A Crown-Tail beta in a vase.

Betta splendens - more commonly referred to as "Betas" or "Siamese Fighting Fishes", are a popular pet amongst students. Unlike other tropical fishes, they obtain oxygen from the air, so the top of the tank cannot be completely covered. Because of this, one does not need a filter and pump. This is a great benefit for those who want to conserve space or live in the Dorms. However, the water still must be kept clean. For whatever reason, they have become increasingly popular, displacing the goldfish's role as the primary bowl companion. Freeze dried worms, flake food and live organisms can all be fed to betas as a staple diet. It is best to have some sort of object that the beta can hide behind in its tank to decrease stress. Betas come in many colors, from deep purple and blue to red and white. The most common breed available is the Veil-Tail. Petco has both Veil-Tails and Crown-Tails for sale, though their health is questionable. Pet Cetera has a smaller stock and are usually healthier. Occasionally they will have a Crown-Tail for sale.

Betas make good companions (or distractions) for those living in the Dorms.

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