1411-1419 Wake Forest Drive
(Central Davis near the intersection of Russell Blvd. & Sycamore Lane)
Phone: (530) 758-8711
Fax: (530) 750-3788
Information Email: sherwoodarms@scprent.com
Maintenance Request Email: service@scprent.com
Office Hours
Tues - Thurs 10 To Noon & by appointment
Managed By
Star Crossed Properties

Sherwood & Forest Arms Apartments is an apartment complex located over on Wake Forest Drive. For those following along at home, this puts you about two blocks from campus and one block from University Mall. ,

Okay, the real attraction, beyond the cute curly iron sign and the fact that the driveway goes under the buildings? This is one of the most pet friendly apartment complexes in Davis. Even large dogs are welcome. Add to that the fact that there's a nice little "backyard" with a picnic table and happy tree, and this is where you and your four legged friend can live.

The complexes are located on Unitrans B-Line and C-Line and are on the same street as the Cuarto dorms, about two blocks from campus.

They say they are a family-owned and -operated joint, and they have one- and two-bedroom apartments. That translates to the fact that they are managed by Star-Crossed Properties, which seems to have a pretty good reputation as of 2012.

Management Notices

We are full for Fall! Check back with us next year!


Public Transportation It is located on the Unitrans B and C lines, campus is only a few minutes away.

Bicycle - There are bike lanes, bike paths, and bike connectors on all of the surrounding streets. It is a short ride from campus

Pedestrian - It is a short walk or ride from campus, For recreational adventures, It is one block from University mall and the new Trader Joe’s, and it is only a short drive or ride from Safeway and CVS in the Marketplace. Oxford Circle Park, which offers a horseshoe pit, an amphitheatre, and Davis’ only disc golf course, It also offers immediate highway access, with hwy 113 onramps just a few minutes away.

Parking - Covered and Uncovered parking is available.

Apartment Amenities

Central heat/air Garbage disposal Frost-free fridge Dishwasher Extra closet space Cable hook-up Large Patios Water, hot water, garbage and sewer included Wireless Internet for free through Instaconnect

Complex Amenities

2 Laundry rooms 24/7service Off-street parking Covered and Uncovered parking Quiet atmosphere Pet Friendly Community Well Maintained Service request can be submitted online, in person or over the phone


Apartment sizes and rents

Floorplans and prices [as of 2/9/2017]:

Apt Size 1/1 Flat 2/1 Flat
Sq. Ft. 650 850
Rent $1275 $1645
Deposit $500 $500

2/1 Flat

1/1 Flat


Visit our Rental Housing Guide as well as our Apartments page for more information on rental housing in Davis.


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2006-06-03 17:37:28   Rent for fall 06 is $875 for 1bd. Anyone have experience here or know of anyone who has lived there? Is the parking that horrendous on wake forest? There seems to be a small "public parking" lot next door. any issues with vandalism/tickets? —AlbertYoon

2006-06-22 00:23:14   I am in the process of placing a deposit to secure an apt. I did a brief check on apts around campus, and Sherwood is one of the rare those that haven't received complaints. I took that as a good sign. The management seems responsible and patient, which is always a good sign. I think you might be able to contact the office and show them your concerns. —ChingChing

2007-01-02 09:34:32   I lived a Forest Arms and I had to take the owner to court for my deposit. I won, but what a hassle!! —ChapRes

2008-05-14 07:39:15   I am currently living at a one bedroom apartment in Sherwood Arms. I would like to move out by July 1. If you are interested in taking over my lease from July 1, 2008 to August 31, 2008 please contact my roommate Gerald at 530-400-3070. Dogs of all sizes and cats are allowed here. The parking on the streets is bad during the school year but good during the summer. You have the option to rent a parking spot in the garage for $20 a month, which is what I do; it's definitely worth it! I've never received a parking ticket while parking on the streets or in the free lot here. —Jennifer6677

2008-11-08 07:52:48   I was just wondering if anyone knows if there are dog breed restrictions at Sherwood Arms? —Melinda

2009-08-18 10:24:28   I've been living in Sherwood Arms for a couple of months now and I thought I'd put in my 2 cents. I moved to Davis from the east coast (for grad school) and didn't know one thing about this area. I went ahead with Sherwood Arms because it seemed like they were one of the few places in town that allows dogs without any sort of restriction (that I know of) and there certainly isn't an extra pet rent tacked on like some other apts. I really liked the set up of the place because it isn't one of those multi-story apt complexes where you could hear loud neighbors above, or worry about being noisy for people down below, and not to mention that each unit has its own deck. For an extra 20 bucks a month, you get your own garage parking spot which has been so worth it given this summer heat, so I don't feel like I'm going into a sauna when I get in my car. Kari the apt manager has been very helpful so far, esp with me not knowing anything about this area and Tom the owner, was quick to come fix a light that went out in my walk in closet. I really haven't experienced any cons to living in Sherwood, though I have to admit that the built in desk in the bedroom is monstrous and somewhat unsightly but nevertheless still very useful given that I moved to Davis without a single piece of furniture and it has saved me from having to buy a desk. I would definitely recommend it to other graduate students who are looking to live close to campus in a quiet atmosphere for a reasonable rent. —JinK

2010-06-07 12:20:39   The management has recently changed and it is for the worst! I do not recommend living here! For one there is a recurring rat problem in the attic (thankfully the rats haven't decided to come down into the actual apartment yet). Our fridge has been leaking since we moved in and while the first apartment manager was quick to fix it, it has broken again and the new manager hasn't done anything about it. Parking isn't free, it's an extra 20 a month and parking on the street isn't realistic (unless you only need your car on the weekends). There are no extras with this apartment at all! No pool, no gym, no nothing. The complex is old and money is wasted on random unnecessary things. Oh, and the lawn in the back is covered in dog crap, they don't enforce picking up after your dog at all... — supergirlanna

We have been trying to keep the place cleaner. It is difficult to clean up after bad residents. We do not want to change the pet friendly policy. Promise we will try to do better — MGT 10-18-10

    2010-08-05 00:05:38   I've lived in this complex for several years now, and it has been a positive experience. The apartment is in good condition, the community is pleasant, and if I ever have a problem management is quick to help me. For example, I just returned from vacation to find my window shattered. I have no idea how it happened, but after getting in touch with the property manager, Diana, she had my window repaired in the same day at no cost to me. Whenever something breaks or I have a concern, I can count on management to come to my aid. —AndyL

    2010-09-26 17:02:29   I had a mixed experience living here. The space in each apartment is very good, especially compared to how small a lot of other Davis apartments are. If you are a big fan of light, you will probably be a bit disappointed, as there is only one sliding door, one window in the bedroom, and sometimes another window in the kitchen. It is in a very college-student-heavy area, so sometimes there can be a bit of noise. You can get a parking pass for the garages, but it all depends on when people leave who already have passes. Street parking is very difficult during the week, as there are no City of Davis parking passes required for most of Wake Forest Drive.

    In terms of management, my experience was very mixed. When there were small problems,they were fixed almost immediately. However, larger problems took a much longer time to resolve and at certain times, I felt like I was blamed for these problems. Thus, it was stressful to resolve large problems. There seemed to be a lack of communication between the apartment managers (those who live on site) and the landlord (who lives in Viking Apartments).

    We agree that communication could be better in our system! We are working on improved communication. Please call us to discuss this matter. We would like your input to help improve our service to all residents 530-757-7368. — Mgt 10/18/10

      In terms of my deposit, it was originally issued incorrectly. I was able to get all of this resolved within the week, however. Please be aware that if you want the deposit refunded to only one party, or split in separate checks, you have to have each party sign a waiver (not something they tell you, but please make sure to ask!).

      Overall, I would not recommend living here. Positives are that the square footage is great and they do allow pets. However, the difficulty and delay in getting things taken care of caused a lot of undue stress. —Kipusa

      2014-02-04 09:29:06   This has honestly been the best apartment we've rented in Davis. They are not just tolerant of pets, they are genuinely pet friendly. If you are a responsible pet owner, you can expect an experience that makes your pets feel like family rather than something to be endlessly scrutinized. There is no pet rent and the security deposit for pets (and the apartment for that matter) is quite reasonable.

      The complex is located on Wake Forest Ave, a surprisingly quiet street considering how easy it is to access the highway and the rest of town. Oxford Park is right across the street and is perfect for taking the dog on a romp and catching a glimpse of Davis' famous roving bands of wild turkeys. ;)

      Denise, the community leader, has been a fantastic liaison. She is always prompt with responses to my emails and maintenance requests. Unlike other managers, she actually listens when we warn her that our cat may try to escape when she enters! Beyond that, she is easy to work with and has even offered to pet sit for us on numerous occasions.

      The apartment itself has a huge front porch that was perfect for growing plants, storing bikes, or working on various projects. We were able to score a unit with a dishwasher as well as a huge walk-in closet which my wife and I were actually able to share! The apartment has a lot of room and is organized in a way to maximize space and make it feel larger (i.e. the kitchen is a nice square room rather than a sort of odd hallway-looking affair. There is a separate sink and vanity /outside/ of the bathroom, which is great when one person needs to shower and the other needs to brush their teeth or do their makeup. We've also never run out of hot water there (which is impressive considering the number of baths both myself and my wife take).

      Honestly, if you have pets and want an affordable apartment that's not on the far-flung outskirts of Davis or located in an undergrad ghetto, you really need to check this place out.


        2014-02-16 22:00:26   I really enjoyed living at Forest Arms with my husband and pets. The apartment was spacious and well maintained. Excellent location; I loved walking my dog in the park across the street. We had to duck out of our lease early because my commute was too difficult, but the apartment manager, Denise, was very understanding. She helped us find a new tenant. Would have definitely stayed if my commute were not so long. —karusso