Artwork by Cozy F. Gazelle. You wanna shopping bag with this artwork?


Shayna and the Bulldog (SatB) are local music geeks who like hanging out together and playing music. Their primary concern at live shows is that you go home with someone attractive that you'll be happy to wake up next to in the morning. And if not, they at least hope you drink enough that they're attractive that night. Oh yeah, they also want you to buy their discs at the shows, so you'll have something to listen to the next day in case you don't remember the show. *shrug* It happens. They understand.

Biography Shayna and the Bulldog (“SatB”) make their home in the idyllic town of Davis, California. A picturesque land of farmhouses, spotted owls, and weather vanes, Davis provides a perfect backdrop for the music of SatB, whose chamber pop rock stylings evoke the warm sun and wildflowers of their northern California roots.

A collaboration of five talented friends and musicians, SatB has been playing music together for over six years, growing personally and creatively in the process. The conception of a SatB song is a truly collective endeavor, in which ideas are shared freely and the aspirations of five artists are poured into a single vessel. Their songs are a testament to what can be accomplished when raw musical inspiration is polished by an honesty that can only be shared between loving compatriots.

After releasing a full length album (Shayna and the Bulldog) and EP (The Youth We Knew) in 2011, SatB has been performing for captivated crowds all over the western United States. Their live concerts are a thrilling communion between band and audience, and each listener is taken on a journey both shared and self-reflective. Traveling, performing, and constantly creating new music provides a joyful way of life for SatB as they continue to flourish with every new fan and each new success.

They played their first gig on Picnic Day 2006.

Members: Joel Daniel - Bass guitar, Vocals Charles Castle - Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals Cozy Gazelle - Guitar, Vocals Iara - Keyboard, Vocals Kevin Shakur - Drums

Alumni: Nina Doherty Laura Gillies

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