a security deposit of $400/pet and breed restrictions apply. All units have either a balcony or a patio connected. Sitting a block away from Safeway, these apartments are in a convenient grocery shopping location and are on the Unitrans M/W bus line. The phrase "Sharps and Flats" is a play on words, "flat" of course being another name for an apartment. The signage around the complex prominently features various musical notes; accidentals (actual Sharps (♯) or Flats (♭)) are noticeably absent. They feature "ThickAir" wireless internet access which is free for residents but is reported to not work well enough to load gmail or do other simple internet tasks. The complex is managed by Sequoia Equities which currently has an A+ rating from the BBB. As with other Sequoia properties, the management is generally not helpful. As per comments, they are reported to tend to be inexperienced, not respond to emails, make you wait for them to have personal conversations when you need something in the office, and can be rude to residents once a lease has been signed.

You need a key to get in and out of the usually well-maintained pool area. The large pool is flanked by two hot tubs that tend to be lukewarm and have the settings locked so that it cannot be heated to a normal hot tub temperature while in use. The weight room is pretty sparse with only the following machines: 1 weight machine, 2 bicycles, one air-strut type stair-stepper, and a nice treadmill.

If you luck out and get an apartment here with no problems, they are really nice and have spacious living rooms. They also are in an excellent location that is very convenient for students. Some say they have a much better living room set up than Allegre Apartments.

Sharps and Flat's provided wifi is a source of much frustration.

To learn more about additional rental housing options in Davis, check out our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.

Older comments can be found in the comment archive.


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2008-02-22 05:53:42   In response to StudentRuby's wasp problem...that is so weird because during the summer months we had wasps and yellowjackets SOMEHOW get into our apartment too. we just ran around in circles like little girls trying to get them out. anyway, sharps and flats is a very nice place to live id have to admit. however, thursdays through sundays are like the worst days ever to get some sleep, especially during the hotter months when you have to leave the window open to breathe. Immature little shitholes find it fun to run around the complex screaming like dying cats at the top of their lungs. There was one night where I actually heard someone come out of their door to shout "shut the fuck up" at this group of drunk dumbasses near the pool area. management is extremely friendly even though they may be slow or even unattentive at times. as for parking, i dont see why people are complaining so much about it?! theres always at least a couple of parking spaces around when im in need of one. even my visitors whom spend the night often have no problem finding a spot. then again, i could be lucky and stealing all the available spaces? —echelon

2008-02-29 00:16:56   Everyone is right about the Management's response time to getting things fixed. Took them months for them to come and fix our dishwasher. Even then, it wasn't fully fixed and so we had to complain to them again and it took several more weeks for them to come back. Yet again, the dishwasher still has problems and we have just given up asking them to do anything about it anymore. Last week they had the nerve to leave a post on our door though telling us to sweep our balcony of the leaves and rain sludge because they're all about "upkeeping" the complex. UPKEEP our dishwasher you nubs! —Nguyen

2008-03-10 23:03:00   I currently live here, and I must say it isn't worth the money.... i can hear the girl next door giggling with her friends through my walls, and people talk super loud at night outside, which echoes even up the the third floor. also, the management is super tricky, and the lie about when they are in the office or not. i was blatantly lied to, and they tried to brush it off.... uhhh yea. enough said. anyways, i'm moving out next year. the floor plan is tight, i like the spaciousness, but its not worth it. —juicee

2008-05-12 18:26:40   The management here is criminal. —cupandsaucer

2008-05-20 16:23:30   I also currently live at Sharps & Flats. I think it is very important to give an accurate view of the complex. Cons of living at S&F: -apartment office does not always stick to posted hours, which can be frustrating, but it is getting better.

    -parking needs some work. although each apt is given a covered spot, we have a 2bd apt and 2 cars and have a very difficult time finding parking for our 2nd car. Moreover, recently the tow-truck came through and posted warnings to cars which have been sitting (some with no tires) since I moved in. All the owners removed the stickers and none of the cars got towed. There are approx 10 cars in the lot in unusable condition. Also, not all the covered spots are utilized and management does not seem to be working out a good solution (although some spots, probably not near your apt can be rented for $25/month).

    -wifi service sucks. in fact, we have Comcast internet for this reason. It has been suggested to management that they attempt to get a contract with Comcast (since we only pay $20/month for our internet) but I haven't heard anything in that direction

    -now that its summer, pool is often crowded (with, I think, people who do not live in the complex). This has become a serious recent concern (which in all fairness I have not yet taken to the management). At night, when the pool is less crowded (after 10pm), the gates are padlocked, which I think is a horrible idea.

The pros of living at S&F: - There is new management (Roxanna) and a new girl at the front desk. Both are very nice and have been extremely cooperative with me. The issue is, as with any student housing, and since there are only 2 maintenance guys, is to call every day if you have a problem. That way, it gets fixed in a timely manner. Our A/C was broken and they sent out a guy to fix it within 2 days. That's, I think, a pretty good response. Another time our roof was leaking and they came the same day and patched the leak and replaced our wet ceiling.

    - Apartment is very spacious and affordable. Plenty of room for my boyfriend and I to be comfortable (with our dog) in a 2bd. Also, our apartment was in really good shape when we moved in.

    - They allow dogs!!!! And have recently gotten clean-up stations which have kept the property cleaner

All in all, we re-signed our lease (over which the management was a bit tricky, so watch out! We got $500 cash but next year our rent goes up! Of course, thats just business for apartment complexes I guess) and I am very happy living here. The location is great and (most of) our neighbors are nice and quiet.

2008-05-28 23:46:28   I currently live here and although it is a bit on the pricey side, you really do get what you pay for. The apartments are really spacious living rooms, lofts and tons of storage space. In contrast to some of the previous experiences expressed on here, I've had no problem with the management at Sharps. They are always friendly and very helpful. Not to mention they always have fresh cookies baking in the office :]. Sometimes, it does seem like they're never in the office but if anything, you can call in to get a hold of them. We've put in quite a few work orders since we've moved here and they've always fixed things in a timely manner provided that they only have two maintenance workers (who are both very nice). Noise has not really been a problem for us. As for parking, we get one spot assigned to our apartment and the rest is free for all but even that's never been a problem for us. There is always plenty open parking over at our side of the complex. Overall, my experience at Sharps and Flats has been enjoyable. —TingLi

2008-08-21 23:48:25   Well, I'm just about to move out of this place and I can say that it hasn't been a bad year for me at all. This place may be built with very very cheap material. (walls-yes, I can fucking hear people talk in the middle of the night in my room),(also, the microwave handle broke), (shower hangers-broke) Other than the poorly built complex the whole unit is very spacious and as for parking, it isn't bad at all. I have never had trouble with finding parking. The noise relatively non-existent until summer comes and the little kids scream at the pool all day. The management is awesome. The two ladies (especially Roxanna) is very helpful. The repair are always done asap. Overall, good place to live expect its overpriced in my opinion (paying 626) a month. Lastly, the inactive cars there needs to be towed. Hope this review helps. 08/08 —relax

2008-10-10 12:12:33   By far the worst place I've lived in Davis. Extremely loud, poorly maintained and very expensive. The internet they offer is awful, I had faster connections using dial up. The management takes forever to do anything, and the one time I got the manager in my apartment to look at the broken dishwasher she lit up a cigarette. Parking is atrocious, although the management allowed some residents to keep totally broken down junkers parked wherever for months at a time. —Flannery

2008-11-10 14:29:58   Parking here is nearly impossible. I'm not even convinced that there is one spot available per each unit, even if they say so! —KateJames

2009-01-03 16:15:18   Having lived there for a period of two months (sublet) I must say that although the apartment itself was decent, and they do allow dogs, the management is pathologically dishonest, and will do every thing possible to nickel and dime you at every corner. Once you give a deposit, you'll likely never see it back. Avoid this place, unless its an emergency, and you are temporary subletting.

2009-01-21 16:11:16   I currently live here, and while I have heard horror stories from people who lived here in the past, this has not been my experience at all. The new management is quite responsive, fixing things within a couple days (often within hours!) The apartments are clean and extremely spacious. Parking has never been much of a problem, there's always something available. The noise level can get a little loud on weekends, and some guy likes to play his guitar at 2 in the morning, but nothing unbearable (though seriously Guitar Guy, turn your amp down!) The free wifi is terrible, don't bother, just buy through Comcast. Like any place, it has it's problems, but overall it's a great place. —ArielleWeiler

2009-02-10 16:03:05   The new management is really helpful. They have responded to service requests on the same days as we requested them. They are on the pricey side, but they are pretty friendly. The maintance guy, Alex(?) is a pretty chill guy. I'm renewing my lease here next year, though ideally it would be cheaper. The only negative other than the price is that the management is often out on the property so you may have to wait for them to be in the office. However, they now answer the phone during buisness hours. Before, they would almost never answer it at any time of day. What is cool is that even though the laundry rooms technically have hours, they leave them open all night. Its also helpful becuase the laundry rooms serve as passageways across the complex. Sharps' Wi-Fi needs improvement. I used them becuase I was the 1st person here and it was free to use, but my late arriving housemates used an internet router that works much better. still its convient because I have two networks to choose from if either fails. Still, I would not use their network if I had to pay for it. —BryceH

2009-03-20 10:08:54   Decent place to live, but not for the student or any sane person who values a sleep. Street noise is absolutely unbearable. High traffic, the late night train and rowdy parties, the f@%king gardeners every morning at 8 with their leaf blowers and the trash guy dragging the dumpster back and forth on the street (you WILL wake up Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to this deafening sound). Avoid anything in Drew Circle, Sharps included. It's seriously too noisy, crowded and expensive. —melocure

2009-04-21 22:23:39   Sharps and flats should be avoided at all costs.

im serious

Also water leaked into the apartment we live in three times that i know of.

if you enjoy sleep do not live here.

if you enjoy ventilation do not live here.

i would only recommend this place to an enemy.

oh and the walls are paper

2009-04-22 13:03:38   I've lived at S&F for the past two years but for the price they ask for you're better off living elsewhere. The noise hasn't been too troublesome (although the walls are thin between apartments so you better hope your neighbors don't listen to music at 3AM) but you're better off paying Comcast for wireless internet service. I decided to move once this lease expires after new management was swapped in this past December. I really didn't have any problems previous management who I thought were extra friendly and timely. But if you manage to catch up with the new managers when the office is actually open (as they often close early or go on extensive breaks) you'll more than likely be met with a handful of poor, rude experiences. They seem to hide behind a fake smile and take offense to being bothered. It should be noted that the maintenance guys are both great and if you ask them to repair something they'll do it as quick as possible (you're probably better off asking them personally than dealing with S&F's horrible management). —TariqTrotter

2009-05-07 11:01:33   So much to say so little time. FACTS LIST #1

FACT: This is a very dog friendly complex w/ trails within walking distance. SADFACT: Apt. building behind pool reeks of urine & has piles of dog business along the sides(walk by you will smell it)

FACT: Very spacious floorplans SADFACT: Overpriced, once the euphoria of sq. footage fades you will start to see all the structural problems(Water is shut off here on average once-twice a month for 8hrs+)

FACT: Gustav <sp?> is nice & best of all looks to be drug free & actually works (unlike stereotype maintenance guys) SADFACT:Manager is incapable at best, of running this place. Office staff seems to quit/get fired often. The girl who flaunts her rack is apparently gone (sorry guys).

FACT: Office is open on Saturadys SADFACT:This is probably only day you can walk in, office hours are 9-5 but goodluck actually finding someone in, as managment is frequently off-site/out to lunch & deals with people by appointment only.

FACT: There is security to deal with the loud/rowdy tenants & the parking situation. SADFACT: I drove out this morning to work & passed squad cars & crime scene tape (wtf is that about?)

FACT: There is a weight room & pool SADFACT: The weight room is reminiscent of something out of boogie nights circa the early 80's, there is no computer lab & the pool is frequented by non-residents.

FACT: The dumpster areas are fairly clean & accesible (can actually walk in, instead of tossing bags over gate) SADFACT: The creepy trailer trash that ransack recyclables day & night scare the $hit out of me & roomatesI hear dueling banjos every time i see that one van drive around, btw dumpster digging is illegal no?

FACT:Close proximity to shopping/dining/campus SADFACT: Close to trailer parks/rapist friendly bike trails (I say this because a woman was knocked out and assaulted about 2 months ago while jogging, & loud bangs/gunshots? can be heard at night from the trailer parks FYI they are technically in Solano county, local law does not bother with calls (score one for the meth dealers that live there)

FACT: There is actually a few families w/ children here so it cant be that bad right? SADFACT: I rarely see kids playing outside (lack of grass areas & anything i mentioned above that might make a parent keep there kids inside)

Soooo many more issues with this place, to many to name them all so i just picked some of my fav's —TheTruthHurts

2009-05-28 09:47:06   If you’re looking to rent at Sharps & Flats, read this before you sign a YEAR contract.

The location is good and it’s pet friendly. I’ve never had a problem with management and to be fair before I slam them, management has done due diligence with all of my maintenance hassles and other concerns.

    Unfortunately, the above does not make up for a handful of negatives about renting here which severely handicap a decent quality of life. I have outlined the problems below so that you will not make the same mistake renting here as I did:

  1. NOISY: I have neighbors who host parties up to 3-4x/week. If you are a professional who must get up and work the next morning, you will be in a world of hurt. Average sleep time is about 4 hours with a loud crescendo of activity around 3am amid yelling and honking in protest of a police intervention. Know that you are in the company of loud, drunk, disrespectful students. Holidays and summers are peaceful when they go home to their enabling parents and ask for money to rearm with beer and pot capital to host “back-to-school” bashes. If this were the only concern, it should be enough for you to think twice about moving to Sharps and Flats.

  2. THEFT: It’s a well known fact that Davis has more bikes than people. I cannot emphasize the amount of criminal activity born from this. My bike was stolen and my buddy had his pilfered to the bare bone while locked up in front of his place. I have seen hoodlums (likely from the trailer park 2 streets away) casing the place looking for a quick cash bike. To be fair, this is a Davis problem and not just a Sharps/Flats problem. Not 2 weeks ago however, gunshots were fired during an attempted robbery at an apartment 40 feet from mine in this complex. Gun shots. GUN SHOTS FIRED AT 3 in the morning 40 FEET FROM WHERE I SLEEP. The police were still here when I went to work at 7am.

  3. TRASH: This is a big problem. Yes, it bothers me when I walk to my car in the morning and beer cans are in the bushes, a KFC bag with greasy debris clutters the walkway, and someone spits on my car to form the glue which will hold their smoldering cigarette when they took their smoke break outside during the party last night. No respect for fellow tenants.

  4. APARTMENT: I have seen other apts in sharps/flats and they are much nicer than mine which is a 2 bedroom 1.5 bath. The main living space is cut down by an indoor stairwell leading up to the main room which is tiny. I had to get this place before looking at it in person due to time constraints and was misinformed by the original apt office representative who is no longer here. I believe I am paying at least $300 more than the fair value of this tiny 2 bedroom (but my work pays the rent).

I have nothing against Sharps and Flats management and maintenance. Unlike other people’s experiences living here, they have been quick to respond to my complaints and have honored all agreements with me to date. I knew this would be a temporary move, but it has been a painful 2-3 years. I was ready to move many times, but have endured this because of my distaste for moving. Now, I’ve accepted a job which requires a move, but even if I didn’t have the new job as an excuse to get out of here, the gunshots were a deal-breaker for me. I have lived in Los Angeles, Fullerton (southern ca), Detroit, and Phoenix and this is -without a doubt- the worst living situation I’ve experienced. I really hope this saves people from making a big mistake.


2009-08-14 16:09:05   The NOISE is horrible. There are raging drunken parties with people shouting and screaming their lungs out. These parties go on until early morning. There are also people who come home in the middle of the night with their car stereos blasting and then scream all the way to their apartments. Several weeks ago at night police were here because of a bloody drunken fight. During the day there are two different apartments with two sets of drums being pounded on so loud it can be heard all over the complex. Management doesn't seem to care about any of this because it is only getting worse and worse. The summer is no better since this year most people did not go home. Don't even think about getting any sleep. You won't! This could be a good place to live if someone were in charge so that it wasn't so completely out of control, noisy and unsafe! —Trent

2010-09-15 11:53:05   It was a good time living here. Sure it's a little pricey, but it's close enough to campus, the apartments are spacious and it's a relatively quiet place to come home to. Never had a noise complaint when I blasted my stereo, and I could never hear either of my neighbors having a party when I knew there was one. Never really talked with management, never had a need to, no problems until move out day.

One warning: Don't expect to get your deposit back. My roommate and I cleaned our apartment literally for 2 days straight. Scrubbed the walls, cleaned the carpet multiple times, cleaned kitchen, rooms, bathrooms. The place was pretty much spotless except for a small stain that we couldn't get out and one or two scuffs on the wall that wouldn't come out. For some some odd reason, we were charged our deposit, AND an additional $200 for "Cleaning". I don't understand how our apartment could have resulted in over $800 of cleaning costs. It's ridiculous. I think we could have hired a moving & maid service for that much.

Oh, and do yourself a favor and get Internet if you live on the outer edges. We were by the co-ops that back it, and the wifi was spotty at best. I could rarely connect if ever. —Joker8Baller

  • See Tenant Rights - if you don't think your deposit should have been withheld, there may be something shady going on. They're required to give you an itemized list of costs, and can't charge you for ordinary wear and tear. —TomGarberson

2010-09-16 17:11:21   The manager at Sharps and Flats (Michele) is the rudest person I've ever met, I went in the office to ask some information regarding the apartments and I just couldn't beleive she was the manager, very unrespectfull with no people skills, I felt discriminated because of my ethnicity because as I exit the office somebody with a lighter color skin walked in and acted very differently with that person. How can a company have somebody like that, where does the fair housing act takes place or does she even knows it exist, however after my experience with her I do not want to go and rent there even if she had something available. —lolagarcia

2010-11-22 18:39:19   I think this is a nice place to live. There is always parking by my apartment. The management seems very nice and they've hosted several resident events where free food and goodies were offered. The rooms are spacious, nice and really not any more or less expensive than other places to live. Pets are allowed although I heard the deposit is sort of expensive for them. Overall, lovely place to live. Right by a bike path that leads directly to UCD. —Canoli

2010-12-02 01:29:34   I currently live here and to say the least i really enjoy living in this place. Although i spend my weekends back home the days i stay in the apt are great. It is always quiet and everyone around is really friendly. Let's see, starting with Lusy and Michelle they are the two nicest people i have ever met. They are very accommodating and friendly to talk to. As for the apartments, they are always kept really well and are maintained very often. The get togethers at the office are prepared ahead of time and the residents are informed in advance to always attend. This place is really fun and wellcoming. I hope to live here next year and enjoy more time getting to know everyone, including the staff and my two favorite girls. Michelle and Lusy. ;-) LIVE HERE PEOPLE ULL REALLY LIKE IT. —MARTINGONZALEZ

2011-01-27 14:47:59   Sharps and Flats is a great community to live in in terms of the apartments themselves as well as the location, so this comment in no way reflects the overall living conditions. The grounds and facilities are always kept clean, and the maintenance guys are awesome, and respond to service requests within 24 hours if not sooner. My issue here is with the management, specifically Michele. Endless promises are made in order to get residents to renew leases, and she puts on a great facade, but if you actually want to get anything done, the only one capable of running an apartment complex in that office is Lusy. Whenever I hear experiences with Michele from other residents at Sharps, it just solidifies my first impression of her as a purely money-oriented person, rather than someone who genuinely cares about the experience of tenants living in the community. —ImFromDavis

2011-01-30 21:47:49   Wow! After reading the last three comments I dont even know where to start but well here I go, the inside and outside of the apartments look great no doubt on that, however regarding Martin's comment about Michelle being the nicest person he ever met, it looks that we are talking about two different people, all I know about Michelle is that she is very disrespectful, unprofessional and I so much agree to what IliveinDavis commented previously, just to add a liitle bit more on to that I attended to an early renewal event that the office hosted, my eyes cannot believe what I saw. Michelle was walking around bare foot, so grose disgusting and like I said before unprofessional, I had taken a friend with me because she is looking for a place to live for next fall, and after being there with me she changed her mind about seeking for an apartment here and all because of the manager that looks like she is all into money and acts nice just because she wants you to renew, she said. In regards of me renewing I'm still thinking about it, bus stop is close so is shopping area, and dont take me wrong, not everything is that bad here if it wasn't for Lusy and the maintenance guys. —ChenK

2011-02-05 13:30:22   First off, the people writing the negative comments most likely were residents when the old management was in control of Sharps and Flats. Since then, the management team at Sharps and Flats has been COMPLETELY remodeled! The WHOLE staff at Sharps are incredible! They're really speedy when it comes to repair requests or questions and the whole place is kept so clean. The apartments are very fairly priced and the quality of assistance is more than adequate. Even though it's a little further than's worth it! The space, the help, the kindness, and the positive energy makes up for the lost time it takes to get to campus. OH! And another thing, "do unto others as you would have others do unto you" (Matthew 7:12). Maybe the reason why the other commentators had so many negative things to say was because they were REEEALLY negative people. In summary, Sharps and Flats has been the greatest living experience yet. Living here is highly recommended. —CaveMonster

2011-02-14 22:52:21   I would definitely recommend living at Sharps and Flats. The location is ideal. You're close to campus, groceries, and downtown. The bike ride to campus is the same distance from Sycamore and Russell but is less hectic. If you're not up to biking then you're close to the M and W bus lines (though W gets busy..). The apartments are spacious and competitively priced. Even if my neighbors are throwing parties, I can't hear them inside. I have had no problems with the management and the maintenance crew takes care of any issue immediately. One of the maintenance guys stopped me one day while I was walking to the apartment to ask me if my freezer was making ice(because he had fixed it a few days before) and even knew my name. The management is overall extremely personal and even sends cards on your birthday. There are lots of community events that are definitely worth going to. I'd have to say that the only downside I've come up with is the laundry rooms. Doing laundry is expensive and the washing machines hardly wash your clothes. Otherwise, I can't think of any reasons why you wouldn't want to live here. —onefishtwofish

2011-02-15 16:41:55   This is an OK place to live except for one huge exception. The constant noise from the gardeners using leaf blowers is horrible! They used to come once a week which was rational, now its four days a week!!! They start as early as 7:20 and continue for hours all morning and again in the afternoon. It's easy to understand why there's currently a discussion on the Davis wiki about banning leaf blowers! These gardeners have to be the worst offenders in the city. Forget about sleeping in the morning and studying anytime before 4 PM. —MacA

2011-06-09 23:57:56   Came by here looking for a 2br. They told me they couldn't show me a model, and they couldn't show me a current unit. Asked if they had a video or anything, and they said they sent me a video of the 4br (I was looking at a 2br) with vaulted ceilings and other amenities not included in the 2br. I've never seen an apartment complex that wouldn't let you see where you'll live in advance, let alone send you pictures/videos of the actual unit you'd be staying in.

Definitely shady. —TimJ

2011-06-14 10:32:56   We come here to look for a 2BR apartment. They also told us that they can't show us a unit and not even a similar model, but see us a video and pictures instead. That's so UNPROFESSIONAL and NOT RIGHT AT ALL. The rent is not cheap, without seeing the apartment or a comparable unit, how can we pay down the deposit. The comments here are not so good as well. We will not consider this apartment. We strongly suggest to any new renters that don't put down any deposit or sign the lease until they show you the unit, otherwise it's all mouth-talking. That's so shady. —HelenScott

2011-11-18 12:15:53   So I have been living at Sharps and Flats since September. I have a two bedroom 1 bath, and am really enjoying it! However, I have had a lot of little tiny issues that needed to be taken care of and ALEX, who is their maintenance guy, is absolutely amazing. He is so punctual, he even gave me this cellphone number so text him at anytime whenever I had a problem. I have had numerous things worked on and fixed the day I call in for a work order. Normal wear and tear happens at apartments and it is important to have the issues taken care of immediately. Alex has been nothing but helpful and courteous. I definately recommend living here, the apartments are really cute, spacious and modern! The front office, Amber and Lucy both are extremely professional and welcoming. They are great at managing this place. Any issues that you stumble upon, the whole team is there to make sure it is taken care of. I appreciate customer service wherever I go especially when it comes to my living place! Sharps and Flats is where it's at:)

2011-12-12 15:32:19   By far the best part of Sharps and Flats: James the repair guy! He's helpful, humble and talented beyond belief. Thanks for the repair job James! —Dover

2012-02-17 20:24:41   I signed onto an existing lease here in September, mostly because my boyfriend was living in this complex. I'm so glad I did! A lot of the comments say the staff is rude, and I don't understand that at all. From the moment I moved in Amber and Lucy have been wonderful, even after I signed the lease. They went out of their way calling district managers to get me the best deal, they always remember my name and ask how I'm doing, and they even sent me a Christmas card! Also, they have several wonderful community events throughout the year including yummy buffets. I went to their halloween costume party and won a $20 gift card to Applebees! :) Really, you should treat people the way you want to be treated. I work in customer service and if someone comes in yelling at me I'm not going to want to help them. Plus, the entire time I was living here we didn't even have any maintenance issues! A first in my time at Davis. Units are very clean and in good shape. I live in the 4 bedroom townhouse, and it's so spacious with so much storage, I don't even know what to do with it all! I love my apartment, and the only complaint I have is the neighbors have loud parties next door on weeknights very late. The management even helped me with this by giving us the number of the security company to call, and every time we call the party ends within 20 minutes! Overall, this was my favorite complex out of the 5 I've lived in in Davis and the only reason I'm moving is because I lost my job and can't afford the rent anymore. As soon as I get a better job I'm moving back! —Jenny Schweigert —Cyclist88

2012-04-10 16:45:55   I'm thinking about moving in here. Can anyone tell me what the PG&E bill is like? Also, how well does the AC work? I'm asking because my current apartment only gets down to about 80 degrees even with the AC on full blast all day. I was paying about $250/month for PG&E last summer and I don't think I can go through another summer like that. Thanks! —SCherry

2012-06-01 18:04:28   Really nice place to live. I've been living there for three months. All the staff are friendly(Amber, Nicola, alex...) and when you need help they work quickly. Yesterday they made a pool party with hamburgers, hot dog and beverages free, it was awesome. —Matheus

2012-06-09 22:28:56   I moved in to Sharps and Flats this year at first just because all the other major properties in South Davis were full - Avalon / Sorrento / Brisa had a high renewal rate and little turnover that year. I didn't have too much expectations having come from Adobe in North Davis (which was nice if the rent wasn't sooo expensive), but it turns out I only had a wonderful experience living here. The managers Amber and Mary (and recently, Nicole) - and Lusy before that - are really helpful and courteous and though being really busy - always scrambling through paperwork and at some point during the leasing period, literally answering multiple phone calls (they are a two person team after all) you could always drop by the office and ask questions. The maintenance staff Alex and James are pretty awesome too - really knowledgable and approachable and they've worked here for years. They have a 72 hour maintenance guarantee but all I could say is that could easily have advertised 24 hours. Every time I had a problem that I reported, within two or three hours the appliances would get fixed. The apartment complex looks really nice too (around the pool area) when it's sunny - love the bright orange hue paint on the outside - and the landscape and lawn are really well kept. Really the only drawback of this place is that the covered parking is a bit tight (if you get the one near the ends) and for some reason, the walls are thin and always seem to conduct sound (but again so is many other apartments in Davis). And the "free" wifi ThickAir - don't count it to work on finals week when you really need it if you're trying to save by not using Comcast or DSL. And finally, for those considering the 3 bedroom 2.5 bath townhouse configuration, there are two rooms that each have a corner trimmed off (for style and design purpose - the apartment appears octagonal from the outside) But At NO point do I have complaints about the current management and their professionalism. Please Sequoia, do your BEST to keep Amber,Alex, James and all the other staff around. Really, they are the difference between me choosing to rent here or not and I'm glad to say I renewed lease here for the next upcoming year. They know how to host events for students - pizza during finals week / Halloween party / and recently a poolside barbecue. Overall, I would rank this property among the better ones in all of Davis.

Some of the awesome perks of living here - valet package delivery a plus when I'm always on campus on weekdays / valet recycle pick up every week. Ooh and they have popcorn and hot chocolate in the lobby too. —ClareLin

2012-08-13 00:18:02   I used to live at this complex several years ago (2006-2007) and I still have fond memories of this place. The complex itself is very spacious, we had the three bedroom and three bath. Along with that, the location is really great. There is a bike path behind the complex that directs you to the campus, and across the street there is a great shopping complex. When I do reminisce about Davis, Sharps and Flats is one of the places that takes me back to the good old days. —Davekhuh

2013-06-15 16:23:45   This is an amazing place to stay at and Alex is the best maintenance guy! —jay0001

2013-07-02 14:38:37   Sharps & Flats is in a good location, easy to get to everything. Jessica in the office is great and keeps things running smoothly. The maintenance people, Alex and James are really nice too and very responsive to repair requests. —L&S

2014-01-16 20:37:58   So far, I enjoy living here. It's a lot roomier and spacious than my previous two places of residence. The one thing I don't like about the apartments is how there isn't lighting already installed in the bedrooms, so you actually have to go out and buy yourself a lamp. Also, I wish there were more washing machines in the laundry facilities. Three is too little. :( —MichelleNguyen

    Sorry you are having problems there with the Internet. If you need or want it, you can have a wired connection in your apartment that you use your own wireless router with. Please contact us at —omrob

2014-02-25 22:54:45   antoniayu, maybe it's because I live on the far side of the complex, but I have never heard construction going on at all since I moved here. I've also never had problem with wifi, unless you mean the complex's free wifi. I do agree with the screaming children, but it's not something that management can control. And the sinks are fine in my apartment and don't make any noise at all. Sounds like yours may need some fixing. —MichelleNguyen

2014-04-09 17:53:08   Hello antoniyu-

My name is Denise and I’m the Community Manager at Sharps & Flats. I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with your sink. We would be more then happy to enter a service request for you or you can go to our website at www.experienceSharps and and submit an online request here anytime. I do apologize that you are experiencing our temporary construction noise. We currently do have some construction going on at Sharps & Flats to make necessary repairs for the enjoyment of our current and future residents. I would love to talk to you more in depth about your valuable feedback and the exciting improvements that we are making when you get a chance. Please feel free to contact me directly with any future questions or problems you may experience. I am here to help you and make this a great living experience for you.

2014-05-03 18:10:24   So far so good.

I'm ambivalent about this place because of mixed reviews, yet I'm also excited because of the great location and distance to campus as well as downtown. South Davis has that odd charm. Currently, do I think it's worth the amount you pay for? Sure, if you have enough roommates, but otherwise, nah.

But these are just first impressions. I'll be updating/editing this as time goes on, so we'll see how that goes. —MaiT

2014-05-13 15:27:48   Hello MaiT,

My name is Avey, and I am the Assistant Community Manager of Sharps and Flats and I wanted to thank you for your review. Your input lets us know how we are doing and how we can improve our service to our residents. If you have any questions or concerns in the future, please feel free to email or call me directly. We like to encourage our residents to be involved in our process of creating new ideas that improves our community, and ultimately makes life better for all of our residents here at Sharps and Flats. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your experience. We would love to hear from you.

2014-05-23 15:39:33   An update on Sharps & Flats. Denise is now the manager and Avey is the assistant manager. As you can probably tell from their quick responses to the comments here, they are very responsive to the residents and do their best to make sure that living here is as good an experience as is possible. They are really nice and are doing a great job. Also, James who is charge of maintenance, takes care of any problems as soon as they arise which is really appreciated. There are also numerous special events with really good food (pizza, tacos, ham and eggs, etc.) at the clubhouse. Plus, they have a Starbucks coffee machine available to residents which is really nice. All in all, a good place to live. —L&S

Hello L&S! Thank you so much for your valuable feedback! We are happy to hear that you have enjoyed living here at Sharps and Flats. If you ever have any ideas on how we can make our community a more enjoyable experience, please let us know. We are working hard to make Sharps and Flats the very best community it can be. —AvelinaPresley

2014-08-23 21:02:29   An update of my experience here: Still enjoy living here, but I have some issues with it. For one, the walls are paper thin so you can hear everything that goes on both inside the apartment and outside. Young children playing around outside and screaming is also a common occurrence here. If you don't like screaming children, this place probably wouldn't be ideal for you. Maintenance is rather quick, though. The times my housemates or I put in request for maintenance, they never take more than a day to come fix the problem. —MichelleNguyen