This is the central place for resources that help keep the wiki well-organized.

Making the wiki well-organized/good on a global scale

  • Recent Changes — Shows all changes in the wiki. Of course, you've got to know about Recent Changes. This is the grand-daddy of them all.
  • Lame Wiki Pages — Lists pages identified by users as needing help. Some are stubs, some are confusing, and some are just unsalvagably lame.

Keeping the wiki well-linked

  • Wanted Pages — Shows all links that aren't yet pages.
  • Orphaned Pages — Pages that are not linked to from anywhere.
  • Outgoing Links — Ranks all pages based on the number of links on them. A page with 0 links is a dead end!
  • Seed Pages List — Lists pages in need of content.

Page Flags

Some pages are flagged with the Include macro to mark them as:

  • [[Include(Seed)]] to marks the page as a Seed with a link to edit the page.
  • [[Include(PhotoRequest)]] to marks the page as a photo request
  • [[Include(IntegrateComments)]] to mark the page as needed cleanup/comment integration
  • [[Include(FactCheck)]] to mark the page as needing a fact checked, can be used right near the statement
  • [[Include(NoLongerExists)]] For pages or subjects that no longer exist (preferably, use the 'Departed Business' flag instead)
  • [[include(Relevance)]] to mark pages apparently not related to Davis
  • [[include(UCDCentric)]] to mark pages written only from a UCD perspective
  • [[Include(Copy/Paste)]] For pages that are obviously copied/pasted from another website
  • [[Include(HIPAA Restrictions)]] For pages about doctors of medical personnel
  • [[Include(Departed Business)]] to mark departed businesses
  • [[Include(Advert)]] to mark a page that sounds like an advertisement

All the other flags are two words, make one word?ArlenAbraham

Joke Flags

Some Wikizens get a kick out of making and/or using these.

  • [[Include(ambiguation)]] A parody of the 'Disambiguation' flag (which doesn't actually exist on this wiki). Mainly used as a flag for Lame Wiki Pages
  • [[include(realdavis)]] for pages that actually have something to do with Davis
  • [[Include(Apathy)]] to...whatever...
  • [[Include(CitationNeeded)]] Another parody of wikipedia, for use when people try to enforce NPOV here

Misc metrics

Making individual pages better organized

If you have a lot of headings (which you should — they're great for breaking up big pages!), [[TableOfContents]] will generate a table of contents for the page based on the headlines in the page (play with it).

So that means, given the current headlines on this page, if I do [[TableOfContents]], I get:

and those are links to those sections in the text. Nifty!