SkyDance offers tandem jumps for those casual adventurers who just want to try it once! Notice the four-legged jumper about to land.

24390 Aviation Avenue
Yolo County Airport

Monday, Thursday, Friday; 9am - sunset.

Saturday & Sunday; 8am - sunset

(530) 753-2651

Always wanted to go skydiving? Here's your chance! SkyDance offers two ways to get started:

Tandem Skydive — Fifteen minutes of instruction covering basics about the gear and your responsibilities during the tandem skydive. You'll be paired up with and geared up by a USPA certified and highly experienced Tandem Instructor. You'll board the plane and take a 10-20 minute flight to between 9,000 and 18,000 feet where you'll be strapped to your instructor and jump out of the plane together. You and your instructor will freefall for 30, 60, or 90 seconds (depending on whether you jump from 9,000, 13,000, or 18,000 feet) before deploying the parachute. Your instructor will offer you the opportunity to steer and control the parachute during your 4-5 minute parachute flight. They'll take care of bringing you in for a buttery smooth and soft landing.

Accelerated Freefall Program — A comprehensive training program starting with a full day of instruction. This is the training program that will set you on the road to making jumps by yourself and with others.

Every year they stage a jump demonstration before the July 4th Fireworks in Community Park. They also jump into the Grand Finale of the Davis Zombie Bike Parade every Halloween. As they are jumping commentary is provided over the public address system. Should you have an opportunity to visit SkyDance, be sure to check out their photo album, which includes some disturbing nude skydiving photos. Spectators are always welcome; weekends are the best time to come out and watch.

For more information about the sport of skydiving, check out

In 2007, an episode of Mythbusters featured SkyDance.

At least eight people have been killed in at least six accidents associated with SkyDance since it opened in 1987, out of an unknown total number of jumps; the last fatality was in 2013. These fatal accidents are documented on the Tragic Events page. Three of the fatalities were SkyDance customers diving in tandem jumps with their instructors. The fatality rate skydiving in the United States is about 1 per 60,000 jumps according to Skydiving Magazine; this is comparable to the fatality rate for driving 1,000 miles according to the Department of Transportation.

How was your jump?

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It is my understanding that Skydance runs one of the largest and best drop zones in the world.JasonAller

2006-02-02 22:48:54   Just googled "skydance skydiving death" - at least three people have jumped out of a plane to their death at this place. —PaulThober

2006-02-03 04:07:35   Well, that's always comforting. —JohnNapier

2006-02-03 04:14:46   From what I've been able to tell from a little internet research, both the top two comments are true. Which only goes to show that skydiving does come with some risk. That being said, it seems they also have twice yearly 30,000 foot drops. That's just insane. Almost makes me want to spend the time and money to get my class D certificate so I could jump on one of those outings... —EricKlein

2006-02-13 16:27:05   I've jumped at dropzones throughout the US; Skydance is a great place to make your first (and subsequent) skydives. They are one of only 5 or 6 places in the world flying the PAC750XL, a plane designed for skydiving. Spectators are always welcome, but pets aren't. —LisaBriggs

2006-05-18 12:43:43   I did a tandem jump there last year. Their staff did a great job, I felt very safe and had a lot of fun. —GoKerby

2007-07-31 17:36:37   I saw a tandem and some singles come down during the Plainfield volunteer firefighter pancake breakfast —StevenDaubert

2009-04-19 22:52:54   I went for my first tandem jump here at 13000 feet, I felt very safe and the staff was very fun, yet professional. They are wonderful and I definitely recommend them! —SamanthaP

2009-06-19 12:11:15   Can anyone add some price ranges for this? The website doesn't seem to mention it. —gurglemeow

2010-06-01 10:32:23   Here are the prices -

This is a wonderful place, I am not old enough to skydive yet, but I think I will do a tandem on my 18th birthday and I already have a jump ticket! I have known Ray for a really long time and all of the people out there are super friendly. —Jumpergem

2014-03-13 10:49:44   I am very impressed by Skydance. Very professional and worth the first time tandem 13,000 foot jump (60 sec. freefall). My instructor (Greg) is exceptionally experienced and made the jump quite fun and safe. I would recommend jumping at Skydance ONLY if you really have wanted to skydive. Skydiving is not for everyone but very special for those who really have the desire. When possible, Oahu is next on my list. —GarySaylin