Sikh Cultural Association (SCA) is a club at UC Davis that upholds the ideals of Sikhism as well as the cultural aspects of Punjab. Our aim is to put on programs and events that will let the students experience Punjab's culture and religion during their time here at UC Davis.

In Sikhism, there is great emphasis on meditation on the true name, earning an honest living, and sharing what you have with others. In order to incorporate those ideals into the busy lives of UCD students, SCA provides Kirtan Nights every other Thursdays. During these evenings, the UCD community is encouraged to come and listen to prayers. Langar, or food prepared by the community, is also available most nights.

To connect religiously in other ways, SCA also hosts several Discussion Nights each quarter. Each discussion offers a different topic of discussion, and members of the community are involved in organizing and hosting the discussion. These can also be open ended discussions that focus on what the community needs.

Giving importance to the cultural aspect of the club, a number of social events are organized by the board members. A few examples from the past few years are bowling at the MU Games Area, Sunday Picnic-in-the-Park, and several Movie Nights. During cultural week, SCA also puts on Turban Day in conjunction with Middle Easter/ South Asian Studies (MESA).

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