Sierra Henderson is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2014 ASUCD Election running on the SMART slate.

Candidate Statement

Hello Aggies, my name is Sierra Henderson. I am second year Computer Engineering major and I would love to become your next ASUCD senator. The most effective means of evoking change is being the change you wish to see, as well seeking a position in which I can be the link between the students and ASUCD.

A senator’s character should be just as strong and admirable as his or her work ethic. My ability to empathize with others, my ability to listen and my ability to consider all perspectives of a particular topic, despite my personal beliefs, are few of several abilities that would make me a great fit to serve my peers as a Senator.

I am no politician; I’m just a person who likes to help people.

ASSISTING STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) MAJORS

As Computer Engineering major at UC Davis, I am very familiar with the numerous adversities that arise from taking prerequisite courses associated with specific engineering majors, which are applicable to all STEM majors. Many students begin to feel overwhelmed, and discouraged because they are unable to see how courses such as MAT021A and PHY09A are applicable to the type of work they will be performing in the future. In addition to this, many students become intimidated by their coursework, which results in students changing their major because of intimidation or fear of failure, as opposed to changing majors because of a lack of interest.

My platform is geared towards assisting STEM majors who have a passion for their majors remain in it. To accomplish this, I plan to implement more programs and services that increase retention for STEM majors, as well as raising awareness about programs that currently do so. I would like to collaborate more directly with Chancellor Katehi because of her background in STEM and her degree in Electrical Engineering.


It is important for all students to have equal representation on campus, which is why, if elected, I will maintain my existing relationships with the communities I am currently involved in and develop new relationships with other communities to ensure equal representation and better understand the struggles that many communities face because no struggle should be unnoticed and or diminished.


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